After-Take: GRIMM “Lycanthropia”

GRIMM -- "Lycanthropia" Episode 514 -- Pictured: David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Lycanthropia” Episode 514 — Pictured: David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Lycanthropia”

Beware – spoilers!

In the middle of the night, Nick goes to the basement and hides the healing stick behind the ruble. Two days later, a businessman is driving through the back roads; he unexpectedly gets a blown tire and runs into a tree. He is not fazed by the crash, he sees the sun is about to set and is more upset about that fact and begins to run away. At the apartment, Nick works tirelessly to open the door in the basement to uncover a hidden tunnel. The tunnel is deeper than expected. It’s a hobby Nick will have to take care of at another time.

The businessman sees the full moon and woges into a bleutbad. The screams of people are heard, but nothing is seen. Renard calls Adalind and wants to meet up to discuss his plans to get Diana back. Adalind does not tell Nick about the phone call and instead asks about his progress about the tunnels.

Along the back roads, a truck driver sees the businessman lying motionless in the middle of the road. His clothes are covered in blood and torn. But he is alive and the driver is quite surprised, given his condition. Doyle Baske, a real estate agent, says he was attacked by a large dog and the owner. His story is jumbled and he is eager to get to his mother. Hank and Nick drive him to the crash site; Doyle sticks to his story and doesn’t give any specific details about the attacker or the dog.

Renard meets up with Adalind and he discusses Diana. Although he has not seen Diana, he is hopeful they could make a reconciliation. However, he sees that Adalind’s powers have come back to an extent. She has not told Nick yet, but cautions Renard to not say anything just yet. Nick and Hank drive Doyle to his mother’s house. They ask for his shirt to analyze for DNA.

No dog blood, but there are three different blood types. Since there are all human blood samples, they call Monroe and Rosalee. Hoping there will be a trace so they can get more clues. Monroe catches a scent off the road and into the woods. Monroe begins to smell something rotting, but Rosalee smells it too. They find the bodies of two hikers. Doyle wasn’t lying about the attack, but now it’s a homicide. Monroe identifies the smell similar to a blutbad, but not exactly.

Rachel asks to see Renard at his office, but does not say what it concerns. Once Rachel leaves her home, Eve enters and begins a careful search. She finds the political poster for Renard, snaps a photo and puts it back in the tube. But not before she grabs a photo of the return address label. Rachel comes by the station to meet with Renard; she opens her laptop and shows his numbers are up in the polls. But she continues to ask that he make a final decision about adding Adalind and Diana to his campaign.

Rosalee and Monroe diagnose the suspect as having lycanthropia. It is a wesen disease that affects blutbad; it makes them go clinically insane. Nick and Hank go to Renard to explain what’s happened; while they do so, Wu confirms the hikers blood match the blood on Doyle’s shirt. They decide to lock him up for the night to asses their suspicions. Nick and Hank go back to Doyle mother’s house for further questioning. She is insistent that he cannot leave the house; he seemingly cooperates, but exits out the back door and runs over the wall.

Once caught, Doyle is locked in an isolation cell, but not charged with anything as of yet. Eve calls Nick and wants to meet in the parking garage; but he also needs to bring Hank with him. They all meet and she reveals the campign photo of Renard. The poster was shipped four days before Dixon’s shooting. She wants them to ask if Renard had any knowledge of the assassination attempt. Doyle made bail and he attempted to leave the station. Everyone caught up to him and demanded that he stay; Monroe was about to hit Doyle with a tranquilizer, but when Doyle woged, Rosalee saw he was not a lycanthrope. His mother is the lycanthrope; he heard the attack and tried to help, but he was there too late. His mother also attacked him, but he was able to get away.

The police squad goes to Doyle’s home and they’re ready with the crossbow and tranquilizer. She escaped from the panic room and the hunt beings. Doyle pleads with them to not harm her because she doesn’t realize what she’s doing. Monroe leads the hunt; but Doyle strays away from the group. Wu and Hank go one direction, while Monroe, Rosalee and Nick went the other way.

Despite all their best efforts, the mother was shot because she was about to attack Doyle. At the end of the episode, Wu is home and notices a small scratch on his leg. He thinks nothing of it and goes to bed. As he’s sleeping he is caught in a cold sweat and twitching. The camera pans up to the full moon overlooking his home.

On next week’s episode: A new doctor in town is making his patients feel like they stepped into the fountain of youth. Except when Rosalee is his patient, Monroe comes to her rescue. Stay tuned Grimmsters for more after takes!