Jane Levy previews the return of SUBURGATORY

JANE LEVYTonight on ABC, sandwiched between all new episodes of THE MIDDLE and MODERN FAMILY (8:30/7:30c), you have to watch the long-awaited third season premiere of SUBURGATORY! Easily one of my favorite shows since it premiered in 2011, I’m pleased to say that watching the show’s latest new episodes has given me no reason to change my mind.  When we get back to Chatswin tonight, things have changed for Tessa after a great summer with her mom, George still has leather wallpaper, and Sheila is on the hunt for a dog that’s ravaging the neighborhood.  To celebrate the return, we talked with friend of MToT Jane Levy about where we are when the show returns, and what we can expect this season!

I’m so glad SUBURGATORY is back!
Me too! [laughs]

When we left Chatswin at the end of last season, Tessa and George weren’t in a great place.  Where are they, where is Tessa’s mind when the show returns?
It looks like, Tessa’s been having a pretty good time, living in Chatswin with Alex and not talking to her dad.  She comes home and Alex has done what she’s done her whole life, where when she decides she doesn’t want to do anything more, she just doesn’t.  So she leaves after a fairy-tale summer together and Tessa is left with George. 

JANE LEVY, JEREMY SISTOWhat’s interesting, and why Emily is such a talented writer – a lot of the times, the reaction is totally unexpected.  In the first season, when she sees her grandmom – her first thought was “this is my chance to get out of Chatswin” and you’re expecting an emotional outpour, and the same with this moment – the mother is gone, and there is George, and the first thing she thinks is “thank god I have this dad, thank god I have George.” He’s is [her] father, and also kind of her best friend!

Tessa’s been dealing with a lot of change – not only with Alex leaving, but with Ryan heading off to school.  How’s Tessa dealing with him being away?
She definitely misses him, and I think him going away forced her to realize that.  She struggles with him not being in her life, but don’t you despair!  He does come back!

JANE LEVYWhat is the relationship with George and Dallas this season so far?
They spend of most of the season trying to avoid each other, as much as they can.

What about Tessa and Dalia, which ends up being one of my favorite relationships on the show?
I like their relationship, too.  They love to hate each other and hate to love each other.  I don’t know how much of Dalia, how many feelings of warmth she has towards Tessa.  Who knows what goes on inside that robot.  Tessa obviously somewhat likes her, and there is this sisterly relationship.  It’s really fun working with Carly.  She’s my friend.  Nothing’s actually more fun than working with your friend and being mean to them.  I don’t know what that says about me.

JANE LEVY, CARLY CHAIKINWhat are some stories or things you can tease that we can look forward to this year?
Really funny storyline is when George, Fred, and Noah go on a “grouper” – they go on a group date.  I forget what they call Chris Parnell, but he has a name because he’s married, but they bring Fred along, and they meet these three women.  I really like the boys’ night episodes – the dads are feeling like young men.  George has a new girlfriend.  Tessa has some flings.  Tessa joins a cult (don’t worry, she gets out).  One of my best friends guest starred this season, Mae Whitman – she played a cult leader and that was also a lot of fun.

The show has done so well with guest stars – playing different things we haven’t seen them do.  Besides Mae, what other guest stars can we look forward to?
Natasha Leggero.  We have Jeremy’s father (George’s father) – played by Geoff Pierson. Tim Meadows comes back, who I love, plays Malik’s father.  [Geoff] was really great.  We had a really great time working with him.

JANE LEVYWhat I love about SUBURGATORY is that the show changes and grows – we learn more about the town, more about the people.  Why is now, this third season, a good time to check out the show?
Any time is a time to jump on the SUBURGATORY train!  I’ve watched almost the whole season and I have never laughed so hard watching SUBURGATORY.  My mouth was open and I was yelling because I was having a good time.  I don’t know if you have the experience – sometimes when I’m watching something I have an outer body experience where I look at myself with a stupid grin on my face, I’m so involved.  That’s how I felt watching this season.  It’s really great.  The cast is so amazing.  The writing is so amazing.  I struggle with why people should watch the show or what our show is – I think you have to watch it.  It really is its own thing, and it’s really clever and a lot fun!

SUBURGATORY airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c and you all need to watch it.  For more information, head to ABC.com!