After-Take: GRIMM “Map of the Seven Knights”

GRIMM -- "Map of the Seven Knights" Episode 510 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jacqueline Toboni as Trubel, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Map of the Seven Knights” Episode 510 — Pictured: (l-r) Jacqueline Toboni as Trubel, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Map of the Seven Knights”

Beware – the following contains spoilers!!!

The episode begins in Germany where an antiques shop owner gets a call about an item too valuable to ship. Felix goes to Prague the next day and is shown an old trunk with some clothing and then in the bottom of the trunk are many leather books. Upon opening one, there are drawings and inscriptions, much like the books Nick owned. In Portland, Hank, Wu, Rosalee, and Monroe go to see Nick at his new apartment; everyone is impressed with their setup. Adalind has even made cookies for the get together. Monroe wonders about Nick’s relationship with Adalind; Nick doesn’t know how they should be feeling about each other. He acknowledges she is a wonderful mother, and Monroe realizes Adalind is a different person now. But Nick is also struggling with Eve’s “split personality” because of Juliette’s memories.

In Prague, the antique’s appraiser is questioned about the books from the estate by two men. She tells them the books went to Germany and demanded to be left alone. Both men then woged into the Egyptian dog creature and killed her. Felix continues to look into the trunk and finds a crossbow. Felix calls Monroe, his nephew, to ask if his friend, the Grimm would be interested in these items. He asks Monroe to show Nick the photos but then to delete them afterwards. Monroe checks his phone and pulls up the photos to show Rosalee. They realize it’s more Grimm books and since Juliette burned the trailer with all their resources, they’re desperate for more wesen information.

Nick comes by first thing and he looks at the photos. Nick is interested and Monroe calls Uncle Felix. The call comes in when the two mercenaries are tearing through the book store searching for the Grimm books. Monroe asks the supposed associate to have Felix return his call, and leaves his name. Nick tells Hank about the Grimm books and wonders if he’ll need to borrow money to get those books into his possession. At HW, Eve practices her mental push-ups and Trubel pays a visit. Trubel tries to figure out if Eve will ever try to harm Nick. Eve doesn’t owe Juliette anything and promises she wouldn’t hurt Nick.

Andrew Dixon’s campaign team goes to Renard hoping to figure out plans to bury the other candidates. Renard has a few notions of illegal activity about the fellow candidate; all true and defaming. Dixon doesn’t want to use the information and wants to win the election for mayor honestly and honorably. Uncle Felix shows up at Monroe’s door late in the night with the books. He demands to see Nick immediately.

At HW, their research finds black claw taking responsibility for the antique dealer’s death. Nick calls Trubel for back up at Monroe’s because he doesn’t trust Felix yet. Once Felix sees Trubel is also a Grimm, he woges and becomes very angry with them. Monroe and Rosalee are able to calm everyone down and they go to examine the book. There are twenty books all together. Felix brought them all with him in his escape from Germany. Nick asks how much for the books; and considering his friend was already killed for the books, he asks for $100,000. He will call in twenty-four hours for his final answer. Everyone agrees that is a lot of money but wonder if HW will cover the cost. Considering the books would be in everyone’s best interest; they go to see Misner at their headquarters. Misner doesn’t make any promises, but will attempt to get the funds.

Felix gets a call to receive his pick up and jots down the number. Rosalee’s research shows the owner of the books, Joseph Nebosia, had relatives dating back to the crusades, and even having relatives into the black forest. Monroe pleads with Nick to try and find the money because the books are priceless information. The phone call is cut short because Nick and Hank get a call about a body in a downtown hotel.
At the room, Nick discovers Felix is the victim; Felix seems to have bit one of his attackers, but the cause of death was loss of blood through his neck. Seems the black claw member woged and chewed his arteries.

Nick has to make the call about Felix, and asks Monroe to come to the crime scene. Monroe is distraught upon seeing the body; but they are unsure about where the rest of the books are. A call comes through on Felix’s phone, and Monroe translates it to an attack on the bookstore. One of the black claw members is severely injured and refuses to go to the hospital. They decide to call an ambulance to their vehicle. Once the paramedics get to the scene, they assume the man was bit by a dog. He goes to call animal control and the police to report the attack. But the member follows the paramedic and attacks before the call can be completed.

HW finds the identity of the two black claw members, Christian and Oscar. Wu finds out a cargo company had called Felix to confirm the time of his pick up for his books. Misner does not allow Trubel to accompany them on their journey for the books. He doesn’t want to risk her over something very little compared to what they’re fighting.

Monroe and Nick go to the cargo shipment warehouse and see the rental car sitting out front. Christian and Oscar find the books first; but Monroe is right behind them, and fights to avenge his uncle. Monroe kills both of the men with anger and precision.
They’re able to get the trunk out safely and taken back to the spice shop. Everyone is present for the unveiling of the books. They also find the cross bow and other weapons necessary for their revolution.

Monroe is intrigued by the locking mechanism while everyone looks at the other items. There is a Grimm family tree of sorts in one of the books identifying Grimm’s. This kind of information could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Based on Kelly’s maiden name, they found her family tree. The book even showed Nick’s birth date on the page; Trubel is curious about finding out if she’s in the book as well. Monroe finds a secret compartment in the lock; which he discovers three more of the keys he’s been hunting for years. With the two he already has upstairs, Rosalee goes to retrieve, the map is almost complete. They still need two more keys to complete the map; Monroe still believes the maps are a match for the black forest in Germany. Something is buried according to the map, but they don’t know what is hidden. Monroe thinks they need to visit the black forest to complete their journey.
On next week’s episode: The group plans their crusade to the black forest, but the further they go, more danger will follow. Tune in next week for another after take Grimmsters!