Jane Levy previews SUBURGATORY “Driving Miss Dalia”

On tonight’s all new SUBURGATORY (part of ABC’s all new Wednesday night with new episodes of THE MIDDLE, MODERN FAMILY, HAPPY ENDINGS, and REVENGE), Tessa spends some time with Dalia in a business arrangement that could bring them closer together, but ultimately backfires.

It’s another classic episode of the show and to celebrate the return of new episodes after a month or so away from our favorites in SUBURGATORY, I chatted with Jane Levy (Tessa Altman) about what to expect tonight and in future episodes, plus a little bit about what she loves about Tessa!

I had the chance to watch “Driving Miss Dalia” and it’s another great one. I love how every single person in the cast can interact with each other and it works so well!
Yeah, Dalia is one of my favorites.  I love that we get a lot of her in this episode.  Like, every time she opens her mouth, it’s funny to me.  Even when she doesn’t [laughs].  You just see her, standing there.

Dalia and Tessa get closer to the point where they might be friends, and something happens to bring them apart, and they’re great as enemies, too!
Yeah, I think, in a place that Tessa wouldn’t admit, like deep, deep, deep down, she does have some affection towards Dalia, but most of the time, they just annoy the crap [out of each other].  They’re just like, complete opposites. I think the fight that starts in “Driving Miss Dalia” is a really funny one, and it will continue for the rest of the episodes.

What can you tell us, for people who haven’t seen tonight’s episode of SUBURGATORY – what’s happening in the episode and what can we look forward to?
Dalia cannot pass her driver’s test, because she’s stupid [laughs].  She’s failed, like, six times.  And Tessa passes immediately, so Dalia hires Tessa to be her driver.  And Tessa at first, is like, no way, but when she sees how much money Dalia is willing to fork over, she does it in a second.  Her first assignment to just circle a boy’s house that Dalia is obsessed with.  It turns out that maybe this boy has feelings for Tessa and not Dalia.  And this sparks a rivalry between the two of us.

Will Scott Strauss continue to be around, and will he continue to feed the rivalry?
I think Dalia really likes Scott, and yes, he will stick around for a few more episodes, but even after he’s gone, Dalia holds a grudge against Tessa for a long time about Scott Strauss, because she really liked him, and she feels that Tessa “snaked him.”  And she doesn’t feed the fire.  It’s mostly just the initial that Scott chooses Tessa over Dalia that infuriates her.

Tessa really does clearly care for Dallas, even though she doesn’t admit it.  She really clearly has something there for Dalia, when she will definitely not admit it.  Was it written on the page, or what she always going to be reluctant to be a part of the suburb?
I don’t think it was necessarily written on the page and that’s sort of why I wanted to play the part of Tessa.  She could come off as just like, a bitch, and on paper, it’s really easy to read her that way.  That’s always exciting, as an actor, to come up with a backstory, and to come up with a push and a pull.  I feel like all characters are being pulled in two different directions.  It’s kind of like a math problem, trying to figure that out, even though there is no right or wrong answer.  I feel that you kind of have to watch Tessa become vulnerable and start to fall into liking these people, because, also, how could you not?  Someone like Dallas is annoying, but she does have all good intentions, and I think Tessa’s smart enough to see that.  As much as she still hates that she was moved out of her favorite place in the world, she starts to develop affection for these people.  I think for the most part, they’re actually good people.  Except for maybe Dalia.

Why do you think that people should tune in to SUBURGATORY?
We make what we make because we love to do it, and I enjoy it!  Hopefully everyone else will respond.  I think people should watch it, because it’s a satire, and we’re making fun of people, and behind everyone, sort of what I was just talking about.  Behind every character, there is a big heart.  Behind George is the best of intentions, and the same with Dallas, and deep down, the same with Tessa. Lisa is the sweetest, and these people are funny, and they do ridiculous things, but I think underneath it is some real heart.

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