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MIDNIGHT, TEXAS at SDCC 2017: Author Charlaine Harris on bringing her latest books to your TV screens

One of the most surprising round table moments of San Diego Comic Con 2017 came in the MIDNIGHT, TEXAS room where we were treated to a great conversation with the author of the books the show is based on, Charlaine Harris. Talking on why she’s not involved in the writers room, what it was like to see the characters come to life (in sometimes very different ways than described), and how MIDNIGHT is very different from Bon Temps, Charlaine gives

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS at SDCC 2017: Angels and weretigers and MIDNIGHT with Jason Lewis and Yul Vazquez

At San Diego Comic Con, we spent some time chatting with an angel named Joe (Jason Lewis) and the Rev that we don’t know much about (Yul Vazquez). The MIDNIGHT, TEXAS stars gave us an inside look into the show, why they wanted to join, who (or what, rather) the Rev actually is, and which episode this season is their favorite (very excited for Episode 9 now). Tonight’s second episode explores a little more of the Rev’s life in MIDNIGHT

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS at SDCC 2017: Fran├žois Arnaud and Sarah Ramos talk Manfred, Creek, and the town of MIDNIGHT

Before you tune in to the action-packed second episode of NBC’s MIDNIGHT, TEXAS, spend some time watching our video chat with Fran├žois Arnaud and Sarah Ramos from San Diego Comic Con earlier this month. The duo talked about the series at length – who is Manfred, who is Creek, what are their backstories, who actually gets to leave the town of MIDNIGHT, and so many other things about the first-season show over the course of our chat.  We also got

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS at SDCC 2017: Monica Owusu-Breen & David Janollari on cliffhangers, meaningless death, and writing a complete story

At San Diego Comic Con last week, we had the chance to spend time chatting with the creators/EPs of NBC’s MIDNIGHT, TEXAS, Monica Owusu-Breen & David Janollari. Over the course of our quick chat, Monica and David talked about cliffhangers (and avoiding them), killing characters for the sake of killing characters (in short? HARD PASS), and how to create a story that’s longer than 3 seasons from a book trilogy with a finite end. Check it out in the video