After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Guilty”

CHICAGO MED -- "Guilty" Episode 112 -- Pictured: Brian Tee as Dr. Ethan Choi -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

CHICAGO MED — “Guilty” Episode 112 — Pictured: Brian Tee as Dr. Ethan Choi — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Guilty”

Beware – spoilers!

After their hiatus, the doctors and nurses of Chicago Med are back in action.
Maggie is in charge and making quick decisions and assignments. They need to make sure everyone is getting in and out quickly because they have a trauma incident coming in. A teenage boy crashed his car into a family’s living room. In the crash, the gas line broke, and caused a fire to break out. The family was not hurt in the crash, but the officer’s still need to get a blood alcohol level check. Connor doesn’t get the patient’s consent to get blood drawn. They need to do emergency surgery to get liquid out of his pelvis and stomach area. Maggie takes the fall for the situation and is arrested on the spot for obstruction of justice.

Dr. Halstead goes into a meeting with Sharon and the hospital lawyer. He is still a part of Jennifer’s trial about ignoring the do not resuscitate order. Sharon goes to the police station to get Maggie released. April is put in charge of Maggie’s station as more patients roll into the waiting room. A panicked mother and screaming baby are brought in. Natalie believes the baby could have hit her head and that would be the site of the problem.

Sharon goes to see Voight to find a way to get Maggie out sooner. The problem is that if they can’t get a DUI notion to stick the kid will be back behind the wheel in a matter of days. Maggie cannot be released until she is processed and arraigned for the charges.
Natalie is worried about the mother and the baby’s case. During the baby MRI, the mother admits that she is the only one taking care of the baby. No father, her parents wanted her to terminate the pregnancy; it’s just the two of them. So when another doctor comes with the MRI results, they both agree on the diagnosis: Shaken baby syndrome. It’s a dangerous accusation to make, but the results are clear. Natalie goes to Sharon, and they agree that child services must be called. Once child services came to the hospital, Ms. Fischer kept insisting she did not hurt Grace and was taken away for questioning.

Dr. Charles is cautious of a patient who was brought in after being clipped by a vehicle. Dr. Deidrick is in a big rush to get out of his hospital stay. He didn’t want anyone to call his wife and Dr. Charles took it upon himself to stop the patient. Mr. Deidrick was placed under a brief psychiatric hold to be observed.

Bailey, Jennifer’s daughter sees Will and is wandering around for more markers. She tells Will her mother isn’t doing well and it happened after she received a shot during her treatment. Will becomes concerned and asks Connor to use his login to see Jennifer’s files.

Natalie received the ultra sound email from when Grace was in the uterus. She realizes a horrible mistake has happened and goes to Sharon to help stop child services. Grace suffered a bleeding in her head because of a car accident her mother was in late in the pregnancy. Any small bump or roll could cause Grace to rebleed in her head; and thus cause symptoms to mimic SBS.

Dr. Charles is having a problem getting through to his patient. Reese tries to inspire him to not give up; after her visit, Dr. Charles goes back in and finally gets through to Mr. Deidrick. Depression is a normal human reaction; it is no one’s fault. Will sees that Jennifer is on the placebo drug for the cancer treatment. She suffered a pulmonary embolism and she is not recovering well.

Luckily, Maggie has made bail and Connor goes to pick her up. He still feels guilty that she was arrested and he went on with the surgery. He does not like how the law works against good people and the rich can do as they wish because they can buy their way out. He discloses a story about how his dad got him out of a drug charge, while his friend had to stick with the jail sentence. He was not able to make amends because his friend died of a drug overdose before he could apologize.

Grace suffered a seizure while being monitored; a side effect of the bleeding. They both will have a long road ahead of them. Nobody can know how long the symptoms will last or to what extent.

At the end of the episode, Maggie returns to her station and everyone is relieved to see her back. Zoe saw Will used Connor’s login to see Jennifer’s file and she’s worried the truth will come out. So Connor rushed to Will to make sure he wouldn’t tell Jennifer because that would mean he would defiantly lose his medical license. Will finally understands and doesn’t visit the trial wing. Dr. Charles discloses to his therapist that he stopped taking his depression medication. He was worried he was losing his focus and didn’t want to make a mistake on diagnosing his patients. His therapist suggests finding another dosage so he can fully function and do his job.

Next week: A patient comes in with mental problems and tries to cut off his arm, Dr. Charles has to try to understand what’s wrong with his patient. Nothing is what it seems, stay tuned for more after takes!