After-Take: GRIMM “Key Move”

GRIMM -- "Key Move" Episode 511 -- Pictured:  Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Key Move” Episode 511 — Pictured: Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Key Move”

Beware – the following contains spoilers!!

The group is unsure where or what they’ll be looking for according to the key map pieces. Hidden in the cover of the night, Renard goes to Rachel, Dixon’s campaign manager. He gives her a computer drive with the information necessary to take down his opponent. Monroe stumbles onto the idea that the treasure might be buried in a church. It’s possible because the men who buried the treasure were Grimm Knights. Although the treasures were taken from Constantinople, they were doing their quest in the name of God. So hiding their treasure in a Church makes sense. Once they see the hidden notion of the Church’s shortened steeple, they now know where to look. “X” marks the spot, hidden in plain sight.
Monroe volunteers to go with Nick to Germany. First flight out they’ll begin the journey. Trubel says they should go to Black Claw to get fake passports because they can’t travel under their own names. Rosalee volunteers first to get them passports. Monroe will travel under his recently deceased uncle’s name, and Nick will travel under Rosalee brother’s name.

Nick decides to tell Adalind the truth about the trip and she admits her worry about his safety. Rosalee will stay behind to take care of Adalind and Kelly. With all the worries she has, Adalind confesses her true feelings for Nick. Doesn’t matter if it’s a mistake, they fall into each other’s arms. HW has their eye on an assassin who has now entered the states. He meets with sellers to test their gun. Once he’s satisfied with the results he leaves for the next part of their plan.

The next morning, Nick thinks about the issues he has with Adalind in the past. And now, they’ve moved past it, at least for now. Trubel calls Nick to inform him about their newest threat. Marwan the assassin, he’s responsible for bombings all over the world. But they don’t know his plan for Oregon. Marwan is seen at the Dixon speech site and seemingly scoping out sites to make an assassination attempt. A bicycle cop sees him and follows closely behind although the notice said not to engage the suspect. His partner was able to call for back up before he was suddenly attacked.

Monroe and Nick touch down in Germany; no suspicions were raised during their trip. In Oregon, the bicycle officer was taken to the hospital, but rambling about a monster attacking him. Rachel goes to Renard asking him to stay by Dixon during the speech. It shows comfort and with the indiscretion about their fellow candidate, Dixon is up four points in the polls. Marwan’s plan is finally revealed to be his target is Renard!

On their drive in Germany, Monroe is rambling on about random things, and Nick blurts out the news that he slept with Adalind. He acknowledges it felt different than in the past; Monroe asks if Nick is in love with Adalind, and Nick cannot give a definite answer. He doesn’t have to think much more of it because they come across the Church. Once inside, they find a man cleaning the pews, but startled, sees Nick is a Grimm and runs to the priest. The priest is helpful with information about the churches, but possibly a little misleading. He claims his church is the oldest in the area, and none of the churches were around during the time of the crusades.

Back at the car, they take a look at the map again. They suspect the X is meant for a spot away from the church. However, the priest takes precautions and asks some men to find Nick and to kill him. In the woods, Monroe and Nick find the hill in question; they grab their lanterns and shovels to begin their search.

Back in Portland, Marwan changes his appearance to evade capture from police. He kills an apartment residence to have the perfect spot to see the rally. Renard makes his speech while Marwan assembles his weapon. Renard sees Hank and Wu searching the crowd and gets a little worried. Once Marwan sets his sight, he shoots and his bullet and hits Dixon in the heart. Renard catches him, as Dixon bleeds out on the stage.

Once at the spot on the map, Monroe notices a strange array of rocks. They suspect it could have been the foundation for the church that once stood on the hill. As they dig, the priest and his associates find the rental car and pursue their tracks.

Monroe moved a piece of foundation, and they see chisel marks. But once they moved the piece, there was a rumbling below them. Both Monroe and Nick fall through and the episode goes to black. To be continued on their 100th episode of Grimm!

On next week’s episode: the writers have finally found their meaning to the keys. After five seasons of wondering what the keys open and what they stand for; the moment will be revealed. Stay tuned for more after takes and hope NBC renews this show for a sixth season!