After-Take: GRIMM “A Reptile Dysfunction”

GRIMM -- "A Reptile Dysfunction" Episode 508 -- Pictured: Wasser Zahne -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “A Reptile Dysfunction” Episode 508 — Pictured: Wasser Zahne — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “A Reptile Dysfunction”

Beware – the following contains spoilers!!!

Nick goes to the Captain to fill him in on Eve’s attack at the restaurant. Wu and Hank are also in on the meeting, but still struggling to grasp the extent of what Eve is capable of. Rosalee is still stressed with the demons from her past. She received a second letter from a man who believed they had a relationship. She doesn’t want to reply or even acknowledge the situation; but Monroe seems willing to step in to help her move on with their lives. Wesen trouble is haunting the Diamond Lake; a couple was taking a romantic boat trip when a water wesen attacked the man after being shot at underwater. Two men were waiting on shore with money for the water wesen. Their motive is unclear, but death was not part of the deal.

Trubel stops by the station to speak with Nick; she fills in everyone on the real identities of the men Eve and Nick killed. They were all associated with the Black Claw, and the man Eve killed was one of the main founders. Trubel also says Misner wishes to see Nick. Nick and Trubel go to the bunker and get a tour before seeing Eve. Eve needed Nick to be tested to find his worth; he’s now proved it and can be trusted. Nick still cannot accept Juliette is gone; but Eve doesn’t want Nick’s feelings to get in the way of their working together. Misner leads their headquarters and shows Nick the world warfare that seems to all be wesen related. The revolutions’ plan seems to be, a world only run by wesen. Misner finally tells Nick he was the one who cleaned up the bodies left behind. Nick was finally able to see where his mother was laid to rest.

The police and reporters are called to the lake to find out exactly what happened. The boat workers acknowledge to each other that Logan was only hired to scare the tourists. Nick and Hank are called in by the Sherriff’s department; their reputation of working weird cases has preceded them. The wife of the deceased was able to take a clear photo of the monster before her husband was taken under. The photo and story are making everyone more anxious about the legend. However, the shop owners, Wayne and Oliver are thriving on the burst of business. Wayne talks with Nick and Hank to give his account of the story. Oliver woged by accident and Nick saw, but didn’t make any moves on them. Meanwhile, Trubel stops by the spice shop to make sure Monroe and Rosalee are fully aware of the revolution.

Wayne reaps the benefits of the attack with a sold out shop. But he isn’t satisfied; he goes to Logan and asks him to patrol the waters. Just like a scene from a 1970s horror film, a group of teenagers gathers around a campfire. And a girl goes for a swim in the lake and wants her boyfriend to join her. Except when he does, the lake monster comes around and attacks the boy from behind. The gang gathers at the spice shop to discuss the water wesen and Eve. But Trubel also brought up Monroe and Rosalee possibly joining the force against the revolution. Nick is not sure if he will join Trubel, but whatever they decide, it will be as one decision. The next morning, another diamond lake murder occurred. After seeing the media frenzy, Nick becomes more convinced the shop owners are conspiring with the wesen. Except now, Logan sees the profits coming in, and wants half of the profits.

At the bunker, Eve is not convinced Nick is ready; he’s still too emotionally attached. But Misner is convinced Nick will change his mind in the end. The brothers are trying to figure out a way to blame Logan for all the murders. As they do, Trubel comes in with a scheme of her own. She hopes by saying she wants to collect on the bounty, the brothers will think they will be getting away with their plan. Trubel reports to Nick and Hank; another plan is put into effect. Wayne sends a lie to Logan saying Oliver is planning to double cross Logan. Wayne wants Oliver dead and expects Logan to kill Trubel as well to clean up loose ends.

Trubel sees Logan show up early and they plan to crash the party early. Trubel takes on Logan herself and kills him because there was no way he could be arrested for the murders at the lake. In a panic, Walter tries to escape Nick and jumps into the lake. But all of the tourists looking out for the lake monster see the movement and begin to shoot at him. Nick and Hank show the Sherriff the bodies of Logan and Wayne on the lakeshore. They can explain the shooting, and showing the shop owners just wanted to drum up business. Although they cannot explain Logan’s appearance in the lake, the sheriff does not seem to mind. Maybe the Diamond Lake monster really does exist in the mind of the public.

On next week’s episode: A serial killer is terrorizing Portland and it’s going to take the help of Eve. But will Nick be able to look past the look of Juliette and use her hexenbiest powers to solve the murder?

Stay tuned next week for more wesen tales!