After-Take: CHICAGO PD “I Remember Her Now”

CHICAGO P.D. — “I Remember Her Now” Episode 413 — Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “I Remember Her Now”

The episode begins with a teenage girl found dead in an elevator shaft. Her identification is found in the dumpster, and shows she was only fifteen years old. She was staying at a state funded home for troubled girls named Brady facilities. Over the years there were over a hundred calls for suicide attempts, violence and runaways. Over the past few months only a handful of calls have been made. They realize their funding could be stopped if too many calls are made. Crowley approves Jay to go undercover at the company to find out what’s going on inside. In the autopsy room, the medical examiner finds a lot of interesting facts about Sam. Sam suffered multiple arm breaks when she was younger, she had a tranquilizer injected before she died. There was no way she could fight back because she would have been very high and unaware. Before she was dropped into the elevator, her arm was broken backwards and she had the front part of her skull bashed in. Seems to be that her killer wanted to look at her face before she died.

At Platt’s desk, Erin asks for information about Sam’s prior visit. Platt doesn’t remember, and even after looking at the write up, she still has no recollection about the visit. Then Atwater comes downstairs to inform Erin that Brady finally called about Sam being missing. She was gone for a day and a half before anyone noticed. The manager insists Sam knew how to sneak out without being seen on camera and she had a few infractions before missing. The manager says she couldn’t have gone far because she was accounted for at evening bed check. Erin didn’t mention Sam has already been found; someone is lying because she couldn’t have been seen in her bed at the time, because she was already dead.

The manager had to step away because a fight in the cafeteria broke out. Jay tried helping the other staff break up the fight, but had a difficult time with the girls. He was left alone Ellie, where she propositioned him to get a deal. He tried to refuse, but she kept at it, until her other counselors came into escort her back to her room. Jay realizes it’s all part of their system and wants to investigate who else is involved. He takes Ellie aside and asks what she would want for her deal. She wants a train ticket to Los Angeles in exchange for whatever he wants. Jay says they should wait because he wouldn’t want Vince to find out and possibly get fired on his second day of work. Ellie says Vince would be fine with whatever goes on; which leads Jay to wonder who else is trading for drugs or time away from the clinic.

Across town, Atwater and Burgess run down a lead on Sam. Two teens say Sam was out on her corner two nights ago. Sam is a prostitute and goes out in that area a few times each week. Back at Brady, Jay talks with Vince about Tonya getting the wrong idea. All Vince does is tell Jay to keep his mouth shut about everything. That night Jay goes to Ellie’s room to talk with her. He sees a cut on her chin and wants to report it. Ellie gets angry and says if it’s reported, it will get her killed. What has Jay gotten himself into? Things don’t get any easier when he talks with Al and Voight about his situation. Jay puts his money on Vince taking money from Sam’s nights out, while signing her in for bed checks. Without anyone confessing, they both tell Jay it’s his call if he wants Ellie to pursue him for information.

Jay goes a different route, he buys Ellie the train ticket in exchange for information about Sam. She is reluctant to say anything, so Jay tells her he’s with the police and promises to keep her safe. Ellie discloses a secret room behind the wall of Tonya’s bedroom. Inside the room are underwear, a calendar with who’s coming by what day and most important, Sam’s blood. Jay calls Voight discovering Sam was killed at Brady and then transferred to the elevator shaft. Voight brings everyone to the facility to ensure nobody can leave. Things take a turn when Ellie accuses Tonya of recruiting girls to hook and then killing Sam. When Tonya is in the interrogation room, she says Ellie is the mastermind who recruited the girls. Jay is frustrated and doesn’t know what to believe. He’s spent a lot of time with Ellie and can’t believe she could be playing him so bad.

Erin comes up with some information, Sam’s blood was found in Ellie’s room. And there was footage of Ellie going into Tonya’s room around 7pm, and exiting after midnight. Which puts her in the window of Sam’s time of death. Jay goes back into the interrogation room to speak with Ellie, hoping he could catch her in a lie. Jay is more confused than ever, but suddenly remembers a vital detail. On two separate occasions, he saw Tonya walk out of an empty classroom with no reason to be there. So, he and Erin tear apart the room looking for cash to tie someone to the ring. They eventually find a large sum of cash, along with a cell phone. All the evidence clearly points to Tonya; she traded sign-ins with Vince for sex and cash to keep him quiet.

Tonya is cold to the possibilities of her judgment; while Jay goes to find Vince to put him under arrest as well. Brady will officially be shut down and all the girls will go into alternative homes. Ellie has been set up with a wonderful family who is on their way to pick her up. At the end of the episode, Platt feels guilt for not remembering Sam. She reads through her journals, and on the last page, there were instructions on how to bury her. Sam obviously never thought she would see past the age of sixteen. Platt claims the body and helps finish Sam’s last wishes.

Next week, a man is found burned beyond recognition in a house fire. Except, the man they thought was deceased, comes by the station with his wife. Who really died in the fire? Find out next week for another after take!