After-Take: GRIMM “Bad Night”

GRIMM -- "Bad Night" Episode 520 -- Pictured: Sasha Roiz as Captain Sean Renard -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Bad Night” Episode 520 — Pictured: Sasha Roiz as Captain Sean Renard — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Bad Night”

Beware – spoilers!

Nick is furious after reading Adalind’s letter and tries calling Hank. However, Hank is preoccupied with Zuri at her place. Adalind and Kelly arrive to the Black Claw headquarters meeting up with Renard. Renard tells Adalind he will take care of Nick when the time comes. The election is tomorrow and neither Renard nor Adalind have any control over their situation. Nick races his car to Renard’s home and bangs on the door, no answer, but the door is open. The house has been cleared of everything he owns. Now that Wu knows the truth, it’s all he can dwell on. He’s unable to woge on command; so he goes into a rage, sparking his transition. Once he calms himself, he goes back to normal. He’s surprised and happy he was able to have some control over his new abilities.

Monroe is taking care of a tedious order, but Rosalee tempts him to bed early. Just as they’re heading upstairs Nick knocks at the door, interrupting their time. Nick franticly explains what’s just happened. They try to reassure him that talking things out is what’s best. They don’t want to jeopardize Kelly’s safety. Diana is brought to the home where Adalind welcomes her. Diana wants to hold Kelly, but uses her abilities to pick up Kelly telepathically. Adalind suggests that everyone should go to bed; it’s been a long day for everyone. Monroe and Rosalee insist that Nick can’t kill Renard. If Nick does, he will never be able to have Kelly by any means. They instead suggest going to Misner, but they need to develop stealth maneuvers to avoid being followed. They agree to meet up in 15 minutes. Nick sees a car following, and pulls off to the side. He walks into the woods and waits for the men to follow. His plan works and is able to shoot both of the men. Once at HW, Trubel says black claw has many members watching their group. HW knows where Renard is staying; it’s a home heavily guarded in the northeast of Oregon. Everyone suggests not going to the safe house because he won’t make it out alive.

Once asleep, Zuri takes Hank’s phone and hands it off to an associate. He makes a copy of everything on the phone. At the safe house, Renard and Adalind tuck Diana into bed. Diana tries to have her parents hold hands, against either of their wishes. Renard has more interest in getting back together with Adalind. However, Adalind is frustrated at the idea of getting back together. He asks if she fell for Nick; it’s obvious she has. Renard only irritates her more and she throws a vase at him to get him out of her bedroom. Trubel follows Nick back to his apartment and offers her support for whatever he needs. Just then, Renard calls Nick and says they need a face-to-face meeting. He suggests meeting at the station in one hour’s time. Trubel is ordered to stay at the apartment while Nick is gone. Zuri’s associate comes back to return the phone; but the wind shuts the door loudly. He tries to make an escape, but Hank comes from behind and sees the man woge. He isn’t fazed and knocks out the assailant, then calls in the incident.

Nick and Renard meet at the office; and Renard reassures he is not he enemy. He keeps saying “True Progress” is the hope for black claw. It’s time for the wesen to come out of the shadows. The revolution will happen with or without Nick’s help. If Nick joins the cause he can have whatever he wants. Nick just wants his son back, but it still doesn’t seem to be an option. Hank is confused about the break in, it seems suspicious; maybe the thief didn’t take anything because he could have been after Hank. Trubel asks Nick about the meeting. She’s shocked that Renard tried to recruit Nick. Nick decides to disclose to Trubel about what he found in Germany with Monroe. He brings up the chest and shows the magical stick. Trubel is weary of what they’ve found and how much power it holds. He shows Trubel where he’s hiding the chest for the time being.
Trubel fills in HW about Renard’s offer. Trubel and Eve go into the weapons room; Eve cautions Trubel about her feelings.

She can’t make any mistakes. Trubel sees what Eve thinks, but she asks what Juliette thinks. Eve acknowledges she won’t go into Juliette’s feelings/memories; it’s too much. At the station, Hank and Nick talk about their rough night activities. They both go in to interrogate Tony to see what he knows. Tony doesn’t woge, suggesting he already knows who Nick and Hank are. Wu is tasked to unlock Tony’s computer. While at the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee realize it’s the Tony from her past. Just then, Wu lets everyone know Hank can’t use his phone because it was copied onto Tony’s laptop. Nick suggests Zuri could be a part of black claw; she could have left the door unlocked. Rosalee suggests it could have been an accident. Hank doesn’t believe in accidents, and they all decide to see what she knows. At the safe house, there’s under an hour until the polls close. Conrad asks Adalind to tell him where Nick is hiding. She won’t help, but he reassures that Nick will be found one way or another.

At the end of the episode, Nick goes to Zuri’s home asking about black claw. He tries to play her at an angle. He suggests her to pack for a week, she’ll be sent to safe house and is instructed to not use her phone. She uses her phone and calls Conrad asking what she should do next. He says to cooperate, pack and let them take her away. Hank is waiting behind her while she is making the call. She tries to explain herself, saying she and her brother were threatened. She keeps insisting she loves him, but woges and attacks him. He knocks her down and she is taken to HW. Misner, Eve and Trubel stand before her. Misner steps out when Zuri doesn’t cooperate. Eve begins her set of torture to extract information. The election seems to be a landslide, and Renard will be announced as the winner. The news has a live update and Renard goes to give a victory speech. At the election party, any time Rachel looks towards Diana, Diana scowls and looks away. As Renard gives his victory speech, he calls for Adalind and the children to come to the stage. He announces Adalind as the mother of his children. Nick is fuming at the sight of his son being paraded as Renard’s son. Nick angrily mumbles, “They will die.”

For next week’s episode, the teaser from the two-hour season finale is so shocking; nothing from the second half of the show was shown. All is fair in love and war. Nick was seen fighting with Renard, even throwing him through the station window. Diana keeps fighting to get her parents together; and it promises to be thrilling! Stay tuned for the finale, and we’ll prepare for season 6 in the fall!