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MIDNIGHT, TEXAS at SDCC 2017: Author Charlaine Harris on bringing her latest books to your TV screens

One of the most surprising round table moments of San Diego Comic Con 2017 came in the MIDNIGHT, TEXAS room where we were treated to a great conversation with the author of the books the show is based on, Charlaine Harris. Talking on why she’s not involved in the writers room, what it was like to see the characters come to life (in sometimes very different ways than described), and how MIDNIGHT is very different from Bon Temps, Charlaine gives

Previewing GRACELAND with Jamie Gray Hyder

Season 2 of GRACELAND has found Johnny undercover and maybe in over his head as he deals with the brother/sister team of Carlito (Erik Valdez) and Lucia (Jamie Gray Hyder).  As more details about their past and their current interests continue to come to light, I spent time chatting with Lucia herself about what it was that drew her to the role, what we can expect to see going forward, and ultimately, what her time on TRUE BLOOD meant to

TRUE BLOOD’s Jamie Gray Hyder talks Season 6: “We get back to our roots”

Season 6 of TRUE BLOOD is off to a crazy start as everyone’s favorite Bon Temps residents deal with the aftermath of last season’s finale.  In tonight’s all new episode, “You’re No Good,”  Eric is still mad about Burrell’s agression, Bill searches for a way to synthesize a new type of blood, and Sookie begins to realize why Warlow is after her. To preview the rest of Season 6, we spent some time chatting with Jamie Gray Hyder, who plays

TRUE BLOOD Werewolf / Horror Director says Yes to Organ Donation

The cast of Three Rivers continues to be an inspiration for organ donation. And Kelly Overton (Det. Rena Yablonski) is no exception. When I caught up with her, she was just starting her six-week role of a werewolf (Rikki) in True Blood. We managed to touch on both series and emphasize the importance of organ donation. Werewolf Role Unique Though she never played a werewolf prior to her role in True Blood, Overton told me, “It was one of those

Talking TRUE BLOOD with Valerie Cruz

As soon as Sookie and Bill left Bon Temps, I knew we were in for a world of trouble with the Dallas vampires.  What I didn’t expect was the lovely Isabel, the first Latina vampire we’ve come across, in love with a human (my buddy Chris Gartin), and a total ally for our Bon Temps team!  Isabel is played by one of my favorites, Valerie Cruz, an alumnus of both DEXTER  and NIP/TUCK, and she and I had a chance