Public Service Announcement: ABC is all new tonight!! Don’t miss a minute of it!

Yes, I really am just posting a post to remind you, out of the goodness of my heart, that the best three hours of the week are TONIGHT!  Starting at 8/7c, don’t miss an all new THE MIDDLE which finds the Family Heck claiming it the “Year of the Hecks” and setting out to accomplish randomly and anonymously assigned New Year’s Resolutions.  At 8:30/7:30c, it’s the “Driving Miss Dalia” episode of SUBURGATORY that Jane Levy talked about with us this week.

Starting at 9/8c, MODERN FAMILY “Lifetime Supply” has the return of Benjamin Bratt, and poor Phil dealing with the pain of NOT hearing back about some test results and the immediate decision that it must be the worst!  An all new HAPPY ENDINGS (“The Shrink, the Dare, her Date, and her Brother”) finds Ken Marino playing Dave’s shrink, Penny’s new love interest, and probably an awesome guy, while, if I’m not mistaken, the HappyWrites Twitter informs us we’ll see some Eliza Coupe (Jane) and Adam Pally (Max) underoos!

Bringing up the rear, REVENGE is finally back with an hour that I’m sure will have us all pulling out our hair, wondering who exactly a certain someone is aiming a certain gun at!  Check out the first 10 minutes of the episode called “Duress” RIGHT NOW!

Have I convinced you all to watch?  ABC’s three hour Wednesday extravaganza (as I like to call it) airs from 8-11/7-10c and is awesome.