After-Take: GRIMM “Clear and Wesen Danger”

GRIMM -- "Clear and Wesen Danger" Episode 502-- Pictured: (l-r) Paul Wemlinger as Quijada Vil, Susan Ruttan as Betty Frame -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM — “Clear and Wesen Danger” Episode 502– Pictured: (l-r) Paul Wemlinger as Quijada Vil, Susan Ruttan as Betty Frame — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Name of the Episode: Clear and Wesen Danger

Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

Adalind and Nick try to adjust to life as new parents as the gang tries to recount Nick’s steps. But it seems like any move Nick makes, someone cleans up the mess behind him. As conspiracy theories mount, Meisner has made his return into Portland. Adalind is cleared to go home, and Nick’s home seems the only place she can return to. A murder in town leads Wu and Hank to believe it’s wesen related; but without Nick on the scene they cannot know for sure. Adalind finally hears the news about Juliette and realizes her situation just got more complicated. After talking with Monroe, Nick is considering selling the house. Not a bad idea after all the chaos and mayhem that’s happened there. Nick brings up the situation to Adalind and she’s surprised she would be invited along.

The prime suspect in the murder investigation, Paul, has another alias and Sergeant Wu discovers it. Hank brings him in and Paul reveals himself as a wesen to Nick behind the interrogation glass. However, with the alias being discovered, the U.S. Marshall’s are notified and, with their warrant, take away Paul. Nick tries to warn the Marshalls of the suspect’s capabilities, but they ignore him because of the suspect’s docile appearance. Nick wants to follow the vehicle back to Sacramento, but Renard wants Nick to take time off. Renard decides to warn the Marshall’s of the threat so they’ll get more security.

Adalind confides in Rosalee that she does not want to be a hexenbeist again. The suppressant she took is only a temporary solution; she wants a normal life for her new son. The FBI shows up at Nick’s house and Rosalee intercepts for Adalind’s protection. Meanwhile, the Marshall’s continue on their journey, but while the suspect requests a bathroom break, he attacks the agents.

Back at the house the FBI agents are eager to speak with Nick alone. They are inquiring about Agent Chavez’s whereabouts since she has been gone for over 24 hours. Since he went to her office and had an argument, he’s the prime suspect for her disappearance. The two Marshall agents are found dead in the gas station restroom with a bloody claw symbol on the mirror. The symbol stands for the uprising Agent Chavez warned Nick about.

Adalind expresses her concerns about Nick’s safety out loud; she doesn’t have a job or any place to go if something happens to Nick. But he tries to reassure her that he will be there for her and Kelly. Soon after, the computer analysts make a connection to the wire transfers and some phone calls. The evidence points to the boss’ assistant Betty; she has a partnership with Paul in embezzling money from their company. She acted as a victim so Paul could make a run from the detectives. Hank or Nick could not stop Paul; but Sergeant Wu pulled onto the scene and shot the suspect in self-defense. As he calls in the report, Nick and Hank walk in on Betty deleting files before shouting a freedom chant and jumping to her death from the apartment building window.  The origin of the symbol remains a mystery, but the group is aware and ready.

At the end of the episode, Nick puts the house up for sale and Misner comes out from the dungeon doors bloodied, but looking satisfied with his progress with a prisoner.
On next week’s episode: Rosalee is kidnapped and taken to the woods. It’s up to Monroe and Nick to find her before it’s too late. Stay tuned for more Grimm after takes, as the writers take us on this crazy wesen ride!