After-Take: TIMELESS “The Lost Generation”

TIMELESS — “The Lost Generation” Episode 113 — Pictured: (l-r) Jim Beaver as Agent Neville, Paterson Joseph as Connor Mason — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “The Lost Generation”

Lucy continues to speak with her father about Rittenhouse, adamant she will not join. Wyatt is taken in for questioning about stealing the time machine, refusing any counsel. Lucy speaks with Agent Christopher and Rufus about Benjamin. Everyone has various opinions about how to handle him and Rittenhouse. However they cannot talk for long, Flynn has taken the mother ship out. He has taken it to May 21, 1927 in Paris. It is the site of Charles’ Lindberg landing for the first transatlantic flight. Lucy has major reservations about going on the mission, but Rufus convinces her to go. Since Wyatt is locked up, a Sergeant Master is brought on as backup. His name is David, and he previously worked with Wyatt in the service.

Once they land in 1927, locals say the Spirit of St. Louis crashed a few miles short. At the site, a reporter named Ernest Hemingway asks for the scoop on the story. He takes them to a jazz bar to follow up with a friend. There they meet Josephine Baker, a famous cabaret singer. At headquarters, NSA agents have taken over the mission. Agent Christopher will reassigned because of all the problems they’ve been having. Mostly because of the lifeboat being stolen by Wyatt and Rufus. Back in Paris, Lucy is star struck by seeing Picasso, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda having drinks. Across town, Lindberg is suffering from the pain of a dislocated shoulder.

Denise goes to Wyatt to discuss what’s happening at headquarters. He believes this plan has been going on for weeks. Emma is seen at the bar getting Absinthe for Lindberg. They chase Emma and her protector out into the alley where they take shots at each other. David takes a few shots and dies from his wounds in the streets of Paris. With a possible location, Hemingway leads the group to the chateau. Lucy is caught and taken to the dungeon where Lindberg is. Lucy hopes to convince Lindberg to give up his notions about Rittenhouse in hopes to save his life. She uses a story about her own family to hopefully reach him. Upstairs Hemingway and Rufus try to figure out what their next move is.

Denise and Wyatt realize Rittenhouse is now in control of Mason Industries. She encourages him to fight and help his team. She leaves behind a paper clip from her files so he can pick the lock of his cuffs. Flynn finds the leader of Rittenhouse, Charvel and wants to speak with him. Everyone is able to escape from the catacombs with help from Hemingway. Josephine offers to give Lindberg a fresh start away from his family.

Wyatt is able to escape from his cell and get a weapon. Once the team returns to headquarters, they believe history was changed too much. Agent Neville is Denise’s replacement for the moment. Lucy reads up on Lindberg to only find he still made the same choices despite her help. Lucy’s mom gives her a journal to help ease her transition in meeting her father. Lucy realizes it’s the journal that Flynn will one day be using as his guide. Wyatt meets up with Lucy, Rufus and Denise to discuss their next steps. Denise and Wyatt tell Lucy and Rufus Rittenhouse is in control and they will continue to fight. Wyatt realizes his plan, his purpose is to protect Rufus and Lucy.

Next week, the gang gets back together to steal their time machine back. They go back to the 1930s and tangle with Al Capone. Only one more episode until the season finale!