My Take Too: Danielle breaks down her top 10 shows of 2010

Here’s a continuation of our best of 2010 series with new contributor Danielle’s take on her top 10!

Glee: I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m a total gleek. It constantly surprises me with its heartfelt, hilarious and realistic storylines. Who doesn’t remember the amazing Madonna episode or the touching monologues from Kurt’s dad (I’m still reeling from Mike O’Mally’s acting) or Brittany’s odd and quirky quotes.  Oh and I must have watched Gwyneth Paltrow’s episode at least a dozen times. Every time I watch a performance from “New Directions” or see them come together to support one another, I wish I could walk right into that classroom and become a member.

The Vampire Diaries: Suspenseful, nail biting, scary oh and did I mention there are at least 5 hot actors on the show. Although this series is filled with vampires, witches and werewolves, underneath it’s really about being a teenager, love, identity, family and friends.  Besides LOST, I’ve never seen another show that does such an amazing job with cliffhangers. Writers and creators Kevin Williamson and Julia Plec should teach a class on “How to make the last 60 seconds of an episode” completely jaw dropping and surprising.

Mad Men: Six words: Jon Hamm and the suitcase episode. I still get chills thinking about that episode. Ever since Mad Men premiered we have been desperately trying to figure out who is Don Draper.  Each season Matthew Weiner and his brilliant writers peeled a layer back and revealed just a sliver of this man. Stripped of his white picket fence and Norman Rockefeller lifestyle, Don was suddenly alone. This once confident, secure man had become an unhappy,  lonely and lost boy. And nowhere did we see this more than in the “Suitcase” episode where in a simple gesture Don laid his head on Peggy’s lap like a child seeking to be comforted by his mother. If Jon Hamm doesn’t get an Emmy for his acting then the folks in Hollywood are clearly insane.

Community: First off, any show that decided to cast “The Soup’s” Joel McHale in their show is a guarantee favorite in my book. Like “Cougar Town,” “Community,” is one of those shows where it wouldn’t be complete without the entire cast. The show is at its best when an episode centers around the entire gang because then hilarity ensues. Huge props for breaking the feared “sophomore slump.” I wasn’t sure they could top the amazing “Modern Warfare” episode but they did with the Halloween one and when Abed took on the “Mean Girls.” Community, when it comes to TV series’, you’re definitely ivy-league in my book.

Friday Night Lights: I have loved this show since it’s first season NBC. Set in the heart of Texas, this heartwarming series is more about what happens off the football field then on it. No other marriage on television is more raw and realistic than Coach and Julie Taylor’s. Despite bringing in some new characters, the true essence and greatness of this show is still intact. If you’re not convinced, watch the episode “The Son” and prepare yourself to be amazed.

LOST: I might not have gotten all of my questions answered like why did they really take Walter or were they all dead on the island or what happened when Hurley and Ben were charge? But I can’t deny how eager I was to watch every episode and find out all the history of the island or to see Jack’s transformation or to understand why Richard never aged. I didn’t think Terry O’Quinn’s acting could be topped but he proved himself at being a master of his craft by playing evil Locke. And while I’m sad it’s all over, I applaud Damon Lindeloff for his haunting final scene that brought LOST fans back to that first moment when we turned on our TVs to check out this brand new series. Thanks for the amazing ride.

Cougar Town: Could Courtney Cox come back after “Friends”? Would people want to see her play someone else besides neurotic Monica Gellar? Lucky for fans like me, Jules Cobbs could be Monica’s best friend. I crack up at how often Jules and her friends visit her son at college or how much Ellie and Laurie absolutely despise each other. Oh and anytime Josh Hopkins can wear cut-off shorts, suspenders and dance to Enya’s “Fade Away” and make me fall out with a laugher, that show is a win in my book. In addition, a round of applause is in order for creator Bill Lawrence casting his wife Christa Miller (who is perfectly capturing her role as Jordan Sullivan from “Scrubs”) and for making fun of his show’s name “Cougar Town” each week.

Raising Hope: I was originally hesitant about this show because I wasn’t a big “My Name is Earl” fan but I can’t stop rooting for this weird and bizarre family. Each week I crack up at the crazy situation they gets involved in or Maw Maw’s silly antics. Unsure about this show? Watch the “Dead Tooth” or the “Happy Halloween” episode and get ready to wipe the tears off your face from laughing so hard. [Editor’s note from Amrie:  This is my favorite new show this year, without a doubt.  The cast is genius!]

Parks & Recreation: I had pretty much given up on this show after the first season. Although I was an Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari and Rashida Jones fan, I questioned whether a series about a Parks and Recreation department in Indiana could still be funny. I was proven wrong. The second season went above and beyond. Every character on this show brings something hilarious to the table, from Tom Haveford’s pickup lines to April’s deadpan delivery to Ron Swanson’s disgust of working. While it was put on the bench during the fall season, “Parks and Recreation” will be back in the winter and I cannot wait to be snowed in and laugh my ass off.

The Good Wife: It is so refreshing to watch a show where the professionals on it aren’t sleeping with each other every week (no offense to Private Practice or Grey’s Anatomy) but are kicking ass at their job. And while the first season focused on would Alicia Florrick take cheating hottie Peter back, this one has been more focused on the law firm itself, their intense cases, the hot sexual tension between Will and Alicia and Galinda’s dark and moody past. Also, big props to the casting and writers of the show for keeping on Matt Czuchy (always a fave from my Gilmore Girl days) but sending him to the dark side and for bringing Michael Ealy and Scott Porter (Yea, FNL alums proving that “clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose) to the office.