Comic Con 2015: The cast and creatives behind LUCIFER give us the scoop

Tonight on FOX (9/8c), do yourself a favor and spend some time with Lucifer Morningstar, the devil himself, as he takes a vacation from Hell to somehow end up helping the LAPD solve crimes.  Sounds like a stretch, sure, but Tom Ellis, and his chemistry with everyone he talks to, period, makes the show better than your average supernatural dramedy. LUCIFER comes from the DC comics world, where the devil was most popular as a supporting character in The Sandman series.  Here, he’s a charming Brit who gets people to tell him their deepest secrets. When German’s Chloe Decker seems immune to his charms, he finds himself drawn to her, to helping her solve crimes, and to generally bothering her on the daily. Her daughter (Scarlett Estevez), a couples’ therapist (Rachael Harris), his “brother” Amenadial (DB Woodside), Chloe’s ex (Kevin Alejandro), and Lucy’s ally Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) round out the cast.

We spent time with the cast and crew of LUCIFER at Comic Con over the summer – check out the playlist above for some great insight into the show, where they can go with it, and why you should watch!