From the Set: Raul talks PRETTY LITTLE LIARS with Keegan Allen

Here we are on the set of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, ABC Family’s coming of age drama that deals with murder, mystery and mayhem. I took a few minutes and spent some time with the cast and got to know a little bit more about the secrets they are keeping.

How do you think the show is going to change now that A has been identified?
Keegan Allen: I think it’s going to change in a lot of drastic ways. We did discover A, but there’s a new A and this new A is going to take it to a whole new level that nobody could have predicted. The girls are going to have a lot to deal with in the new season.

So is the New A part of the Team A?
KA: Uhhh, I don’t really know. It’s definitely going to be really really crazy and shocking. Where as everything before was always violence with Mona, this new A is definitely going to pull some punches on the girls.

And how do you think that’s going to affect your character?
KA: Well Toby didn’t know about A and Mona and Spencer, but he’s going to start understanding more and things are definitely going to open for Toby.

Do you think we will find out who this new A is this season?
KA: That’s a great question. I am not sure if we are going to reveal who this new A is, but it’s definitely going to be a great surprise to see who is behind it.

What about Toby and Jenna’s relationship? We learned that they are step siblings and that Jenna could now see, how is that going?
KA: Well, yes, Jenna can see now. It is REALLY creepy. She really does a great job of bringing that character to life. You know, she wears sunglasses for the first two seasons pretty much and now she can see. Toby and everyone else finds out about it and it’s just about how creepy that continues and how all of her revenge of that comes full force.

How does having new characters join the show help energize the current characters?
KA: It is really interesting. It is very true that it energizes us but it brings so much more to the story line. What’s so interesting about being on this show is that you find out secrets all throughout the show and the path is always being written. You find out secrets from the past that the writers have created. But then they add new characters that bring more to the story, characters that have all new plots that they bring with them on their backs.

Can Toby be trusted by viewers this season?
KA: I think Toby is always been trusted. He has been the only character that until recently hasn’t lied. The only lie he ever told was to Peter Hastings, umm, just so that he could help Spencer out. I do, however feel that he is the only trustworthy character. There are times, however, that Toby will do whatever it takes to protect someone that he cares about, which I think is pretty trustworthy.

What do you like most about playing Toby?
KA: I enjoy him because he is like a complete 360 of the person that I am. I am completely different in person and sometimes I find myself falling into this, “What would Toby do? He’s so soft spoken and meticulous, so good with his hands. Just the other day I built a table and thought to myself, awww, I am Toby today. But uh, besides that it’s a challenge to bring someone like that to life. He’s just so introverted and just recently got a girlfriend. He struggling to get past all the anger and the stigma of being accused by everyone for the murder, but I think he’s coming out of it.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS premieres Tuesday, June 5, at 8/7c on ABC Family.