After-Take: GRIMM “The Believer”

GRIMM -- "The Believer" Episode 516 -- Pictured: Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “The Believer” Episode 516 — Pictured: Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “The Believer”

Beware – spoilers!!

First off, congratulations to the cast and crew for being renewed for a sixth season!
Now onto the show: Nick and Hank visit the spice shop to show the assassination video to Monroe and Rosalee. With all the pieces being put together they can all decide this is a conspiracy theory. They have to be careful what they tell Renard from now on. They have the upper hand because Renard is unaware of what they already know. Monroe has a professor friend who could help with the cloth writing. Monroe says he inherited the items from Uncle Felix after his untimely death. They agree to meet on Thursday morning to decipher the cloth. Eve drops by the shop and discloses her plan to conform into Renard. She asks for the groups help so she doesn’t run into the real Renard while she is searching for clues.

Meanwhile, a church service is taking place; the choir sings their praises and the pastor, Dwight Eleazer, begins his message. He claims evil resides in their area; he calls out to the devil and commands Satan to overtake him for everyone else’s sins. A churchgoer films the event as the pastor woges into a devil creature. The congregation is frightened, but remain in their seats. The pastor commands the devil be gone from his body. In a moment he returns to his normal human state. Their sins have been forgiven and the sins have gone with the devil back to hell. Security sees the young man videoing the event; security follows him out, says he cannot take photos. Security demands his phone and a fight breaks out, and the security guard is hit. Once pushed, security falls back and hits his head on a rock, killing him instantly. Luke was the security guard killed, as his fellow security guards, John and Mark witnessed the event. Dwight says photos cannot be taken because he lets himself be overtaken by Satan. It’s not a trick, and he does not want it to be cheapened by the Internet. He invites them to watch the next service.

The young man, Benjamin goes to his church group showing the video. He finally has proof that the devil is residing in Dwight. His leader says the devil must be cast out, and to do that, they need to kill Dwight.

Renard goes on television for a mayoral debate; the tough questions are asked and Renard falters a little bit. Adalind asks if Nick can find out any information about Diana. She has not seen her daughter in years; but Nick vows to find out anything he can. The church leader, Joan, tells Benjamin to go to his contact for the killing of Dwight. She gives him a small bag with gold coins as payment. Benjamin walks out the front of the Word of God Church, but the police force is outside waiting for him. Joan pleads for the coins are returned because they are property of their church.

At the station, Mark is able to point out Benjamin in a line up. He’s hoping Benjamin will now be arrested for Luke’s murder. However, there is no sustainable evidence to arrest anyone at that moment. Benjamin insists Dwight is using the people’s money for the devil’s work; and that’s why Dwight needs to be killed. Another problem that plagues the church; Joan gave about $12,000 to Benjamin.

Rosalee and Monroe figure out Dwight is a furos rubian. A devil type creature, their look is usually more frightening than their actions. So Monroe and Rosalee decide they should also join the church service. At the station, Wu is feeling odd symptoms. He feels a muscle strain in his neck and suddenly his eyesight is blurry.

In Wu’s research he finds an article showing Dwight and Joan were at one time married. The marriage only lasted fifteen months and they were divorced after Dwight had affairs; Joan believed the devil made Dwight cheat. Mark is now revealed to be working with Joan. He demands the money for helping to betray Dwight’s trust. Joan is convinced if they don’t help Dwight soon, the devil will overtake him forever. She only agrees to give the money after his end of the bargain has been upheld.

Dwight agrees to speak with Hank and Nick alone insistent he does not have anything to hide. Nick is able to convince Dwight of his Grimm nature; Dwight’s security does not know he is wesen. Dwight believes his gift is there to help people give hope. They only have the charge of self-defense; they won’t be able to charge anyone with murder. At HW, Eve begins her transformation once again into Renard.

Mark goes to Dwight to ask for forgiveness for his actions. It’s only a ploy to get Joan’s men into the trailer. Dwight is knocked out; and Mark instantly feels guilty. Eve calls as Renard and invites Rachel over to discuss the campaign plans. Except Rachel comes over with a different set of affairs for the evening much to Eve’s surprise.

Hank, Nick and Renard decide to let Benjamin walk free to see where the money leads. Joan has already begun her ritual on Dwight; Dwight tries to explain he is not possessed, but the church members put a muzzle on him. Once released, Benjamin goes to the church tent to deliver the payment to Mark. He only spends a few seconds in the tent before running out scared. Hank, Nick and Renard go inside to find Mark has hung himself.

Benjamin runs into the church to bear the bad news of Mark. They are convinced Dwight made Mark kill himself. Everyone took their fire poker seared in fire, and began to stab Dwight. He woged into the devil form to save himself from the incredible pain. Once seen as the devil, everyone attacks more as Nick and Hank run in. They are able to calm Dwight down, and he is once again seen as human. Joan is convinced he is free of the devil, but in doing so, she and the church members have killed Dwight. They are all taken into custody for the kidnapping and murder of Dwight.

At the end of the episode, an awkward sexual experience for Eve leads to Rachel answering a few questions. A small sacrifice so Eve can find out the end game of Black Claw. Rosalee, Nick and Monroe try to decipher their findings from the professor’s lab. The writing seems to be ancient Aramaic or non-traditional Latin. The few words they can decipher are, miracle, hazardous, dangerous, peril. They have a dangerous piece of Grimm history in their hands.

On next week’s episode: Changes in Adalind become more apparent, and Eve has gone to Nick. Now Nick will have to decide which hexenbeist he trusts more.
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