After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Hearts”

CHICAGO MED -- "Hearts" Episode 114 -- Pictured: Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

CHICAGO MED — “Hearts” Episode 114 — Pictured: Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Hearts”

Beware – spoilers!!

Ethan is still suffering from his mental woes. In the middle of the night, Vickie notices he is not in bed. He is at least able to admit that he is attending group therapy at the VA. She already knows about his meetings with Dr. Charles. She wants him to come back to bed, but he decides to go on a run. In the morning, there is a long line of patients trying to be seen for the day. A patient complains about his heart pounding in his head and neck area. He refuses to wait, and runs into the emergency room. No one will see him immediately and he does not like their response. In a desperate attempt, he stabs a pencil into his ear. His ear begins to bleed as he snaps the pencil. Maggie immediately pages Dr. Charles, as everyone can only stand stunned over what just happened.

Later, Ethan tries to examine his patient’s ear, but Mr. Coleman insists they look at his heart. He is wearing six shirts to help muffle the sound his extremely loud heartbeat. It is difficult to diagnose because no one else can hear the loud beats. Two small boys come in with their mother. Beau fell off his hover board; his mother says he hit a patch of gravel and fell forward. She is hesitant about Beau getting his wrist x-rayed, but complies with Natalie’s request. Natalie also notices Mrs. Taylor’s arm is bandaged; she insists it was a simple kitchen burn, almost healed. Dr. Downey is still training Connor in the surgery room. Their current patient is an infant who has a small hole in their heart. The surgery is a success, and Dr. Downey allows Connor to deliver the good news to the awaiting parents. Ethan listens to Mr. Coleman’s heart, but it appears normal. Mr. Coleman admits he saw combat and suffered a back full of shrapnel. It has been three years, and the scars have healed since.

Mr. Baker dropped the lawsuit off the hospital and Dr. Halstead. Will is not very thrilled because he would have rather saved Jennifer’s life. For matching with Pathology, Joey gives Sarah a small gift. He gives her a slide of the bubonic plague. She is totally surprised and thankful. She places it in her pocket and goes off to assist another patient. She does not last long because she passes out in the patient’s room. After the x-ray results come back, Natalie sees Beau had a previous arm fracture. His parents seem unaware of the injury. Beau’s father, Aaron says Beau fell down the stairs. Since Beau didn’t complain much, they figured it was a sprain. Griffin notices Beau’s hand is very cold. Natalie sends Beau up to the operating room immediately because his hand is losing circulation. Sarah seems fine after her episode; Will suggests her blood sugar may have been low and gives her orange juice. Will tries to see if anything is wrong in her life. She seems happy and settled with everything. Will orders extra tests just to be certain.

Natalie suggests the children might be under abuse. She wants to make sure before she makes any accusations. She doesn’t trust Mrs. Taylor’s story, because Beau doesn’t have any abrasions on his hands from his fall. Natalie brings in Dr. Charles to evaluate the family. Aaron denies any wrongdoing to his family; says they can call the police, child protective services, whoever they want. He even offers to take a lie detector test. Dr. Charles suggests they call his bluff to solve the situation.

Joey brings Sarah’s results to her personally. His efforts and worries backfires when Sarah snaps at Joey. Ethan believes Mr. Coleman could be suffering from auditory hallucinations. However, after a CT scan, he was able to see the scar tissues caused a malformation. The malformation is causing the echoing the sounds of his heart. The vibration carries up to his head; there is nothing they can do. There is too much scar tissue and too close to the heart. He’s going crazy; 6 months of continuous echoing. He is distraught by the news.

As a young woman comes in after a car accident, she suffered a broken leg. Griffin seems fascinated by the injuries he sees in the hospital and even tries to diagnose what’s wrong with Beau. Griffin intently watches as the team prepares Skylar for surgery.

Dr. Charles notices Griffin’s intrigue; and sees Griffin pick up a button covered in blood. Griffin lied about taking the button, but fesses up. He also tells Dr. Charles he would like to be a doctor someday. His intentions seem suspicious when Griffin admits he likes knives. Dr. Downey helps with Skylar’s surgery; however, Skylar is still slightly awake. She violently wakes up and grabs Dr. Rhodes, but it’s too late, she dies on the operating table.

Vickie and Ethan cannot find a tangible way to help Mr. Coleman. However, Vickie gives Ethan an idea. Ethan and Vickie show an ultrasound of Mr. Coleman’s heart. They want him to think about the beating as a gentle reminder that his heart is fighting very hard to keep him alive.

Dr. Charles diagnoses Griffin as a sociopath. Although he’s only ten years old, the signs are apparent. Dr. Charles informs Natalie and Sharon about his findings. They cannot intervene; it is a matter that needs to be decided by the family. The cause of Skylar’s death was from excessive bleeding inside her chest. The anesthesia was not circulating to the rest of her body because of the blood loss. Reese complains to Will about vertigo; but she thinks it’s because of her anxiety about going to Pathology.  Natalie and Dr. Charles go to speak with Griffin’s parents alone. They suggest behavioral therapy; they don’t want to hear it. Their worries grow when they see Griffin has snuck off. Beau’s blood pressure spikes and the nurses run to his aid. Griffin is sitting beside the bed and they see fear is what caused the trigger. Even under heavy medication, Beau realized he was in danger.

Sarah apologizes to Joey about her behavior; and admits she wants to stay in the emergency department and treat patients. The Taylor’s’ decide not to do anything with Griffin. Sarah asks Sharon if she can undo her match to Pathology. Sharon says the matches are a legal contract and nothing can be done.

At the end of the episode, Natalie confronts Mrs. Taylor about their decision. Mrs. Taylor thinks it’s a phase she hopes he’ll grow out of it. Connor walks past Skylar’s devastated parents; and once he gets to his car, he breaks down. Although he was able to save the baby, he could not save Skylar. It’s all part of the job and it caught up with him. His mood dampens the rest of the evening and doesn’t meet Will for drinks at Molly’s.

Next week: A woman doesn’t want to deliver her child. The longer she waits the more danger she’ll put herself and the baby in. She drops a bombshell when she says the baby is not hers. Stay tuned next Tuesday for another after take!