After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Intervention”

CHICAGO MED -- "Intervention" Episode 111 -- Pictured: (l-r) Oliver Platt as Dr. Daniel Charles, S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin, Rachel DiPillo as Dr. Sarah Reese -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

CHICAGO MED — “Intervention” Episode 111 — Pictured: (l-r) Oliver Platt as Dr. Daniel Charles, S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin, Rachel DiPillo as Dr. Sarah Reese — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Intervention”

Beware – the following contains spoilers!!

Lawyers gather to continue to talk about Jennifer’s condition since Will resuscitated her against her wishes. Her lawyer is asking for a large amount of money for the damages and suffering Jennifer has endured. Will tries to stand up for himself only to be reprimanded more by his superiors. On the floor, Noah tries to chat up a nurse in-between patient while April tries to get him back on track. Just then, Connor and Reese take a patient, a man in his mid thirties only responsive to pain. Reese examines the man and finds sores on his arm, and when they cut off his shirt, they see many more sores covering his chest. Connor directs his team to take the patient into the operating room; but they may be too late.

While in the operating room, Sam and Connor work to remove the growths. Reese pops in to check on the progress to let the patient’s husband know the details. Sam gives her a few notes, but Reese double checks with Connor before leaving the room. Sam continues to feel inferior to Connor, even though she is confident in her skills. Will sees Zoe and asks her to find out if Jennifer’s tumor is improving. Although being sued, he hopes to still save her life. Even though the information is confidential, Zoe will try to find out the information.

Natalie and Will see a little girl, Shiloh, who seems to have meningitis. Both of her parents seem to know a lot about the medical field, but are engineers, not doctors. Ethan sees a patient having severe stomach pain; he knows it is his ulcer. He is familiar with the procedures, but is hoping for another way to help ease the pain. Natalie receives the results for Shiloh and urgently asks April to send the girl into isolation; she also advises to send Shiloh’s family into a separate room for testing. Most alarmingly, she asks Maggie to call the Center for Disease Control. Shiloh has been diagnosed with Influenza B, not often heard of because the basic vaccinations will cover the symptoms.

Her patents reveal their children are not vaccinated because they’re worried about the harmful affects it could have. Will is furious at their ignorance and Natalie is sympathetic. Ethan’s patient, Gallagher, wants his blood-pumping tool, an LVAT, taken out because it’s causing him too much pain. His heart is too weak to pump blood on it’s own; Connor refuses to do the surgery because he knows it’ll be a death sentence.

Therefore, Gallagher decides to take the batteries out of his heart pack. A code blue is issued, and Ethan sees the batteries in Gallagher’s hand. Ethan, Sam and Connor work to revive him from his suicide mission; once his pulse is back, Sam leaves the team to continue.

Reese’s patient, Elias, has a flesh-eating bacteria killing him; antibiotics and surgery will never be able to catch up to the damage. Reese finds out from Elias’ husband that his doctor, Dr. Unger did not see a problem and sent him home. Zoe reports to Will, Jennifer is doing well on her treatment, she is not experiencing the typical symptoms. Will begins to hope she is on the road to remission. Sharon warns Will that he has one more chance before suspension and termination because he continues to disobey her notions regarding Jennifer’s case.

Reese goes to Sharon worried about Dr. Unger’s misdiagnoses recently. Dr. Charles knows Dr. Unger personally and hears an investigation will be underway. Connor sees Dr. Downey and asks for his advice about how to handle the patient with the bad heart. Downey says to support the patient’s wishes; Connor is surprised, but considers the thought. Natalie invites Will to go to Shiloh’s school to administer booster shots.

April hears about a patient who was administered the wrong medicine. The patient was allergic to the medicine he was given. The mistake was seen and corrected; however, the result could have been fatal if it was a more lethal drug. April knew Noah was in the area where the patient was. She confronts him, but he does not see the problem, it was just a simple mistake, nobody died. April considers writing him up, but doesn’t. He promises nothing like that will happen again. Ethan is upset Connor did not consult about his decision to assist in the removal of the LVAT device. Reese’s patient, Elias, dies from complications of the flesh eating disease and Dr. Unger is present and feels guilty for the misdiagnosis.

At the elementary school, a student says her teacher isn’t feeling well. Natalie runs in and finds Mrs. Schroder unable to breathe. An ambulance is called and Will rushes in for assistance. Natalie tries mouth to mouth, but is unsuccessful; quick thinking, Will grabs scissors so Natalie is able to cut a small hole in her trachea and placed a plastic tube so air could be released. However, doing the mouth to mouth has now subjected Natalie to a possible influenza B host because the virus is transmitted by saliva.

Will is tired of Shiloh’s parents be so preachy about anti vaccinations. Natalie apologizes to the parents but thanks Will because she knows it was about her. They’re finally able to talk about their kiss and their friendship. Natalie acknowledges she isn’t trying to let him down, she’s just not in the right place yet. She’s had too much happening lately to be there for him fully. Connor and Ethan are at Gallager’s bedside when he finally passes away. Dr. Unger has lost his hospital identification and acknowledges he’s too overwhelmed with patients lately.

At the end of the episode, April sees Noah still talking with his nurse friend. She decides to file the incident report and Noah doesn’t like that idea. He feels she’s just jealous, but she’s just trying to look out for his best interest. Seems like Connor and Sam are back on when they’re seen back at his apartment. She shows him an offer she received from John Hopkins as the head trauma doctor. She has accepted the offer. She is tired of being second string, and it’s her time to lead.

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