After-Take: GRIMM “Beginning of the End”

GRIMM -- "The Beginning of the End" Episode 522 -- Pictured: Bitsie Tulloch as Eve -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “The Beginning of the End” Episode 522 — Pictured: Bitsie Tulloch as Eve — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Beginning of the End (Pts 1 & 2)”

Beware – finale spoilers!

Hold onto your hats Grimmsters the finale is one to remember!!

Monroe and Rosalee are ashamed that Adalind has taken Renard’s side. Misner carefully explains how Black Claw will make changes within city council members, police officers to sway them to their plan. By having any Grimms on their side, wesen could be kept in line without worry of an uprising. Eve finds out from Zuri that Conrad Bonaparte is in town; Misner knows that’s the founder of Black Claw and their totem pole is now complete. However, Hank receives a call from dispatch about something going on at his address. Monroe notices an old truck still sitting on their street. He confronts them about sitting there all day; with no response the truck speeds off. Rosalee is very upset with Monroe; they’re both tired of being targets, but getting killed in the process of standing up for themselves won’t solve anything. Once back inside, Rosalee admits she is not feeling well, but credits it to being so stressed. She was able to write down the license plate number while outside and wants to call Trubel about it. Once Renard and the family are back at the safe house, Diana sees Renard’s connection to Rachel. Conrad insists making a real relationship with Adalind because it’ll be better while he’s in office. Once in bed, Diana takes out her dolls and uses them to sway her parents. These voodoo dolls will be Diana’s way of getting her family back together.

Renard and Adalind end up in the bedroom; but the romance doesn’t last too long once Adalind realizes Diana is the one behind the emotions. Renard still refuses to see how powerful Diana is. Once Adalind shows her hexenbiest and slaps Renard, he leaves and Diana can only watch as he walks down the stairs.

At Hank’s house, several police cars are parked in front with detectives inside. Inside are two dead men from Black Claw. Nick has to tell Hank he killed them last night when he was followed. However someone is setting up Hank for the murders. Hank’s neighbor supposedly called in the incident-putting Hank directly at the scene. Detectives Boyd and Kate will take Hank in for questioning and take his badge and gun. Nick calls Wu about the incident and they will meet at the station. At HW, nothing of value is on file about Bonaparte. Then Monroe calls about the license plate recovered at their home. Eve runs the plates and has an address in Oregon. They will map their attack and pay the members a visit. Adalind goes to Diana’s room and finds her still awake. Adalind also finds the voodoo dolls under the covers. Diana admits she does not like Rachel because she likes Renard. Adalind tries to help Diana understand that she cannot push people to be together. Diana seemingly understands and asks Adalind to stay with her for the night.

At the station, Nick finds the “witness” Mrs. Miller to be a retired schoolteacher in her 70s. She is either with Black Claw or she is being forced to lie about the tip. Trouble mounts for Hank when he is taken to an abandoned location in the woods. The detectives need him to answer some questions, but Hank decides to throw the first punch. As he does, Kate woges into a scallengek and confines him with her tongue and Boyd knocks him out. Hank is brought into the home unconscious, and Boyd says Hank won’t need to be kept alive much longer. Wu and Nick go to visit Mrs. Miller and see the back door is opened and some DNA evidence is found. Mrs. Miller is gone and they will have to find out what time the call came in. Once Renard left the safe house, he went to see Rachel. Rachel admits their relationship needs to stop to uphold his new office values. Nick visits another police station to find out information about Hank. The officers meet him with resistance as they all begin to woge and say they won’t help a Grimm. Detectives Masters and Baramo know Nick killed two of their people and they’re using Hank as leverage.

Bonaparte asks to speak with Adalind and he realizes she is not in love with Renard. However it’s not good enough for Bonaparte; he shows his true self as a full Zauberbiest. If Adalind will not cooperate, he will make her into a statue to ensure her cooperation. Once he releases his grip, he shows a diamond wedding ring. Adalind will be a princess as Renard will be her prince. If she attempts to remove the ring, it will be painful for her children. She has no choice but to cooperate in the matter. Wu researches the 911 call only to see no calls came in, no charges were filed. They begin to see this procedure is off book and they have no way of finding Hank. Until Nick gets the idea to send Monroe to speak with Rosalee’s ex Tony. Tony is a part of black claw and may give information if threatened by Monroe. They both agree to plan and visit the station. First Wu and Nick try to speak with Tony; he doesn’t give any information. Rosalee goes in next and has no luck; but then Monroe gets his turn with Tony.

Monroe gets the address and feels pretty satisfied getting to defend Rosalee. Nick knows he needs to tell HW about the address and devise a plan. Before Nick can call HW, Renard walks into the station greeting by applause as the new Mayor. Nick instructs Wu to keep an eye on activity while he’s gone. At HW, everyone is up to speed about the address Tony gave because it was already under surveillance. Nick only asks for Eve and Trubel for back up and Misner agrees. Boyd begins to worry Bonaparte isn’t coming to the house. Just then, Nick comes bursting in with back up. The detectives are taken out and Mrs. Miller was found dead in a bathtub. She was used for the fake 911 call and disposed of; but Eve begins to wonder why there were only two people there when the address was given by multiple sources. She makes the startling realization that they’re in the wrong place, it was a distraction! At HW, a full massacre is taking place with heavy gunfire and wesen ripping the place to shreds. Misner is seemingly the lone survivor. He sees all their equipment destroyed and his colleague’s dead. Misner’s phone rings as Renard steps into the scene.

Misner tells Eve it is too late and not to return to HW. Misner acknowledges Renard is there and everyone runs to the car. Renard tells Misner black claw may make an exception to accept him into their cause. Bonaparte decides to take action and begins to choke Misner claiming they make no exceptions. Renard doesn’t want to see Misner suffer and decides to shoot him, ending his suffering. Bonaparte says Renard’s compassion will be a danger to everyone. At the safe house, Diana is awakened by a conversation between Rachel and Bonaparte. Bonaparte says the Grimms will be taken care of and Rachel volunteers to keep an eye on Adalind and Renard. Bonaparte also suggests that Rachel spend more time with Diana; she insists it won’t be a problem because kids love her. Diana overhears that part of the conversation as well. She will make her own plans to derail their plans. At HW, everyone wonders how they were discovered. It all came back to Zuri, she was followed once she was taken for questioning.

With Eve out of the way, it was an easier attack. Misner’s body is found and Trubel mourns over it. They’re the only people fighting for HW now. Nick advises everyone to drive separate, make sure they’re not followed and meet at his home. After a long day, Rachel climbs into bed and Diana summons her powers to be at the foot of the bed. She uses the sheets to suffocate Rachel slowly; she also brings Adalind into her vision to see what she’s doing. Adalind is stunned and frightened, but awakens in her own bed. She feels it was only a nightmare, but Diana’s eyes are lit up purple, perhaps not a dream.

At the station, Nick and Hank see Renard at his office. Nick is filled with rage and storms into Renard’s office. Renard plays ignorance to Misner’s death and Nick starts his revenge. Their altercation leads to Renard throwing Nick out the window with multiple officers in shock. Renard demands Nick to be arrested and put in a cell. Nick tells Wu and Hank to gather everyone together while he’s locked up. Renard calls Bonaparte to tell him about Nick’s arrest and sends some wesen officers. Wu is stationed to keep an eye on Nick and Hank goes after more leads. Monroe is worried because he hasn’t heard from Nick, but is also worried for Rosalee. He wants her to drink some tea and get some sleep. However, Rosalee has just learned her sickness is because she’s pregnant!! She sits with the test in her hand, happy but also scared for their future.

Monroe calls Nick again, with no answer, but Rosalee wants to tell Monroe her news. Before she can, Monroe sees the same truck parked out front, he is about to confront them again, until they hear someone at the back door. Trubel is startled to see them, but insists she used the back because of the truck in front. She tells them about the massacre at HW and takes them to see Nick. Eve takes care of the two black claw members by making them explode. One problem solved, until Renard goes to see Rachel at her house. Sitting in the dark, he waits for her to wake up, then realizes the sheets have suffocated Rachel. He can only stand in shock; at Nick’s apartment everyone is caught up on Nick’s actions. Eve knows Nick will not last long inside the cell, Trubel insists they break him out. Eve says Monroe and Rosalee need to hide everything from Black Claw. They’re all in agreement and their plans are in motion.

Renard tells Bonaparte about Rachel’s death and is insistent Adalind did it. Bonaparte says Adalind doesn’t care about Renard to have done the crime. Bonaparte then wonders if Diana’s powers allowed her to kill Rachel. Renard is still in disbelief about her daughter’s capabilities. Monroe and Rosalee stash all their books in a safe place and take a few weapons to Nick’s house. At the station, every cop is called on various 911 calls. Wu is suspicious because only a few cops are left. Black Claw is getting ready to make their move on Nick; Adalind calls Nick’s phone and Wu answers it. He tries to fill her in about Renard’s actions; but Renard walks into the room and Adalind hangs up the phone. Renard accuses Adalind of encouraging Diana to kill Rachel. Adalind denies any wrongdoing in the matter. Renard also notices the ring on Adalind’s finger, so he decides to stay with her for the night; in separate beds. At the station, the wesen officers march their way in to transfer Nick to the North Station, this time there is the proper paper work. Wu tries to stop the officers from taking Nick, insisting Renard is on his way and wants Nick in the interrogation room. When they did not listen, Wu was able to woge and take out two officers himself.

Hank, Trubel and Eve come to the aftermath and gather everyone to go to the North station. At the station, Nick is met with several wesen officers and soon Bonaparte comes to speak with Nick. Black Claw is aware of the books Uncle Felix gave the Grimm books to Monroe. Bonaparte wants the Grimm lineage book to find more Grimms to comply. Once Nick does not cooperate, Bonaparte puts Nick into a powerful dream to show what will happen if he does not comply. Bonaparte says if Nick does not give up the book, he will never see Kelly again. Eve threatens the front desk officers to say where Nick is being held and they comply. Upstairs, Bonaparte ensures a fair trade will be made if Nick cooperates. Before Nick gives any answer, the cavalry comes in and takes out the officers. Eve sees Bonaparte trying to escape and they engage in a major fight. He escapes after he lodges glass into Eve’s abdomen. She is losing a lot of blood and cannot be taken to the hospital. However, Adalind also feels Eve’s pain because they are connected mentally. She tells Renard and they see Bonaparte is driving up to the safe house. Bonaparte threatens Adalind about where Nick lives by choking her near death. She reluctantly gives up an address and Bonaparte says everyone will die. Back at the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee finish hiding the stash.

They hear someone upstairs but Trubel handles it and advises them to leave immediately. Nick and Hank take Eve back to Nick’s compound. Nick goes to the tunnel to retrieve the healing stick hoping it will work on Eve. Meanwhile Adalind goes to Diana for help. She needs to get a message to Nick secretly, and Diana wants to help. Nick applies the stick to Eve’s abdomen and the healing began. It seemed like it worked, until Eve went into a seizure and has a weak pulse. Diana is able to warn Nick about the impending attack. She tells Adalind Nick got the message. Diana then notices the marks on Adalind’s neck. Adalind assures her daughter Renard was not the one who hurt her. She doesn’t give a name, but tells Diana she will lay with her so they can rest. Monroe and Trubel see an army coming to the compound, way to many to fight off by themselves.

Nick decides to send everyone down the tunnel; time to find out where it leads, they don’t have a choice. Nick decides to take Eve himself; but once she awakens, she is confused about what’s happening to her. Nick asks if Juliette is coming back. She does not answer as they have to leave. Once everyone is in the tunnel, Nick stays behind to fight off the army, against everyone’s wishes. The battle begins, black claw is coming in from all sides and Nick is holding them off the best he can. Nick is suddenly shot from behind! He crawls to a knife and lodges it into his assailant. Nick continues to fight as his friends search the tunnels for an exit. Trubel offers to stay behind with Eve to watch for more assailants. In the compound, Nick continues to fight off more officers.

Suddenly he is shot multiple times in the chest!! The officer calls to ensure Nick is dead; but Nick had the healing stick in his jacket! Surprise! Nick takes out the officer and realizes he had the stick with him. In the tunnels, Monroe sees a way out, but turns out to be a dead end. Rosalee then blurts out she is pregnant. She didn’t want to tell him in that circumstance, but there was never a great time. Monroe is thrilled at the news and reassures her it is the only thing he wants to hear. That’s all the good news because Nick sees Bonaparte and Renard come up the elevator. Bonaparte realizes he made a mistake to not kill him earlier, he begins to choke out Nick. Suddenly Bonaparte has a sword through him! Diana used her dolls and persuasion to have Renard stick a sword through his leader. Nick and Renard are left looking at each other in disbelief when it comes to….THE END! It’s a to be continued in true Grimm fashion. It’s been a wild ride, and now we can all have our theories to ponder this summer.

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