“All for One” Theme of Family Bonding Revealed in HAWAII FIVE-0’s One Hundredth Episode

John Ondrasik  Photo by Jeremy Cowart

John Ondrasik
Photo by Jeremy Cowart

When I learned that Hawaii Five-0 was about the air its 100th episode, I just had to write something special. So, after making a few contacts here and there, I was blessed to have the opportunity (even at the last minute) to connect with Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasik and Five-0 Executive Producer Peter Lenkov.

Always knowing he wanted to do something really special for the 100th episode, Lenkov shared his thoughts with good friend Amy Osler, who also happened to be good friends with Ondrasik. Lenkov said, “She immediately wanted to introduce us. I’ve been a big fan of John’s and of Five for Fighting for a long time now, and when John and I met, I pitched him the concept of the episode. A few weeks later, I got a demo in my inbox. I haven’t stopped listening to ‘All for One’ since. It’s everything I wanted and more. John nailed the themes of “ohana” and “brotherhood,” and I think the song really brings the episode together in a way I hope everyone will love.”

Ondrasik agreed. “When Peter and I chatted about what he was thinking and he clued me in to the script of the 100th episode, I kinda went to my drawing board and tried to create something that would basically encapsule the relationships his characters have created over the last five years. It was great. It was a lot of fun, and I’m excited to be a part of the show’s landmark moment.”

mcgarrett1When I asked what inspirations Ondrasik had when he wrote “All for One,” he told me, “Peter wanted a sentiment of family bonding, the kind of family bonding that his characters have developed. He calls it “ohana.” And, as a dad with a family, I think the sentiment of ‘All for One’ can apply to many things beyond this one episode. It’s about togetherness – not that it’s always perfect, but that the relationships we form in our lives with the people that matter to us can be a beautiful thing. And I think that’s the sentiment of the song. I think it applies to this show and hopefully folks can find a place for it in their lives as well.”

mcgarrett2Though he’s written songs for various films over the years, “All for One” was the first song Ondrasik had written specifically for a TV show. Of note is the fact that Ondrasik wrote a song for the soundtrack of the 2007 Warner Brothers Pictures film August Rush, which also featured a young Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett). “ I’m always writing,” said Ondrasik, “and when projects come along, sometimes you get them, and sometimes you don’t. Hopefully in the years to come, there’ll be more film and TV shows that look for something unique like this. At this point in my career, I’m just looking for good projects with good people, and this has certainly been one of them. I’ll continue to make music in different ways, and this is the start of that process.” Check out Ondrasik and Five for Fighting online at http://www.fiveforfighting.com.

mcgarrett3So, what’s next for Five-0? A lot of territory has been covered in the last five years. And Lenkov revealed there have been challenges. He said, “We’re constantly looking for fresh ideas and creative ways to tell stories. And the 25-episode order this season has been amazing and challenging at the same time. The key is to never fall behind!”

To catch a preview of Five-0’s landmark episode, check out http://www.cbs.com, and catch the song “All for One” on the 100th episode of Hawaii Five-0, airing Friday, November 7, at 9/8c P.M. on CBS.