After-Take: GRIMM “Skin Deep”

GRIMM -- "Skin Deep" Episode 515 -- Pictured: Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Skin Deep” Episode 515 — Pictured: Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Skin Deep”

Beware – spoilers!!

Two women in their twenties are make up shopping and one girl is approached by a photographer. He introduces himself as Malcolm and gives his business card hoping to hear back from the young woman. Nick is enjoying father hood by playing and talking with Kelly. Eve calls Nick’s phone and Adalind answers and is shocked to hear Juliette’s voice. Eve has more information about the assassination and needs Nick to come to HW immediately.

Summer goes to see Malcolm for her test shoot. She’s nervous, but goes through the motions for the shoot. She asks for a break and he gets her a glass of water. She goes back for more shots, but she suddenly begins to feel dizzy and sits down on the couch. She passes out and Malcolm woges into a creature with facial tentacles. The tentacles begin to suck at her facial tissue. At HW, Eve discloses that Renard is either involved or being used by Black Claw to run for mayor. She advises Nick to not make any moves on Renard just yet, but she’ll keep him updated.

Back at the photo-shoot, Malcolm awakes Summer. He reassures her she simply took a nap and he has enough for one shoot. She goes home and shows her roommate the shots and they’re both super impressed with the work. However, Selma’s roommate notices a small wrinkle; no big deal and the night continues. Moments after Summer’s roommate leaves for the night; Summer notices more wrinkles. As she goes for her phone, she sees her hands wrinkle before her eyes. Then her teeth begin to fall out. She falls down and is unable to get to her phone. Malcolm meanwhile, reaps the benefits from Summer. He meets with his employer to exchange the serum. He does not want to make the serum more popular and discourages his employer from using more than he already has. Malcolm is paid a large sum as his employer demands more products. After Malcolm leaves the meeting, his employer once again uses the product on her face. The next morning, Summer’s roommate returns, and finds an old woman dead on the living room floor.

At the station, Nick tells Hank about what Eve has found out Renard. Just then, Renard asks Nick and Hank for their opinion on his mayoral candidacy. If Renard wins the campaign, he would have to resign; the replacing captain would be unaware of the Grimm activities that happen with most of the cases. Renard has not made up his mind yet, but Wu calls in for another case. Hank and Nick are still not sure about Renard’s position in Black Claw, but until they figure it out, they won’t say anything. Eve keeps replaying all the events about Dixon, until Juliette’s memory stumbles back onto Adalind. With that memory, she finds Adalind’s potions hat in her storage area at HW. Malcolm’s employer is a dermatologist who is mixing the ingredients for his patients. His name is Dr. Eugene Forbes and he formulates a moisturizer called Foy Cream. (Fountain of Youth Cream) His assistant tells him there are at least a dozen patients in the waiting room ready to be seen for the day.

At the girls’ apartment, Amy, Summer’s roommate, verifies the details from the night before. She does not know who the woman is, but Summer was wearing the same jewelry and outfit the elderly woman is wearing. Wu confirms the fingerprints match Summer, but they can’t figure out how she suddenly became an old woman overnight. Back at the Doctor’s office, his next patient comes in for treatment. She was recommended by a friend to make the visit. After applying the cream, he turns out the light and puts an ultra violet ray onto her. In a few minutes she looks twenty years younger. She is astounded and amazed. However, the medical examiner has the same reaction upon seeing Summer. She deduces Summer went through a genetic disease that usually affects young children.

Against Malcolm’s wishes, Dr. Forbes puts out a national commercial advertising his new remedy to aging. After a successful day, the office is booked for the next six months. Malcolm calls and is furious; Forbes demands more product, but Malcolm at first refuses. Until Forbes agrees to make Malcolm a partner and split the fortune 50/50. They could be millionaires very quickly, Malcolm for the time agrees to the terms. After the call ends, Forbes uses the last bit of the serum given from the night before.

At the spice shop, Rosalee helps try to identify the wesen behind the attack. She suggest a spinitod. Monroe comes down to help and brings some pizza for the group. Rosalee finds a Grimm page from Egyptian times; the creature is called a Mooshabad Al Shabab. Anyone who uses the serum can become highly addicted and will ruin lives. Meanwhile, Malcolm is onto his next victim; this time a young man is the target. The same charade is used and Malcolm has more product to give to Dr. Forbes.

In the last three years there have been several cases of extreme aging. Wu comes over with another case of aging. An elderly man drove his truck off the road; the license says the driver is nineteen years old. There was a business card for Malcolm in the truck; Nick and Hank go to question Malcolm, leaving the Grimm business behind for the time being. By looking through Malcolm’s call log, they determine Dr. Forbes is the buyer. Rosalee will be the volunteer to obtain a sample of the serum.

After waiting to be seen, Rosalee comes face to face with Dr. Forbes. She is the last patient of the day, and Dr. Forbes sends home his assistant. However, when he turns around, his face is severely disfigured; like a plastic surgery nightmare. The appointment was only to be a consultation; but Forbes is in manic mode. He puts an abundance of cream on his hands and wants to apply it to Rosalee. She is frightened because she knows of the side effects. Monroe wants to go in and save her, just as he suggests it, Malcolm pulls up to the clinic. Inside, Forbes doesn’t want the cream to be wasted, so he applies more to his face. Malcolm walks in and sees Forbes has used the cream, but he still gives over the cream he produced anyways. Monroe walked in and demanded that Forbes free Rosalee from his grasp. A full fight ensues once Malcolm is identified as the Mooshabad Al Shabab. The jar of cream was broken, Forbes in a rage stabbed Malcolm in the neck, killing him instantly. As Forbes tried to have everyone guess how young he is, he promptly dropped dead from overexposure of the serum. Renard hosts a press release at the station about the campaign. He accepts the candidacy for mayor of Portland.

At HW, Eve whips up a potion without anyone’s knowledge. She inhales the potion from the hat Adalind used previously. Upon inhaling the potion, Eve’s body is transformed. It is revealed, that she has made herself temporarily into….Renard!
On next week’s episode: a preacher pretends to be possessed by the devil to attract churchgoers. Stay tuned for more after takes Grimmsters!