After-Take: GRIMM “Inugami”

GRIMM -- "Inugami" Episode 517 -- Pictured: (l-r) Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu, Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Inugami” Episode 517 — Pictured: (l-r) Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu, Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Inugami”

Beware – spoilers!

The show begins with a taste of revenge and vengeance with a sword ritual taking place at the waters edge. Eve meets with Nick to explain her findings as Renard. He is cooperative with Black Claw, but didn’t know about Dixon’s assassination plan. Eve also discloses Adalind’s changes are imminent. Nick was not aware of the changes, he only thought of them as theoretical.

A Portland couple prepares to go out for a date night. Their son’s best friend, Roger, is trying to get Brian to take his calls. Brian reluctant to answer calls, mom insists they need to talk since their fight. After Brian’s parents leave, Roger shows up begging to talk to Brian. Brian refuses and goes back to playing video games. On his coffee table, he sees an origami shaped dog and is attacked by a cloaked wesen. Brian awakes to find himself buried neck deep in the sand. The cloaked attacker is waiting with a Samurai sword. He swiftly slices off Brian’s head in the Portland moonlight.

Nick goes to Monroe and Rosalee to explain what Eve told him. Rosalee tells Nick about the incident when Adalind broke Tony’s fingers at the spice shop. Adalind never told Nick about it because she’s scared of the actions Nick may take. Nick is now hesitant of what he will tell Adalind in the future; their trust has been broken.

Rachel insists Renard needs to settle down because voters prefer a family man in office. Nick snuck down to re-seal the magical stick in the hidden compartment of the tunnels. Once Nick went back to bed, Adalind told Nick about an interview she has with her old law firm. He was hoping she could come clean about being a hexenbiest once again. He’s happy with whatever decision she wants.

Wu continues to have nightmares, and once he awoke, he could not stand. However, the nightmare continued, he was running in the woods. When he awakes in the morning, he has a headache and sees nothing he saw was real. But there was a few leaves that made it back to the bedroom rug. Was it real? Or is everything in Wu’s head?

Nick tells Rosalee and Monroe about the hidden tunnels under the apartment. No city plans show the tunnels, it was possibly made during the prohibition period. Monroe and Rosalee volunteer to search the caverns while Adalind goes to her interview. At the station, Nick has to tell Hank about Renard’s involvement with Black Claw. Their thoughts have to wait as they get a call about a male head washing up on shore.

Adalind takes Kelly to the job interview; she speaks with her old boss Harrison. He is a snake wesen, and is excited to have another hexenbiest back in the office. To prove her worth, she woges in front of Kelly. Kelly does not mind the change and simply smiles at his mother. Nick and Hank visit Brian’s parents to find out when they last saw him. Everything seemed normal, until they talked about why Roger and Brian were fighting. The boys were charged with negligent homicide last year. They each got five years probation, no jail time. Nick sees the origami piece and wonders if Brian made it. Dennis begins to think it was the father of the deceased is behind the attack.

Jin Akakie, the father of the son who was shot. He threatened each of the boys while they were on trial. He even said they deserved to die for what they did. Monroe and Rosalee venture down the tunnels carefully and find the steel door Nick described. Once the door is open, they smell potent aroma. Only way to see the bottom is to go down the tunnel, Monroe goes first.

Detectives find the rest of Brian’s body buried in the sand. As they inspect the scene, Teri Johnson calls Nick to warn about her husband goes to see Jin. Dennis demands to see Jin and pushes his way into the home. Jin woged and attacked Dennis out of self-defense. Nick sees a few swords mounted on the wall and suspects Jin could be involved. They refuse to speak without their lawyer; Jin’s lawyer meets him at the station and brings a list of witnesses to verify his client’s whereabouts.

Back in the tunnels, Monroe and Rosalee make it to the bottom of the tunnel. They suspect they’re under the city; they’re unsure how far they should continue. Until they come across a skeleton, that’s far enough. Roger and his mother go to the station to talk about the night Kuma died. Brian and Roger were drinking and smoking weed in the basement of Roger’s home. His mother was gone for the weekend. Kuma came by to hang out and brought over a sword from his dad’s house. They were impressed by the piece, but Roger had something even cooler to show off. He grabbed his great grandfather’s gun used for Chicago patrol. Roger’s father already passed away, so his mother kept it for protection. She wasn’t aware it was loaded, or that it would even still shoot. Brian took the gun out of the box, and cocked the gun. Brian pulled the trigger once, and it startled Kuma, forcing him to woge.

The boys saw Kuma, and Brian dropped the gun and it fired a second time; the bullet hit Kuma in the stomach and he bled out quickly. With the new information, Nick and Hank go back to see Kuma’s parents. Once Nick tells them about the origami dog left at the scene, Jin realizes what could have killed Brian. A Samurai ghost dog guardian, the Inugami. The way a family gets an Inugami is by saving a life. However, Jin’s father in law saved his best friends life when they were kids. That man is their lawyer and longtime friend! Since he could not get justice for the family in trial, he went after the boys himself.

Adalind comes home early from her interview, leaving Monroe and Rosalee stuck in the tunnels. Eve comes face to face with Adalind in the apartment. Eve warns Adalind Black Claw will try to recruit her because hexenbiests are valuable. Adalind tries to deny she has become a hexenbiest, but Eve can see she’s lying. Eve also warns Adalind to not hurt Nick, because Eve will come after Adalind.

Across town, the police officer guarding Roger’s home was knocked unconscious, as was Roger’s mother. Roger was kidnapped and taken to the same spot Brian was killed. Nick and Hank take Jin to the river to stop the execution. Jin releases the lawyer from his family bond, but it does not work. Nick is able to knock away the sword and fight. Hank is there to arrest the lawyer and close the case. Just then, Nick receives a text message from Monroe saying Eve went to the apartment. Also the fact that they’re trapped in the tunnels for the time being. At the end of the episode, Rachel brings back Diana to Renard’s home. This comes as a complete surprise to Renard. She is a young lady now; she looks to be around 8 years old. Since Diana is almost all hexebiest her age might vary from that of a human child.

Next week: A new wesen takes bone collecting to a new level. Their victims are attacked and left boneless, bloodied. Things take a bad turn when Wu becomes the next victim. Stay tuned for more after takes Grimmsters!