After-Take: TIMELESS “The Murder of Jesse James”

TIMELESS — “The Assassination of Jesse James” Episode 111 — Pictured: Coleman Domingo as Bass Reeves — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “The Murder of Jesse James”

As promised, Flynn gave Wyatt the name of Jessica’s killer. Wyatt meets with the inmate seeking closure about her death. The inmate confesses to knowing exactly who Wyatt is and what he had done. The only way anything could be changed, is if someone had a time machine….

Amy comes to Lucy in a dream reminding her of her destiny. Lucy wakes up discouraged and realizes she has lost focus. Jiya has been chosen to be the next lifeboat pilot in six months. Connor wants Rufus to train her because it’s the obvious next step. Mason warns Rufus that he will become expendable once Jiya is fully trained. Flynn has once again jumped with the mothership; this time he jumps to April 3, 1882. Lucy clarifies that day as the assassination of Jesse James. Once Jesse’s gang members are about to shoot him in the back, Flynn steps in and saves Jesse. Flynn’s plan is to take Jesse into Indian territory for a treasure hunt. Jesse scoffs at the idea of helping for a patriotic cause.

However, once money is offered, Jesse agrees to the term. Lucy’s thoughts are away with Amy, while Wyatt seems to be the only one concerned with the historical timeline. Lucy knows they will need a local guide, so they go to see Bass Reeves. The marshal’s stories and records were based into the story of the Lone Ranger. To everyone’s surprise, the lone ranger is a black man. Later in the day, Grant, an Indian man comes to accompany the group. Wyatt believes him to be Tonto! Flynn sees the group coming from a few miles out and tries to get moving. Jesse begins to think Flynn is on the wrong side of history; their debate will continue later because Indians are awaiting them in the pass.

The group comes upon the Indian slaughter, so they bury bodies and rest for the night. Wyatt admits to Rufus and Lucy that he saw Jessica’s killer. He would have no reservations about going back and putting a bullet in his head to save Jessica. Lucy also admits that she forgot Amy’s birthday. She is the only one who knows she exists and she is already forgetting. Everyone is growing tired of their missions and just wants to go home. Flynn and Jesse make it to a cabin sketched by Lucy in her book.

Flynn greets a fair skinned, red haired woman wielding a rifle. Flynn acknowledges the woman’s name is Emma. She worked for Mason and piloted missions; everything was going well, until Writtenhouse came asking for her. It became too much for her to handle, so she ran from them ten years ago. Living along in a cabin where Writtenhouse could not find her. Flynn parts ways with Jesse and tips off to kill Bass to make a splash in the headlines. Jesse gets his second half of money, but also demands the automatic rifle Flynn holds as well.

In the future, Jiya pulls up the old flight footage that Mason said was lost due to a power surge a few years back. She sees Emma’s journey and that she was pronounced dead; she is shocked and goes home to do research. Back at the cabin, Rufus sees Emma’s jumpsuit and realizes she’s not dead from her flight. Lucy sees a shadow and Grant pushes her out of the way, as gunfire blazes through the cabin. Grant is severely wounded, but Lucy is unharmed. Grant succumbs to his injuries as Wyatt sneaks out the back door to find Jesse. As Jesse is giving a monologue, Wyatt shoots him in the arm. He cannot finish the job because Bass comes over and orders him to holster his weapon.

Jesse first surrenders and then gives up his weapons. Seems as if Wyatt was going to let Jesse live, until they hear a gun shot ring out. Lucy fired one shot into Jesse’s back, killing him. Jesse is brought back to town and photographed for the papers. Bass gives Lucy the reward money for Jesse’s capture and he heads out of town. Back in the present, Rufus discloses to Mason and Agent Christopher Emma’s existence in the past. They’re confused about Flynn’s plan, but now know they didn’t have to mourn Emma.

At the end of the episode, Mason confronts Jiya about hacking into the videos. He forgives her, but if she crosses him again, she will regret it. Rufus joins Wyatt at a bar where Wyatt talks about being a good man. There are no black and white situations; Jessica’s killer also killed two other women. Wyatt needs Rufus’ help in erasing that man from history, without having to kill again.

On next week’s episode, Wyatt tells Lucy his plan to steal the time machine. However, when they go back in time, they will not come back to the future they know. Everything is on the line for them, will they be able to save Jessica and their future? Stay tuned for another after take next Monday!