After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Timing”

CHICAGO MED -- "Timing" Episode 118 -- Pictured: (l-r) Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton, Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

CHICAGO MED — “Timing” Episode 118 — Pictured: (l-r) Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton, Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Timing”

Beware – spoilers!

Reese has reached her graduation day, but her mom will not be attending. So Joey takes it upon himself to make sure she celebrates. Natalie expresses to Maggie she isn’t used to not having her wedding ring anymore. She knows it was the right time to stop wearing it. She is pulled away to treat a six-month-old baby who is suffering a fever and diarrhea. Maggie gets a call about Dr. Downey coming in for immediate treatment. He was able to dial 911 himself, but is in dire pain. His liver is bleeding into his lung. Will and Connor are called into the procedure to drain the blood from the lung. Downey is then transferred into the operating room for a full chest surgery. In the operating room, there is a lot of blood, and the right lung is deflated so Connor can stop the bleeding. Downey will need a blood transfusion to refill his body from the loss in surgery.

Ethan talks to Dr. Charles about the obsessive parrot. He can’t get the parrot to just settle down. No one seems to want him either; Dr. Charles wants to meet the parrot. He suggests meeting at lunch before Ethan decides any other plans. Natalie’s patient, Michael doesn’t seem to have anything obviously causing his symptoms. She decides to call in a specialist and run a few more tests. Will tells Maggie he has received offers from hospitals out of the state, still no word from Med. However he believes he doesn’t have any shot of getting a position because of how much trouble he’s caused Sharon. Maggie also tells Will Natalie isn’t wearing her ring anymore. He’s frustrated at why Maggie would even mention that detail. She suggest that it’s all about timing, and leaves that thought with him.

April comes onto shift after a sweet kiss from her beau and assists Will. Their patient is an overzealous drunk man coming in after a fight with other rival fans. He doesn’t want any help; he keeps insisting he’s fine. He pushes April away from him and she is thrown to the doors. She hits her ribs and falls down. Baby Michael’s heart is enlarged and it’s centered to a genetic disease. In a moment he stops breathing and the doctors work quickly. Reese is protective and visibly attached to the baby. April gets checked out after getting the wind knocked out of her. Will orders a chest x-ray and Sharon agrees; April keeps insisting she will be fine and goes back to work. Downey is placed in a recovery room and has yet to wake up. Connor calls in an neurologist to get a reason why Downey hasn’t woken up. Its possible Downey had a stroke on the table, but he will need a CAT scan to find out what’s going on.

Michael loses his heart rate; a dose of epinephrine is able to bring him back. Reese is visibly upset. Even when visiting Joey, she can’t focus. Joey reassures her that by choosing pathology she will escape the pain of getting too involved with patients. Did Reese make the right decision? Ethan continues to talk to Dr. Charles about the parrot’s odd behaviors. The parrot paces, won’t fly, possibly having nightmares. Dr. Charles thinks the bird has PTSD from his time with his hoarder owner. He believes the parrot could be helpful to Ethan with his symptoms. Will receives an acceptance notice for a full time position at Med. Seems like he has a guardian angel on the voting board. That’s all the good news for the moment because Downey has a tumor on his temporal lobe. The tumor is inoperable and it’s not the news Connor wants to hear. Dr. Abrams is the first opinion and is very straightforward with Downey.

With or without the surgery, the results are grim. It’s all about how much pain Downey wants to endure in his last days. Will tells Natalie about the offer from Med. He says he won’t fight with her anymore because he’ll defiantly take the offer. Connor goes to see Downey and plays some records. As Connor is sitting bedside, Downey asks if there was a way to end the pain early. As Connor sees what Downey is asking, he says he cannot do assisted suicide. At his apartment, Ethan tries to help the parrot realize he needs to fly. After flapping his arms and running around the apartment, Ethan realizes it’s not the best idea. April goes to see her boyfriend and his son after her shift. Tate sees April is wincing in pain from her day at work and he never realized nursing can be dangerous. He asks if she could leave her job; but she doesn’t know what she would do. Tate then suggests that they get married. All April can do is just sit on the couch stunned at the offer. Reese went to see baby Michael before her graduation. However, Joey came by hours later waking her up. Her phone died and she never got any of the calls or messages.

She missed her graduation, but she was more worried about leaving the baby. Joey gives Reese the results and she needs to call Natalie immediately. Connor falls asleep in a chair watching over Downey. April tells Maggie about her proposal last night. She says she will have to think about the offer before giving a final answer. In another room, Natalie gives the diagnosis to Michael’s parents. Michael has a disease called, LCADD. It means he cannot process fat, he had a loss in blood sugar and that is what caused his problems. Diet alteration will be the cure for the baby. His parents are thrilled and Reese feels happy and relieved. April is still feeling sharp pains and Will sees it. He demands an x-ray because he does not need to see her in pain. April finally agrees and goes to the radiology department. It is brought to Maggie’s attention that Sharon missed a budget meeting, very unlike her.

Maggie uses her spare key to get into Sharon’s house. Sharon was hoping it was Burt coming through the doors, but Maggie joins Sharon on the couch. Sharon says Burt left her last night. He retired and kept pressuring her to retire as well; but she has not been ready. She had tried everything to make him happy and not feel guilty for keeping her career. Burt said he wants to be happy because he does not know how much time he has left in life. Joey drops by to give Reese a gift. Reese gets her lab coat, she is no longer a student doctor, and she is now a full-fledged practicing doctor. As a gesture, Connor gets Downey a lei to lift his spirits; knowing he’ll never be able to travel to the islands one last time. Downey’s sister already passed away, he says there are instructions already laid out. Connor thanks Downey for everything he’s been taught. With tears in his eyes, Connor leaves the room and hears the heart machine alert.

The other doctors realize Downey has lost his heart rate, but Connor says there was a do not resuscitate order. There is nothing else they can do; seems like Connor was able to give Downey what he wanted. Reese goes to visit Dr. Shore and tells her she wants to be in the emergency department instead of pathology. However, if Reese doesn’t take the match, she will not have a job. Back on the main floor, Sharon has to put on a brave face and speak to the new recruits. Jeff Clark is back to the Chicago family for the rotation at Med. Natalie recognizes him and welcomes him warmly. He acknowledges he hurt his back while on the job and cannot work on the truck anymore. He and his wife Lisa divorced, and Maggie gives Will a look: timing.

Jeff was best friends with Natalie’s husband Jeff; and he’s already friends with Maggie as well. Will gets April’s results back, no broken bones, but she has a lesion in her lung, she may have tuberculosis. Reese tells Dr. Charles about quitting pathology and he applauds her decision. Dr. Charles joins Ethan at the apartment for some beers. Although the parrot won’t speak, he does fly across the room to Ethan. Looks like progress is being made for the both of them. Natalie and Jeff leave work together, reminiscing on memories.

April wonders how she’s going to tell Eric and his dad about her news. Sharon is alone at her house with no appetite. Connor goes to the island Downey wanted to visit and pours his ashes into the crystal blue waters. A beautiful resting place and a perfect ending to the first season of Chicago Med. NBC has already renewed Med for a second season, so we will see them in the fall line up. Thank you for following the after takes, more Chicago drama to come in the fall!