From the Set: Raul talks PRETTY LITTLE LIARS with Troian Bellisario

Here we are on the set of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, ABC Family’s coming of age drama that deals with murder, mystery and mayhem. I took a few minutes and spent some time with the cast and got to know a little bit more about the secrets they are keeping.

What can you tell us about Black Swan?
Troian Bellisario: The black swan in the finale was definitely leading the girls into mischief at the end of the season. It was really crazy and I was going off with Mona and she was leading the girls on this wild goose chase, red herring, decoy type of mission. We still don’t know if she’s the other A, or just a player, but I don’t think we are going to have wait to long to find out the answer and I think it will be something that it QUITE shocking. It is something that was a little too close for home for Spencer.

Will Toby and Spencer’s relationship finally be happy?
TB: (sarcastically) Oh yeah, they are super happy, have no problems and from now on everything in Rosewood is going to be just fine (laughter) No, if we didn’t have drama on the show, drama between the characters on the show, there wouldn’t be a show. I think the coolest thing about Toby and Spencers relationship is that now it’s out in the open and they don’t have the world trying to tear them apart, especially A, or their parents, they can actually finally be with each other. It’s interesting to see though how they might tear themselves apart from the inside. Spencer is still highly controlling and Toby is still got a heart of gold that’s easy to get hurt.

How does Ren Factor into Spencer’s life?
TB: Oooh, the “REN FACTOR” hahahaha, it’s such a, god I hate to compare it to something like because it’s not as serious. It’s seriously fun, but I don’t know have you ever met that person that you have an unbelievable chemical attraction to, but everything else your mind, moral system is telling you this is wrong? Whenever Ren comes in he’s like Kryptonite for her. He’s like an opium cloud and when he descends Spencer is always like “HI!!!!!!” At the same time though, Spencer has the same effect on Ren too.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS premieres Tuesday, June 5, at 8/7c on ABC Family.