After-Take: GRIMM “Wesen Nacht”

GRIMM -- "Wesen Nacht" Episode 506 -- Pictured: (l-r) David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Jacqueline Toboni as Trubel -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Wesen Nacht” Episode 506 — Pictured: (l-r) David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Jacqueline Toboni as Trubel — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: Wesen Nacht

Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

Leading into the winter finale, Trubel warns Nick of a wesen war. The episode begins with a group of wesens talking about their plans to attack. There are specific targets with corresponding addresses; but it’s unknown who the unlucky chosen are. Trubel meanwhile is still recovering at Nick’s apartment. She is still struggling to comprehend what’s happened to her the past few days. But while she is struggling mentally, she is struggling more physically from her injuries.

Then the wesen terror group sets to attack in Portland. They begin to smash in store windows, destroy merchandise and threaten a few frightened storeowners. The leader of the wesen group takes a storeowner and bites into his throat while his minions watched on.
Trubel is finally able to tell Nick what she knows. HW (Hadrian’s Wall) is a section of the government she has been working for. They want Grimm’s on their side to help the war that is coming. She has been sent all over the world to kill the wesen that want to start a revolution. She gets paid well for her efforts but the work is getting increasingly dangerous. The network has been watching both Nick and Adalind; they’re aware of their child and that Adalind does not currently have her hexenbeist powers. But Trubel reassures the worried parents that the network has no interest in taking away their baby.

Once Hank calls Nick about the gang related spree, Wu fills them in on details. Just after midnight, three different neighborhoods of stores were attacked, car windows broken; one shop owner was taken, one badly beaten and the last owner was killed. Ken Honeycut was the owner killed, he owned the flower shop, and so far the unit sees the murder as a random killing. However the bakery owner was taken, and the mark of the wesen uprising was spray-painted on the wall. Rosalee and Monroe hear the news and realize the baker, Xavier, was the victim kidnapped. Bud comes to the house worried about what could happen next.

Xavier comes face to face with his captors. The scalengec (snake) leader asks Xavier to identify a man from a photograph. At first Xavier denies knowing the man, but once the leader woges, it’s shown that Monroe is the man in question. Back at the house, Monroe, Rosalee and Bud all confirm the storeowners are wesen. Nick and Hank go to their house so they can talk about what everyone knows. Adalind and Trubel are still back at the apartment; Trubel is working on her motorcycle and Adalind makes an effort to make small talk. Wanting to create conversation, Trubel leads the subject to Nick. Adalind claims she is not in love with Nick in any way, their situation is complicated, but she stumbles over her word that doesn’t convince Trubel in any way. But Adalind figures out that HW ordered Trubel to go back to Nick’s house and kill Juliette. Adalind suggests Trubel tell Nick, but she will not spill that information to Nick in the meantime.

None of the shop owners are talking to each other about the attacks; but the police have seen the attacks also happened in cities north of Portland. No clues are making sense, but a wesen connection is clear. While Sargent Wu was searching for more information at the shops, he comes across Xavier stumbling through the back door of the bakery, pleading for help. That moment is on hold when the episode comes back to Captain Renard filming his PSA for mayor candidate Andrew Dixon; he’s doing it as a favor, but sees some chemistry with the segment director.

Monroe gathers everyone together and pulls out some books about the possible revolution. It looks like this war is wesen verses wesen; but as they are discussing history, Wu calls to say they’ve rescued Xavier. When they get to the hospital they explain they can protect him against the wesen gang. They also showed him mug shots asking to identify his captors. Xavier recognizes one of the men, but points out one woman because she yelled at him while he was captured.

Billie Trump was arrested and brought in for a line up. But Xavier was too frightened to admit she was one of his captors. Nick and Hank have caught Renard up to speed; but unfortunately Billie will have to be let go because they do not have any additional evidence tying her to the crimes. Monroe and Rosalee have gathered more of their wesen friends at the spice shop to try and give them reassurance. But Nick calls them to talk to Xavier to convince him to identify Billie. Once she is identified, she does not want to talk without a lawyer. When Nick identifies himself as a Grimm, Billie still does not want to talk because she is fearful her leader will still kill her. Once promised witness protection and probation, she gives up the name Dallas Cruz.

She calls his cell phone, but Wu was unable to get a full trace. But he orders her to meet at the factory; Billie writes down which building, doors, where to park etc. But elsewhere, Meisner opens a cell door and has another person ready for action. Their face was not revealed just yet. And at the station, Rosalee offers to take Xavier back home and Monroe would go with Nick in Billie’s car to meet Dallas. While Rosalee drove Xavier back, he began to mix up his story. He then confesses he set up the cops because he thought they were going to kill him and he didn’t mean for Monroe to go with them. Nick, Hank, Monroe, Wu and Renard walk Billie up to the factory when they see Dallas’ truck.

Rosalee was able to call Monroe and warn of the trap they were walking into. Billie ran away as the rest of the gang came out to attack. The guys ran into the factory to get cover from the wesen clan. They try to fight them off, but soon hear the men becoming slaughtered behind the door. Unaware what or who was attacking, Nick goes out alone. An unknown assailant suddenly attacked Nick, and then his attacker was suddenly thrust up in the air and dropped to his death. Monroe, Hank, Renard and Wu come out for back up when they hear the room go silent. As they come out from safety, they all see a woman in the shadows. When the woman comes to the light for just a brief moment, it’s revealed the woman and savior, is JULIETTE!

If everyone remembers from the Comic Con panel from this year, the producers said she was dead with no chance for resurrection. With the show coming back January 22nd next year, the writers will have a chance to explain what they’ve done.

Enjoy the holiday season Grimmsters, and I’ll have more after takes in the New Year!