After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Inheritance”

CHICAGO MED -- "Inheritance" Episode 115 -- Pictured: Brian Tee as Ethan Choi -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

CHICAGO MED — “Inheritance” Episode 115 — Pictured: Brian Tee as Ethan Choi — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Inheritance”

Beware – spoilers!

The show opens on a Chicago party where April is the guest of Evans. Looks like things are going well for the pair since their meeting at the hospital a few weeks ago. Noah stops by; April is a little surprised he was invited to the party. He wanted to meet a few of Tate’s sports friends. April follows him to a back room and sees Noah talking to the players about vitamins and electrolytes to enhance their physical ability. She looks worried, he’s not a licensed doctor. He shouldn’t be performing any sort of procedures unsupervised or at all. A young girl, Ellie Newman comes into the emergency room, throwing up in her prom dress. Her father is accompanying her, and says she is sixteen years old. He doesn’t know much about her medical history. She doesn’t want any sort of drugs.

She doesn’t want to end up like her father; he has track marks all over his arm. Her conditions don’t seem to require surgery. Her father never noticed this issue has happened before. He was too strung out on heroin to notice. Her last doctor didn’t know what the issue was and suggested a psychologist. Connor continues to reschedule with her sister for lunch meetings. He uses Maggie as the middleman to avoid speaking with Claire. Sharon asks Maggie if she knows a contractor for hire. She wants to convert her basement into a man cave for her husband Burt. She wants to distract him from asking her to retire early. Will’s next patient is an old neighborhood friend from Canaryville. Brian Tucker brought in his brother Andrew because of a swollen right leg. His leg swelled twelve hours prior and began to cause him pain. He drives trucks for a living and spends most of his time on the road. On another floor, Eric is there for a check up, feeling much better. Tate checks up on April because of the party. She wants to break it off, she is not sure about the scene he’s involved in. He’s insistent it’s not his scene either, he just wanted her to meet old friends.

Dr. Charles was called in to see Ellie, but doesn’t know what to think of the case. They have to take her family history of addiction seriously. Then, a woman who is 32 weeks pregnant and contracting comes into the hospital. She has two younger boys with her, and they’re taken to get some snacks while they wait. Ethan sees she’s bleeding from the cervix. She is at risk for preeclampsia and they need to deliver immediately. Miss Disstai says she is a surrogate and needs the money. To receive the payout, she needs to carry to term. Dr. Charles speaks to the patient and deems her stable to make decisions. However, they cannot force her to deliver. Ethan is mad because he doesn’t want to wait around and see her die. Will goes back to see Andrew and thinks blood thinners could be more harm than good. His history with head trauma could cause head bleeding if knocked around. Claire stops by the hospital because she’s tired of being avoided. She says he’s avoiding her, possibly because she gets along with their father.

They have differing opinions about how their dad handled their mother before her death. April confronts Noah about his side business at the party. He can’t be sticking people with needles; he’s not a doctor yet. He insists it’s fine; he wants to make a few extra bucks to help Tate’s friends with curing hangovers. April lets it go, but she is frustrated about his actions, but cannot control it. In Ellie’s room, a local anesthetic spray to help take the scope down her throat. The procedure is painful and her gag reflex doesn’t allow the tube to go down far enough. They need her father’s permission to give her the anesthetic the one time to perform the procedure. He is unsure about making that decision because of their deal they made to keep each other in check. He agrees to the terms, but is still out of it from the drugs.

Brian doesn’t understand what’s going on with Andrew and instantly blames Will for not giving the blood thinners sooner. Andrew suffers a pulmonary embolism and passes out. The clot went from his leg to his lung causing the loss of air. Will was able to get the breathing tube in without a problem, but Brian was still furious. He demanded Andrew be seen by another doctor. Will complies with the request and Dr. Kerrington takes over the case. Natalie sees no other choice but to sedate Ellie so they can perform their tests. Once under, Connor doesn’t see any visible problems with Ellie.

Unfortunately, her endoscopies’ was deemed inconclusive. Sharon and Ethan meet with Miss Allen, the representative of the surrogacy agency. She confirms Miss Disstai signed a contract indicating she would get a living stipend for carrying the child. She would also receive a bonus if she carried the baby full term. The clients are under no right to adopt if they choose not to. The choice is ultimately up to the patient, which upsets Ethan. Maggie helped April realize she’s not actually made at Tate, but more mad at Noah. She apologized to Tate and they go back to their regular activities. Will hears Andrew will endure a clot buster; which could be worse than blood thinners. Natalie is worried about the choice she just made for Ellie. Ellie has a bad reaction when she comes out of the sedation. She sees bugs and runs out of her room; Dr. Charles is paged and Natalie has to sedate her once again to calm her down.

Dr. Charles asks Ellie’s father a few questions to evaluate the situation. Meanwhile, Ethan goes to Natalie to try to reason with Miss Dissai as a mother. Natalie has to be frank and says her boys could be orphaned if she doesn’t deliver the baby immediately. Mila agrees and is taken to the delivery room. Brian comes back to Will asking for his help. Brian respects Will’s opinion and asks that the procedure not be done. Dr. Kerrington insists Andrew can make it through the treatment, Will disagrees. Brian sides with Will and the procedure is halted. In Ellie’s room, she acknowledges she changed diet for her prom dress. She has begun eating salads at lunch. The year prior, she had done the same thing when she wanted to fit into a bikini. She is diagnosed with A.I.P. It is a genetic condition, but is manageable with a non-addicting medication. Turns out, her father also has the same condition.

Except he did not get any help and turned to self-medicating instead. Ethan helps deliver the baby via c-section. The baby is in distress, but once out, they work on clearing her lungs. Mila doesn’t even want to see the baby, but hears her cries, premature but healthy. Andrew is recovering well without the procedure. Dr. Kerrington is on the hiring committee and suggests Will look for other hospitals once his residency is over. Not the answer he was looking to get after helping his patient. Ethan looks over the baby and thinks a couple months of observation and she’ll be healthy enough for adoption. Miss Allen comes by and says the clients don’t want the premature baby. Miss Allen suggests she can find a couple to take the baby. It’s not the happiest of endings, but it’s happy as can be.

At the end of the episode, Dr. Charles offers his assistance to Mr. Newman to help with his addiction. Mr. Newman declines, but takes a business card. Connor stops by the family store in the evening after shift, heads up the elevator; finds Claire in the formal China section and offers to take her to dinner. He sees his father in the glass elevator, the two make eye contact and his father offers a small smile for his son. At Molly’s, Will finds Brian and they get a couple beers together, as friends. Next week: Connor is determined to take on a high-risk surgery. He is determined to not lose another patient, he’ll do whatever it takes. Stay tuned next week for another after take