After-Take: GRIMM “Into the Schwarzwald”

GRIMM -- "Into The Schwarzwald" Episode 512 -- Pictured: David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Into The Schwarzwald” Episode 512 — Pictured: David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Into the Schwarzwald”

Beware – spoilers!!

Previously on Grimm, Nick and Monroe stumble onto the burial grounds of the treasure they’ve been seeking. Unbeknownst to them, the priest and his henchmen were following close behind. Once they recover from their fall, they see skeletons and heads lining the walls. Back in Portland, chaos ensues after the shooting of Mayoral candidate Dixon. Hank and Wu run after the shooter as Eve quietly waits in the crowd. The shooter scales the side of the building and paramedics tend to Dixon who is bleeding out on the stage.

Eve begins to follow the shooter through the park; in Germany, Monroe wonders if the Crusaders hid the treasure in an easier spot. The treasure may be hidden behind some skeletons, protected by the spirits. In Portland, Adalind is helping Rosalee at the spice shop to keep herself preoccupied. Nick has the idea to turn off the lights and upon doing that, they see seven skulls lighting the wall. The skulls are put into the shape of a G. For the seven Grimm crusaders who buried the treasure. Once the skulls are removed, the X is finally seen. Eve uses her powers to make a bicyclist run into Marware, and she breathed a potion into him and walked away. Nick and Monroe are able to remove the X shield and see a bronze chest. There are seven keyholes ready to be unlocked with their keys. They only have five of the keys, but Nick suggests they take the entire chest back to Portland. But they do not know how to get back out of the catacombs.

Rosalee hears the news about Dixon from a customer and tells Adalind. They’re both shocked, but Rosalee gets an even bigger shock when Tony, a man from her past comes into the shop. He says she owes him because he went to jail for her years ago. He robbed innocent people so he could get more money for drugs. Rosalee was crashing off her drug high and needed a fix. Rosalee still wants nothing to do with him or her past. He claims he doesn’t have anyone else to turn to. He needs five thousand dollars and when she refuses, he becomes violent. He hits Rosalee in the face and she falls to the ground. Adalind threatens to call the police and Tony comes after her to punch her as well. Before he can, Adalind’s powers seem to slightly come back. She was able to break Tony’s fingers one by one and he ran out of the store terrified. Adalind is even more terrified because she does not want her powers back. Rosalee wonders if it’s only temporary; but Adalind doesn’t want Rosalee to tell Nick what’s happened. She agrees to keep the secret, but warns her if it happens again, it would be worse for Nick to see it happen. Rosalee even agrees to make another suppressant to help the symptoms.

Nick and Monroe find their way out of the church and transfer their items out. Their excitement doesn’t last long when they see other searchlights out in the forest. They see the Priest is leading the search, and understand they’re hunting for Nick because the patron saw Nick was a Grimm. A stray patron runs into Nick and Monroe and woges. He bites Monroe and runs away to warn the others about the Grimm. In Portland, Renard warns Wu and Hank to stay out of the FBI investigation about the shooting. They have no leads and no understanding about why Dixon would be the target. Nick suggests Monroe woge and tells the guards in German the rest of the group needs their help. The plan works and they’re able to sabotage the mob’s cars so they can get away without being followed.

At HW, Eve makes a copy of Marware’s cell phone; the potion she breathed into him, was only meant to make him sleep. She returns the phone and wakes him up hoping he will make a call leading them to the leader of Black Claw. Monroe makes a call to the spice shop reassuring Rosalee and Adalind they are okay. They’re on their way to the airport with the chest intact. Marware’s partner calls Renard and tells him to go to the hospital to apprehend the shooter. A double cross that Renard takes a chance on. He sends Wu and Hank to pick him up; at HW, they’re tracking Marware’s phone and see he’s running from someone. Renard corners him and kills him. Wu calls it in and Hank can’t help but wonder if the whole thing was a set up. There was no knowledge of what Marware looked like after he dyed his hair and shaved his beard.

Renard looks back at the tape from when Dixon was shot and sees Rachel on her phone and looking up towards where the shooter was. Before he can address that problem, Meisner tells Renard he’s ruined the entire plan by killing Marware. Because Renard had no idea, he is not taking any responsibility. Rachel comes to Renard’s house asking him to run for mayor. She introduces him to Lucian, a member of black claw. Dixon was meant to die, and Renard was meant to kill the shooter. It was all part of the plan; once a wesen is in a place of power, nothing can stand in their way.

Monroe and Nick arrive at the spice shop where Rosalee is able to take a look at Monroe’s wound. She believes he has blood poisoning, but he won’t go to the doctor just yet. Nick has called everyone to the shop and he’s found a way to open the chest without the final two keys. The group gathers around with the keys and unlock the remainder of the locks. Nick is unable to open the chest. There is a sealant between the box and the lid. Monroe suggests Nick use his blood to open the chest. Nick complies and the plan works. The lid is lifted and under the cloth is a….stick. Everyone is very confused by why this piece was buried. Wu sees an unknown language written on the cloth. Monroe does not look well, and almost passes out as Rosalee asked him to finally go to the hospital. Wu calls for an ambulance and Hank takes his belt to make a tunicate for Monroe’s arm so the blood poisoning does not go to his heart. Everyone struggles to get him up the stairs, but they all suddenly notice Monroe’s arm is healing. His arm fully heals and he can only assume Rosalee gave him the antidote. She denies having done anything, but Nick realizes he was holding the stick at Monroe’s arm. This isn’t just any normal stick they’ve found; it’s some sort of healing power saved by the Crusaders.