After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Disorder”

CHICAGO MED -- "Disorder" Episode 116 -- Pictured: Colin Donnell as Dr. Connor Rhodes -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

CHICAGO MED — “Disorder” Episode 116 — Pictured: Colin Donnell as Dr. Connor Rhodes — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Disorder”

Beware – spoilers!

It’s business as usual at Chicago Med, until they see a surprise visit from Jayco. It’s their joint company supervisors. Sharon encourages everyone to stick to protocols and do it with big smiles. She looks to Ethan for some military grade guidelines, but he is going on a resident ride along. He will miss the visit, but Will is already eagerly meeting the supervisors. Roman and the paramedics come in with a 58 year old man who beat his wife on the street. Seemed like there was no reason for the outburst, and good Samaritans stepped in. He stepped into oncoming traffic and then was transported to the hospital. His wife also comes in to be treated. She is a neurologist and insists she fell on her hand, not impairing her brain. She is a neurologist and once Connor goes to Mr. Clay the medicine, she says he is not abusive and suggests a different medication. She says he’s suffering from Louie Body Dementia. His results show he has many broken bones and he had a quadruple heart surgery a few years ago. Ethan goes with Sylvie and her partner Desmond for the ride along. They get a call for a man unresponsive in his apartment. At the hospital, a woman comes in with a dog bite. She is insistent the dog Boomer is a good boy and it’s unusual he became angry. Natalie suggests antibiotic shots as a precaution.

Ambulance 61 goes onto a call for a man living in a downstairs apartment. Paul is a hoarder and trapped by all of his belongings. The smell is horrid, but they need to proceed to save Paul. Ethan goes through the front door to attempt to get inside, Sylvie finds her way to the back door. She cannot enter and goes back to the front to start making a path. At the hospital, Mrs. Clay says she helped diagnose Nathan, but she also got multiple opinions.

He was diagnosed 4 years ago; and his EKG seems normal, and could be discharged. Laura thinks maybe a care facility is the best for him; but she cannot let him go just yet. Dr. Charles is surprised Nathan can still be responsive and act like his normal self despite being diagnosed so long ago. Will is super by the book with everyone while the supervisors are there. Its already making April and Maggie angry. He just wants to be out of the doghouse with Goodwin. Mrs. Clay was doing a crossword puzzle with Nathan, but suddenly his blood pressure dropped. He is bleeding internally, and they will need to operate. Nathan has a displaced bypass and it has begun to leak. It’s only a matter of time until the aneurysm ruptures. It’s likely Nathan would not survive the surgery. Connor and Dr. Downey agree that making Nathan comfortable would be the only option. Back at the apartment, Ethan was cut by a tin can. He quickly applies an ointment and bandages his arm. He keeps hearing the voice of a second victim, although the neighbor insists there is only Paul.

Connor orders an angiogram; he hopes that will give Laura a timeline to how long Nathan will live. Dr. Charles also wants to see an MRI; he believes Nathan’s motor skills are too strong; he could have the wrong diagnosis. The woman with the dog bite has a slight fever, and a rash. Natalie and Reese run a few more tests to make sure she doesn’t leave in a worse condition. Will is looking for other locations for a job because he’s convinced he won’t be hired at Med. Sharon is still upset with him breaking the rules, and now Dr. Parrington is upset because Will undermined her on a case. Dr. Charles shows the MRI to Laura. Nathan has a hormonal irregularity in his brain. However, because he had the bypass, his medicine increased hostility. Laura is astounded at the results and she feels guilty for what he’s gone through.

While in the apartment, Ethan is trapped in the abundance of junk; he has a slight moment of PTSD but makes it through the gaps. He finds Paul in the bedroom laying on his bed. Paul has an inflamed leg; he spilled grease from a frying pan onto his leg. He waited over a day to call 911 because he was embarrassed to have someone see how he lives. Paul suffered a 3rd degree burn and Ethan sees a parrot on the bookshelf. That was the second voice he was hearing down the hallway. Paul had the possibility of losing his leg unless Ethan acts quickly. He’s going to cut on each side of Paul’s leg to release pressure and he pumped morphine into his IV. However, he’ll still feel pain from the cut. The cut is successful and the fire department makes their way in. Ethan also takes the parrot out of the apartment as everyone exits.

At the hospital, Connor and Dr. Downey see many complications by doing the surgery for Nathan. Dr. Downey doesn’t see any good by doing the surgery, but Connor takes on the case regardless.  The dog bite patient has a low white cell count, and an upper repertory infection. Her dog is a boxer/bulldog mix, a rescue from the shelter. However, her sister cannot watch Boomer anymore. She drops him off at the hospital entrance; Reese doesn’t know what to do. She asks Earl the security guard to look after him until they can discharge his owner. Everything seemed fine until Boomer began violently barking at a patient in a wheelchair. Earl said Boomer let 20 people pet him without a problem. The only difference was the patient in the wheelchair had cancer. Natalie gets a theory to run a few more tests. Reese agrees: could the dog be sensing a tumor in his owner?

In the operating room, Connor insists he can control the risky moves it’ll take to save Nathan. He is successful and Nathan is taken to the recovery room. Natalie’s test proves her patient has lymphoma. A biopsy will be taken to see what stage she’s in. Early results show she is still in the early stages and with the right treatment she will survive. Boomer was nipping at the exact spot the cancer is; he was trying to protect her. Nathan is recovering from the surgery, and he’s doing well. Mrs. Clay feels she wasted four years of Nathan’s life because she thought she already figured out his diagnosis. Laura is worried Nathan will never forgive her. Dr. Charles reassures her Nathan will forgive her; but she needs to also forgive herself.

At the end of the episode, Dr. Downey congratulates Connor on a successful surgery. Natalie puts in her vote for Will to stay at the hospital with Goodwin. Will goes against protocol to help along the room cleaning process. Sharon ends her meeting with Jayco, and she calls together the team. She is angry about all the rules they broke; but no one from the staff saw any of it. So they can keep their high rating and continue the good work they do for the city.

On next week’s episode, Natalie passes out at the hospital. She has tests run to determine what happened; however, the results shake everyone to their core.

Stay tuned for next week’s after take!