After-Take: GRIMM “Eve of Destruction”

GRIMM -- "Eve of Destruction" Episode 507 -- Pictured: (l-r) Damien Puckler as Meisner, Bitsie Tulloch as Eve -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Eve of Destruction” Episode 507 — Pictured: (l-r) Damien Puckler as Meisner, Bitsie Tulloch as Eve — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: Eve of Destruction

Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

After the cliffhanger last month, it was revealed that a form of Juliette had returned. This woman saved Nick, Sergeant Wu, Renard, Hank and Monroe from an ambush. While everyone is in shock at the sight of her face, Nick runs out of the warehouse to find her. When no one sees any sign of the faux Juliette, Nick rushes back home in hopes Trubel will have some answers about the night Juliette died. Rosalee is worried sick when Monroe didn’t answer his phone, but when she hears, everyone is safe; they decided to meet at the spice shop. Their supposed friend, Xavier set them up into the ambush, and they need answers regarding the uprising. Nick is furious when he gets home to confront Trubel; she insists not knowing Juliette’s condition.

When Juliette was taken by Chavez, she was alive. However, Chavez knew Juliette was a hexenbiest, so she wanted to utilize her as a weapon. Trubel didn’t think Juliette would survive the breaking method. Adalind is also at the apartment and is shocked at the news. Trubel never saw Juliette after the night of the kidnapping; when she was on assignment in Bangkok she heard rumors of a hexenbiest being utilized as a warrior. The experiment was deemed a success, as the new Juliette was able to kill twenty wesen by herself.

Back at the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee are reunited. Xavier has many problems coming his way once he’s in Monroe’s line of sight. Xavier doesn’t know much about the uprising, but he does know that all wesen must join; or they will be killed. Nick continues to use Chavez’s phone to contact Misner. Misner admits the person who looks like Juliette isn’t the woman Nick used to know. Those facts don’t matter to Nick and he still wishes to speak with her. Misner agrees, but he will need time. Xavier finally fesses up to why he wasn’t killed like the other wesen shop owners. He knew Monroe; it was a way for the uprising to get to Nick, the only known Grimm in the area that could prevent the revolution. Even though he betrayed them all, he still is asking for protection and help. Renard agrees to put Xavier into protective custody because the members of the uprising will be looking to kill him. Dallas and Billie were the two leaders Xavier met. Now that Monroe knows his face is out with the revolution, he and Rosalee agree that going to the Wesen Council should be their next step.

Billie had evaded the wrath of Juliette, so the officers head to her residence hoping for clues. The bomb squad will need to be called because of the excessive amount of tools and pieces left behind. The police’s next step will be contacting her parents to see if they know her whereabouts. Billie is seen back at the warehouse where the massacre took place. Another member of the uprising, Lucian, assesses the bodies of his followers. Bille is able to recount a powerful female hexenbiest who killed every member Lucian was walking over. He vows they will win their next battle and find the woman who slaughtered their men. Rosalee calls the Wesen Council, but will have to wait until they assess her cause and will contact her later. Monroe has to regretfully tell Rosalee that Juliette is back from the dead and saved their lives. Rosalee is dumbfounded and saddened by what Monroe has told her. The Wesen Council calls back, and they are aware of the uprising and Alexander says they are doing their best to take care of the problem. The mark the rebellion has been leaving behind is loosely translated as the “Black Claw”.

Nick and Trubel are up late still trying to figure out all the new details they’ve uncovered. The last two missions Trubel has worked on dealt with the Black Claw group. Except she saw them in Europe, they’ve made their way into the United States to grow. Adalind is feeling very vulnerable about Juliette being back in the picture. Now with the baby, she feels worried her situation with Nick might change. Nick vows he will protect her and Kelly from Juliette, no matter what happens. More trouble arises when the Wesen Council goes to vote on how to handle the Black Claw uprising. A member of the rebellion posed as council member and voted against the plan; only to pull out two automatic weapons, killing the council member’s at the table. Alexander was able to escape and alert for help. Unable to sleep and wanting answers, Trubel hops on her motorcycle and speeds off into the night. She goes to see Misner and demands answers about Juliette. Misner only says he did what was necessary; and refuses to divulge anymore information.

Adalind feels responsible for taking away Nick’s chance for a normal life with Juliette. Nick acknowledges he had a chance, and they didn’t take it. So, she shouldn’t feel guilty about anything she’s done because now they have Kelly because of it. Sparks are flying even more after they share a kiss. They’ve both thought about it; and thinking about it is always safer. They have a volatile relationship from the past, but they agree that there is a connection between them. The moment is gone when Trubel comes back into the apartment. She informs Nick that he will get the chance to see Juliette. The meeting will be in a public place and he will be contacted later by Misner. His meeting will have to wait because Hank has a lead on Billie’s parents. Nick and Hank visit Billie’s parents, they reveal themselves as Wesen; they couldn’t be more proud of the stand their daughter is taking. Trouble seems to be on the horizon for Xavier in the protective jail cell, as the Black Claw sends in a man to be put in the cell next to him.

Rosalee finally receives a call back from Alexander; every member of the council has died. No help will be coming. Even when he’s on the phone more men are sent to finish off the job. He narrowly escapes while Rosalee doesn’t know what to think. Even worse, Xavier is violently attacked and killed by the wesen jail mate. He was a coyotele who intentionally woged in front of the jailer on duty. A dangerous line has been crossed in the wesen community. Renard now assumes there are Black Claw members strategically placed in different areas; so any issues regarding the matter will be dealt with outside of the precinct. Nick finally receives directions on where and when to meet Juliette. But the location also lines up with a man of interest in regards to the Black Claw. Information only Miser is aware of; but once Nick sees Juliette in the corner with her blond wig, She is very cold and stern looking, not saying a word. She is now called Eve; because she is starting over. Eve has the memories of Juliette but no emotional responses like a normal human. The audience is finally shown a little peek into what went into making Eve.

Nick is still confused, and wants to know why she was sent to save him. She won’t answer his questions but walks towards the front door. She woges into her hexenbiest self and explodes the brain of the man Misner knew about. Once Nick is preoccupied with fighting the body guards, Eve sneaks away. Misner calls Nick explaining the man Eve just killed was one of the organizers of Black Claw, and it was necessary to take them out. It was a test to see how Nick would react, and he passed. Misner will be in touch with him later. Even after the fallout, Nick heads home to process everything that’s just happened. Adalind and Trubel are eager for information about Juliette. Nick is finally able to say he didn’t meet with Juliette, but he met with Eve. Someone he doesn’t even know anymore. Back at the shelter, Misner meets with Eve and let’s her know the plan went well. There is more to be done, but she needs to rest up.

It is very exciting to have Grimm back in the Friday night lineup after their hiatus. What do you guys think of Eve’s new role? Should Adalind and Nick give things a shot for a normal life? Sound off in the comments! Thanks Grimmsters, another after take will be here next Friday!