After-Take: GRIMM “Good to the Bone”

GRIMM -- "Good to the Bone" Episode 518 -- Pictured: Reggie Lee as Sgt. Wu -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Good to the Bone” Episode 518 — Pictured: Reggie Lee as Sgt. Wu — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Good to the Bone”

Beware – spoilers!

The show begins with a man stumbling out of a bar clearly drunk, but decides to drive home anyways. Swerving on the road, dazed, the truck rams into a tree and he flies through the windshield. Nick comes back to the apartment; Adalind is busy working on her paperwork from the office. Kelly is going with Adalind to work because she doesn’t want to leave him with anyone. She offers her trust to him so they can work on their relationship more. The man awakes on the ground, bloodied and decides to walk to a couple of homeless men asking for help. One man offers to call 911, but his friend refuses. Soon after they walk away, the drunken man passes out. An unseen man drags the body away to the main road.

Suri, a blast from Hank’s past, run into each other in a small grocery store. She wants to make it up to him for how it ended between them. She didn’t want a wesen/keirsite relationship in the past. She offers dinner, and they agree for the next night. The drunken man awakens to see he is in the line of car headlights. The kidnapper apologizes for what’s about to happen. He drives the van over the drunk, and then promptly backs up the van over him. The victim is still alive once the wesen man begins to suck out the bones from the body. The man goes back to his trailer after the feast he was just enjoying. He comes home to his elderly mother and father. His father has an air tank and the viewers can only hear the sounds of a feeding happening behind closed doors.

Wu continues to have subtle side effects from the werewolf scratch. One morning during his routine, he begins to choke. He reaches into his mouth coughs up a hairball. He’s still confused about why it would be happening; but continues to ignore the symptoms and doesn’t tell Nick. Hank however, tells Nick about his meeting with Suri; their bonding will have to wait because they get a call about a murder. Rosalee is taking care of her customers and gets a surprise visit from Eve. Eve finds out that everyone is aware Adalind’s powers are back. Roslaee was curious why Eve is so protective of Nick. Eve asks if Rosalee has a problem with her intentions. Rosalee doesn’t have any objections, insists she would say the same thing, if she were Juliette. Rosalee thinks maybe a little part of Juliette’s feelings still is in Eve’s being.

Once at the crime scene, they see the victim does not have his bones. The victim is missing his phone, keys, wallet and most importantly his bones. Wu has a difficult time running the fingerprints through the system because of the lack of bones. Although a strange case, there were prior cases in northern California and they’ve worked their way north. Wu is able to get a solid fingerprint from the body, and they discover their victim, Kevin has been charged with DUI’s and reckless driving. He even had a case of vehicular manslaughter last year. He was acquitted of the crime and let off on a technicality. While finding that information, Wu begins to have distortions of his hands growing and getting hairy. He falls to the ground, worrying Nick and Hank. He says its something he ate, trying to brush off the incident.

At a local park, Hank’s confidential informant, Pinky has some information about Kevin. He takes them to the bridge where Kevin had approached him for help. He couldn’t give much information, but they were able to find Kevin’s wallet and phone. Back at the station, the medical examiner cannot figure out why Kevin’s bones were dissolved. Besides an excessive amount of alcohol, she found a digestive enzyme that’s usually found in bats.

Back at the park bridge, Pinky tries to get drugs and the deal goes south. Pinky is shot in the stomach; the mysterious man comes for Pinky and drags him to an abandoned warehouse. The man once again apologizes for his actions; but does the same routine as with Kevin. He goes back to his trailer to see his parents; Charlie is the sole supplier of his family. Across town, Suri cooks up salmon for her dinner with Hank at her new home. They are still feeling out the relationship, but they’re on the same page. They want the relationship to work and Suri realizes she won’t find a guy like Hank anywhere. He realizes what she is, and he’s accepting of her.

At the apartment, Adalind wakes up Nick in the middle of the night. She feels guilty about not telling him that Renard called about Diana. She is worried he might try to use Diana to get to Adalind. She knows Diana is with the resistance; so Nick discloses that Renard is working with Black Claw. They want to be cautious of their actions from here on out. At the spice shop, they figure out they’re dealing with a Barbin Ososifraga. In the past, they stalk places of death, usually battlefields; they are similar to vultures. They travel with packs; they can’t stay for more than three or four bodies because it’ll draw attention.

These creatures are drawn to the scent of imminent death. Rosalee gets the idea to make a potion that resembles that scent. So, Monroe gets volunteered to dawn the scent of death. Renard calls Adalind again, he says not to bring anyone, not even Kelly to the meet point he’s arranged. At HW, Eve finds a file on Diana. The information is mostly blacked out and she looks worried by what she sees. Rosalee cooks up the potion, and instructs Monroe to spray it only on the clothes, not on his skin. Everyone got a big whiff of the potion by accident. It’s potent, but it should do the trick. Adalind asks Rosalee to watch Kelly for a couple of hours while she meets with Renard. She says she is meeting with a client. Rosalee is very excited about baby-sitting but has to ask if she’s told Nick about her powers coming back.

Although she hasn’t yet, she wants to, but freezes up every time she tries. Back at the park, the plan is in motion; Charlie goes towards the scent. Wu sees a dog pawing at trash, slightly woges and chases after him. He tries to run on all fours, slips, hits his head and is knocked out. Something went wrong with the scent trap, Charlie walks away and finds Wu! Nick and Hank search for Wu while Monroe is left wondering where everyone went. Wu’s badge if found and Nick becomes convinced he’s been taken by Charlie. Charlie is frustrated with the burden he carries to feeding his parents every day. As he’s about to move the van forward, Charlie is confronted by Hank and Nick. He runs out the back of his van to escape from custody. He is immediately hit by a truck, and as a last request, he asks that they tell his parents he really tried for them.

At the end of the episode, Adalind meets at the parking garage as instructed. Adalind realizes Renard has set a trap and woges. A man comes from behind and tranquilizes her. Nick and Hank visit Charlie’s parents to deliver the bad news about Charlie. They identify the body at the morgue and ask for a few minutes alone with him. She feeds first, and then her husband. They hear it, but don’t interrupt them.

Adalind awakens and finally sees Diana. Diana calls out to her mother, they are happily reunited, but Adalind is visibly upset with Renard.

Next Friday: A third hexenbiest is brought to Portland. How will Nick be able to handle Diana’s growing powers? Stay tuned for another after take Grimmsters!