After-Take: GRIMM “Silence of the Slams”

GRIMM -- "Silence of the Slams" Episode 513 -- Pictured: (l-r) Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Silence of the Slams” Episode 513 — Pictured: (l-r) Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Silence of the Slams”

Beware – the following contains spoilers!!

Everyone is confused and wondrous about Monroe’s sudden healing. They agree to not tell anyone about what they’ve found and put the stick back into the box. A young man goes to his grandfather complaining about his current job. He’s getting paid to lose wrestling matches; but the young man insists if he wasn’t getting paid, he could beat the men no problem. He aspires to be a real wrestler like the ones he grew up watching as a kid. His grandfather cautions his grandson about what those men gave up to be great fighters.
The next scene is the young man once again entering the ring for another fight. He intentionally loses the match as he’s supposed to. But afterwards he is angry and his boss comes in to speak with him. The young man wants one shot to prove himself as a real fighter; he goes back to his grandfather. His grandfather reluctantly complies and grabs the mask box. He asks for his grandson to read the contract and sign it in blood. The contract is written in Spanish and he asks his grandfather for the translation. He essentially says half of the earnings will go to him as long as he wears the mask. Both of them sign the contract and a mask will be turned in by the next day. Outside of the store, a mugging is taking place and the grandfather steps outside to intervene. He calmly talks to the mugger; after a brush off, the grandfather woges and asks for the mugger’s face. After a brief altercation, the mugger is knocked down. While still woged the grandfather takes a knife and skillfully cuts off the mugger’s face. Back at the mask shop, the grandfather performs a spell over the mask.

Back at the apartment, Nick is very vague about the details about the trip to Germany. He doesn’t mention to Adalind that he stopped at the Spice Shop; he said he was at the police station. She casually asks Nick how he would feel about if her suppressant wore off and she became a hexenbiest again. He seems calm about it insisting she isn’t the same person she was before. And now they have Kelly in the mix. After the long day, both agree it’s best to talk about it later and go to bed.

At HW, Eve goes back through security footage from the Dixon shooting and sees his manager on the phone and glancing up at the shooter’s nest. The same footage Renard has also seen. The mugging victim is found and the police are on the scene. They suspect a doctor was behind the attack because of the surgical precision. At the mask shop, the grandson comes by for his mask. He is amazed and grateful for the work his grandfather has done. He tries on the mask and his grandfather sees the mask has accepted him. Now he has to respect the power he’s being given. Also in the city, Renard finally comes face to face with Eve. She confronts him about the assassination. He acknowledges Dixon’s team asked for his support during the election. That’s all the information Eve wants at the moment, but she needs to dig more into the investigation alone.

Nick gets the autopsy report back about the faceless victim. He was drunk, but also had neurotoxins in his system, indicating he was alive and paralyzed when his face was being cut off. He goes to the spice shop to see what kind of wesen could be responsible. After hearing the details of the case, Rosalee wonders if it’s the wesen that worships Aztec gods. Using their victim’s face and their strength on the battlefield. However, it is also a caution because even a non-wesen can be wesen in face form. It’s a danger that was not totally expressed to the newly minted luchadore fighter. He goes back to the ring as a new fighter; he refuses to get paid to lose. With his new mask, he comes in with a new outfit and a new name. He finally wins his first match against the undefeated fighter he always lost to before. The crowd loved the performance and is now promoted to the new headliner of the match. At the mask shop, the grandfather again cautions to never wear the mask outside of the ring; its power is too great. On his way his wrestling opponent confronts home the grandson. Feeling threatened, he puts on the mask and fights to protect himself. But in doing so he kills him by accident; the police look at the gym bag and find a regular leather mask. Not the mask they’re looking for. Things get worse for the grandson as he once again puts on his mask at his apartment. In doing so, the mask now becomes attached to his head. He is unable to take it off and becomes increasingly violent, smashing everything in sight.

At HW, Eve looks into Rachel Wood, checking every detail into her background. She finds out about Rachel’s wesen background, she is a Lowen. She follows the meeting between Rachel and Renard at a restaurant. Rachel discloses to Renard that Dixon served his purpose and she hopes to further her agenda. She reveals her knowledge about Diana and Adalind. Renard is shocked about her knowing those intimate details; she intends to use it to their advantage to continue the public’s admiration of Renard.

Nick and Hank go to the wrestling ring to discuss the fighters with the boss. He acknowledges Goyo beat James, the Mayorador and it did not sit well with James. He said Goyo most likely went to Benito’s shop to get the new mask as most of the fighters did. Just then Rosalee calls with new information; the masks are incredibly dangerous and you could lose your mind if worn too long. There’s a ceremony for everything, but as Goyo goes to the shop, more trouble ensues. He demands his grandfather do anything necessary to take the mask off. But he begins to hear voices in his head from the masks on the wall. They say he’ll lose his powers forever if his grandfather is not stopped. They end up in a huge fight as Hank and Nick walk up to the storefront. Before the grandfather takes his last breath, he says the only way to save his grandson is to perform the ceremony de gracia.

Rosalee and Monroe go to the mask shop to perform the ceremony. After carefully following all the steps, the last step is pouring the boiling potion on the mask and reciting the Spanish spell over it. The spell is effective and Goyo wakes up unharmed but unaware of what he’s done. He keeps hearing the voices of the masks and goes mad. The case has been solved, and Nick writes he’s discovered in his new wesen journal for other Grimm’s.
At the end of the episode, Renard reaches out to Adalind. It’s been a long time, and she is hesitant to hear what he is calling about. But he insists that she listen, because he may have a way to get Diana back to them.

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