After-Take: GRIMM “The Taming of the Wu”

GRIMM -- "The Taming of the Wu" Episode 519 -- Pictured: (l-r) Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert, Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “The Taming of the Wu” Episode 519 — Pictured: (l-r) Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert, Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “The Taming of the Wu”

Beware – spoilers!

Wu goes to the doctor to be examined after his head wound. His MRI is clear, no bleeding or swelling. He did suffer a concussion and will need to stay in observation a little longer. Nick and Hank stop by to check on him; they ask what he remembers from that night. Wu admits he only remembers seeing the suspect at the stakeout, and then waking up in the hospital. As Nick and Hank leave the room, a looking strange young man walks up to the window of the room. He confirms Wu is in the hospital bed and calls to notify his associate.

In the forest, Misner walks up to a quiet house and finds two people dead. Looks to be a husband and wife. Children toys and drawings are in the living room. He goes to the bedroom and sees the belongings of a young girl. A closet of cute clothes, toys and a few drawings on her wall. Among the drawings was a portrait of a hexenbiest. There was also a Brothers Grimm storybook on the bed, and once the flashlight went up to the wall, Misner sees the black claw symbol. Misner was sent to that house because of the report Eve discovered. The report stated section 21 had two deaths and was housing Diana for the time. A member of black claw comes through the front door to see Misner.

The follower knows where Diana is, but refuses to disclose it. They engage in hand to hand combat; just when it seems Misner has no more moves, the attackers hand is suddenly cut off. He is then stabbed in the stomach and looks into the eyes of his murderer; Trubel. She killed the other men outside before going inside to help Misner. They realize Diana has been taken and they have to be careful about their next steps. At the warehouse, Diana asks if Adalind will be joining her and Renard. Adalind cannot go with her just yet, but Diana wants her mother with them now. When Renard says she cannot, Diana rips a wall panel off using her powers. Adalind is able to calm Diana in the moment. Diana seemingly accepts Adalind’s answer and walks to the car with her father.

Suri has Hank over once again for dinner. Their relationship is going well and both are very happy. Renard tucks Diana into bed and she admits to missing her mother already. Once downstairs, Renard meets with Conrad Bonaparte; Conrad is seemingly the leader of Black Claw. He is adamant about getting Adalind onto their side. If Adalind chooses Nick, they will have no choice but to kill her. Conrad also wants Nick on their side, because Nick would not fit in with non-wesen people. Diana uses her powers to connect with Adalind. Adalind, now awake, goes to the kitchen to find Kelly crying for food and Nick holding him.

Adalind puts Kelly back into his crib and says she needs to speak with Nick. She finally tells Nick her powers are back, but he already knew and was not surprised by the admission. She admits she was too scared to say anything sooner. He would never put Kelly through the loss of his mother. Adalind also promises she would never do anything to hurt Nick.

Back at the hospital, the nurse checks on Wu’s vitals; in his sleep, Wu begins to remember the night he hit his head. He also recalls the moment he fought the werewolf in the forest. With all the memories coming back, he begins to woge unintentionally. The nurse sees the transformation and screams, running out of the room. She tries telling her co-workers what she saw. They rush into the room and see an empty bed. The nurse panicked thinking this creature was loose in the city. Until Wu comes out of the restroom confused as to why there were three doctors in his room. The next morning, Suri and Hank wake up in her bed.

They discuss Nick’s involvement with his Grimm powers. She wants another introduction with Nick and Hank agrees. At the hospital, the doctor says Wu’s CAT scan was clear. However, his blood pressure and body temperature are lower than normal. Wu has been cleared to leave the hospital and Nick and Hank take Wu back to his apartment. Wu says he’s been dreaming of red meat, and says he’s been dreaming of animalistic dreams. He remembers running through the forest and hunting. Nick suggests calling Rosalee if he needs help sleeping. They suggest Wu take the day off and relax. Adalind tries to focus on her work, but she keeps getting Diana’s pleas to come see her.

Eve begins to get the telepathic message as well. Diana realizes Eve transmitted the message unintentionally; and yells at Eve, “you’re not my mommy!!” and proceeds to break the mirror in Eve’s room. Misner and Trubel go to see Eve and Eve says she connected with Diana. Eve shows them the mirror of the skull impression left behind. Eve believes she is getting the communication because of the Juliette and Adalind transformations in the past. They all agree they must tell Nick about everything they’ve seen. While at home, Wu sees a man sitting in a old truck. He cuts his hand on a mustard jar while making a sandwich. He runs it under water and begins to see his hand change into a wolf claw. He closes his eyes, and once he opens them again, his hand is normal.

At the station, Trubel calls Nick and Hank to come into HW, their conversation has to be in person. Wu calls Rosalee mildly panicked; Rosalee says she will wait around for him at the shop. Conrad goes to meet Adalind at the law office to discuss business. He already knows Kelly’s name; he makes a threat about a parent losing their child. Her future is with black claw, not with Nick. She needs to make her decision by the end of the day. Wu keeps an eye on the man in the truck; Wu recognizes the man as Theo. Wu arrested Theo 3 times prior and wonders what’s so interesting about stalking him all day. Wu confronted Theo, and threatens to impound the truck. Wu also said he viewed Theo as a threat, just then Theo woged and attacked.

At HW, everyone agrees Diana was brought to Portland to get to Adalind. Nick doesn’t want to lose his son, however Adalind might take him without any consent. Nick gives permission to them to take care of their matters. No time to discuss because Nick and Hank are called to a crime scene. Theo Delano was found dead with his jugular ripped out. Rosalee called Nick because she is worried about Wu, he never showed up to the shop. Nick and Hank go to Wu’s apartment and they see a blood stain on the front door. They scan the apartment, and find Wu bloodied and laying on his bed. He’s breathing, but takes a few moments to be woken up.

Once awoken, he is unaware of what’s happened. He tries to recount what’s happened, but his head hurts when trying to think of what happened. He remembers seeing Theo woge into a scalengec. Wu still doesn’t understand how he could have killed Theo. Wu is afraid he will be arrested for murder, but Nick insists it would be self -defense. Wu cleans up and goes to the crime scene to confirm Theo is the suspect in the alley. Wu leads them to Theo’s truck, they see fast food junk and Wu’s home address. Theo might be a part of black claw; Nick calls Trubel so she can run his information through the system. Nick offers to take Wu to the spice shop as Hank gets a call from Suri. Conrad is seen in the background at Suri’s house as she makes plans. Suri is a part of black claw and ensures Conrad Hank will be late for dinner at her house. (Plot Twist!!)

Adalind is struggling with her difficult decision. She can’t take Kelly away from Nick, but she can’t lose Diana again. Adalind receives a call from Renard, demanding she make her decision. Diana was the person on the other end of the call, disguising her voice. Adalind cannot give an answer and hangs up the phone. Wu tells his dreams to everyone at the spice shop. Monroe suggests Wu take a, “recall the darkness” potion to help remember what happened to Theo. Wu takes the potion and lies down to begin the memory search. He will sleep talk to recall the memory; as he recalls the moment he killed Theo, he woged. Everyone is terrified to what they’re watching, and Monroe films the event. Wu had described the murder in horrifying detail and once awake is scared of what he remembers. Rosalee and Monroe remember the lychenthrope incident. Wu is experiencing a viral infection that is manifesting differently than a bluetbad.

Poor Wu is terrified for what he’s become. He is not wesen, but seems to be an emotional response. It only occurs when he goes into a fight or flight, survival mode. This would explain his blackouts and physical changes. Rosalee does not have a cure, but they will do everything they can to help. They need him to stay calm, and they offer their home as a sanctuary. He refuses and insists he wants to control the effects. Nick gets a call from Trubel, Theo is in the system for black claw, he joined six months ago and has a long list of associates. Eve rushes to the phone, she says Adalind is in distress and Nick needs to get home. At the end of the episode, Hank gets to Suri’s house as promised; she smothers him with affection to distract from her plan. Once home, Nick finds a fox toy on the ground. Kelly’s crib is empty and Nick sees a note left on the table. Adalind apologizes, but she has to protect her children. She was able to hide a message within the note for Nick, “I have to protect you.”

On next week’s episode: Nick is on a mission to get his family back. Renard speaks with Nick about his decision to involve Adalind. Nick doesn’t take to the news lightly, and threatens to kill anyone who stands in his way. Only three more episodes until the end of the season Grimmsters! Stay tuned for more after takes!