From the Set: Raul talks PRETTY LITTLE LIARS with Ashley Benson

Here we are on the set of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, ABC Family’s coming of age drama that deals with murder, mystery and mayhem. I took a few minutes and spent some time with the cast and got to know a little bit more about the secrets they are keeping.

How is Hanna handling the fact that Mona was revealed as A?
Ashley Benson: I think this is very difficult for Hanna to deal with. Now she’s trying to figure out why, was it something she did? Did she cause Mona to turn against everyone? It’s definitely very tough and she’s just trying to figure out answers, what she can do to help and she doesn’t know what to do. She has her other friends, but Mona was something different, something special.

Will Lucas be playing a big part in Season Three?
AB: Yes, actually he will. He is becoming very sketchy and very different. You will see him in Season 3 and you won’t even recognize him. It’s kind of nerve racking to all the girls, especially to Hanna, because she sees him as cute little Lucas and now he’s changed and he can be someone who could definitely have a hand in helping A. Lucas is now one of the suspicious guys because he has changed so drastically, but honestly, to the girls, everyone is a suspect.

Is Hanna’s mom going to keep more secrets, or is she finally going to settle down?
AB: Oh my, I hope she settles down (laughs) This is way to much for me to keep. I have to let it all out! Her story is actually going to get very interesting this season. Her love life is going to become a really fun thing to play off of. She definitely will have more secrets, but I don’t think they will be big enough to give Hanna a heart attack if it were to get out. I think season three, Hanna and her mom are going to be more open with each other. With everything that’s happened with Mona and the girls, they definitely have to be more open with each other and share things to protect each other.

How does Maya’s death affect the rest of the girls?
AB: I don’t think it affects Hanna too much. I mean she interacted with her and knew her, but the only thing the other girls can do is be there for Emily as much as they can. Hanna was with Emily a lot during their relationship and was always there to help.

Parents for the last few seasons have never really played a pivotal role. Many of us wondered where your parents were when all the drama was going on. It seems as though they are definitely getting a bigger part as time moves on. How does affect the girls and their relationships?
AB: Oh, yeah yeah yeah, I think it’s great. This season it’s more about relationships with our parents, and not just them, but with the guys in our lives. It a lot about my mom going out on dates, setting up online dates and trying to find the right guy. I think it’s great and ANYTHING to keep her away from our detective world. (laughs)

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS premieres Tuesday, June 5, at 8/7c on ABC Family.