Mase Takes On: LUCIFER S1, Episode 7, “Wingman”

LUCIFER: L-R: DB Woodside, Tom Ellis and Lauren German in the “Wingman” episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, March 7 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: FOX

LUCIFER: L-R: DB Woodside, Tom Ellis and Lauren German in the “Wingman” episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, March 7 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: FOX

Name of the Episode: “Wingman”


Remind me – what is this show? Lucifer is loosely based on the character of Lucifer Morningstar, aka the Devil, aka Satan, aka the Lord of Lies. This Lucifer was created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg in their critically acclaimed comic series The Sandman. In which his personality was based off John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and drawn to look like David Bowie. The television series follows Lucifer, portrayed by Tom Ellis, who has abandoned his throne in Hell to take up residence in the city of Angels, Los Angeles. When a pop star whom he helped get to the top, stops in for a chat turns deadly, Lucifer must help the police find the killers. This initial case leads Lucifer to meet Chloe Decker (Lauren German) a cop with something to prove.

What happened last week? The first six episodes of Lucifer were a great start to this DC Elseworld story and it continues with the seventh. We ended the sixth episode with Lucifer having his wings stolen from a shipping crate. So naturally, in episode seven, Lucifer must find his divine pieces from heaven before they fall into the wrong hands. When he runs out of people to torture for information, he must seek out advice from Chloe, who knew there was more to the crate than just Russian nesting dolls.

As for Chloe, her subplot with the open investigation on the comatose cop, Malcolm, is making her even more of an outcast at work because Malcolm’s wife wants to pull the plug. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) tells Chloe, in his own special way, that she has 24 hours to wrap up the case. Dan gave a great speech and Chloe agreed that a dying man’s family doesn’t need to suffer because of an ongoing investigation after his death.

Lucifer stops by to get his advice from Chloe, only to find she needs the same thing he does, a wingman. Chloe explains to Lucifer that sometimes when you run into a dead end, a fresh set of eyes on the case always helps. Chloe begins to ask Lucifer for help, but he is already off to seek help from his brother, the current placeholder for him in Hell, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside).

Amenadiel has no sympathy for the devil as he lectures him and then tells him to fix his own damn mistakes before leaving. With nowhere else to turn, Lucifer heads back to Chloe’s to ask for her help, but she already has the help he is offering, from Dan. Chloe, being the angel she is, suggests they all work together.

Lucifer and Dan help Chloe as they both compete for her affection. What with Lucifer flashing huge wads of cash and cracking jokes, Dan tries the more stable and compassionate approach. The pissing contest is broken up when the APB on the angel wings comes through. The FBI had been tracking black market religious items and the wings were being auctioned off that night. Chloe and Lucifer are told the FBI were going to raid it and if they were Lucifer’s wings, he could get them back after the proper paperwork was filed.

The Prince of Darkness has no time for bureaucratic bullshit and decides to take matters into his own hands. Amenadiel surprises Lucifer by coming to the auction in supportive fashion. After flashing his signature silver coin, the two gain access to the man who is running the auction. Amen gets a little heated when trying to get the wings back, so Lucifer is forced to tell Amen that he is mortal. Forcing them into some of the best meta religious jokes yet:

Amenadiel: ‘Paul’s wrists were too thick to fit in those chains.’
Lucifer: ‘I know that man never could pass under zirk.’
Together: ‘He should have been the Saint of Funny Cakes.’

Chloe shows up because she is a great cop and knew Lucifer would go. The FBI raids the place and Lucifer finds out that his wings are a very convincing replica with the auctioneer nowhere to be found.

Chloe gets an idea for her case during the raid when she finds the hidden door the auctioneer uses to escape. This sends her back to the crime scene to have one last look. She and Dan find a trap-door under the carpet leading to an underground passage where they find a key that only an LAPD officer would have.

LUCIFER: L-R: Tom Ellis and Lauren German in the ÒWingmanÓ episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, March 7 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: FOX

LUCIFER: L-R: Tom Ellis and Lauren German in the ÒWingmanÓ episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, March 7 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: FOX

Lucifer on the other hand goes straight for the auctioneer at his house where he has them mounted on the wall. Lucifer shows him the true face of the devil and gets his answer as to who tipped him off. If it wasn’t obvious, it was Amenadiel that orchestrated the whole thing. He stole the wings and tipped the man off. So to spite him, Lucifer burns his own wings so he can never use them again. Then he tells Amenadiel that he is never going back to Hell.

The episode closes with Lucifer content with the day’s events. He tells Mazikeen that he does not want to return to Hell and that if she wanted to go she was more than happy to leave. Maz tells Lucifer she will stay by his side until the end then walks off and is shown to have one of his feathers in a box. Chloe stops by to recap her adventures as well. The two have a moment and take a shot. Then we see Officer Malcolm being taken off life support, only to have what looks like Amenadiel reviving him.

Final thoughts: Another solid episode from the Lucifer team. I give the episode an 80%. The show starts with a great song (Tove Lo – Talking Body) and a great misdirect, with having us think Maz is just having a little fun. But no, the Dark One is torturing people to find information on the whereabouts of his wings. Lucifer’s relationship with Chloe is getting stronger where we see him rely on her a bit more than she relies on him.

I do appreciate how they handled the divinity of the wings throughout the episode. I understand now that the wings were a fake, but when that auctioneer revealed the wings, people were in utter awe of them. Even the auctioneer, who was an atheist, was begging Lucifer to not take them away.

As for the police procedural aspect of the show, it seems to work for now. This being a Vertigo/DC property there is always the chance it could open up into the Multiverse and we could visit some of the homes in the Sphere of the Gods. I doubt they would ever bring in Apokolips and/or New Genesis. I could, however, see them taking hasty turns in season 2 or 3 (if it lasts that long), and Lucifer could travel to Dream, Heaven, Underworld, Nightmare, or Skyland. Hopefully, the Endless can make an appearance and give us at least Dream on the small screen.

Now I am very speculative about Malcolm’s partner, Anthony Paolucci (Lochlyn Munro), and also Dan. Dan has been trying to get Chloe to stop investigating the case from day one. That either means he knows way more than he should, or he was the one who dropped that key. Anthony, on the other hand, just doesn’t look like a man who is grieving for the loss of his partner. He seems to be very animated when talking about Malcolm, like he is already dead. He isn’t. He is just comatose.

Do you think Dan or Anthony is the dirty cop or is it someone else? Did Amenadiel revive Malcolm to atone for betraying and beating up Lucifer or does he have plans for him? What other divine objects could pop up? Let me know what you think.