After-Take: TIMELESS “Karma Chameleon”

TIMELESS — “Karma Chameleon” Episode 112 — Pictured: Paterson Joseph as Connor Mason — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Karma Chameleon”

Wyatt goes to Lucy to admit his plan to take the time machine. She wants to go with him to help maintain history’s timeline. However Wyatt knows if she helps with the mission Agent Christopher won’t help bring Amy back. Wyatt not only wants to save Jessica, but he wants to save the other two women who were killed by the same man. He tells Lucy to call the agency and make it seem like he’s taking Rufus hostage. Emma tells Anthony and Flynn about the dangers of Rittenhouse.      She suggests to destroy the time machine, and subsequently destroy the lifeboat. Flynn says they need to stick to their original plan.

Rufus and Wyatt go back to March 19, 1983 to ensure Wes is never born. Wyatt insists he did his homework to make sure Claire is distracted from her bartender hookup. Her flight landed early and messes up their plan. Anthony calls the industry looking for Rufus. Since Rufus is away on the trip, he asks to speak to Lucy. He wants to meet in a San Franscisco park alone, no phone. He has a plan to end the time travel adventures once and for all. Wyatt distracts Claire from Joe the bartender, it works for a little while. But a tornado warning will keep everyone in the hotel. Rufus sits by Joe while Wyatt continues to chat up Claire. Jiya helps Lucy prepare for her meeting with Anthony. Anthony jumps out and takes Lucy at gunpoint. He needed to drop her tracker to ensure they could be alone to talk.

Anthony is worried Rittenhouse could go back in time and change history to how they wanted it to go. Anthony plans to blow up the mothership while asking Lucy to blow up the lifeboat. Back in 1983, Wyatt encourages Claire to have no regrets. Their plan goes wrong when Claire’s co-worker blows his cover as a high school friend looking for her. He is banished to the lobby, but thinks he may have to kidnap Joe to keep their hookup from happening. Agent Christopher agrees to go along with the plan to end time travel. She also shows Lucy the photographic proof of Mason meeting with Rittenhouse as blackmail. Lucy confides that the man in the photo, she recognizes as her father. Wyatt can’t seem to catch a break. Before he can kidnap Joe, he gets caught with his gun by an officer. Rufus helps Wyatt get out of the office, but is worried someone will eventually get hurt.

Joe closed up the bar so him and Claire could be alone. Wyatt goes into her room and forces Joe out. He insists they’re just going for a drive, nothing to worry about. When they go to the car, the wind makes it difficult for Wyatt to find his keys. Joe uses that small distraction to run away from Wyatt. Except Joe tripped on a tree branch and he hit his head on a parking block. Wyatt doesn’t realize the extent of the injury until he sees blood pouring out the back of Joe’s head. At the lifeboat, Wyatt feels really guilty about his actions. Rufus tries to reassure him that three women are now saved because Wes will not be born. Mason is furious that Agent Christopher will not disclose the information Anthony gave them.

Before they can argue more, Wyatt and Rufus return from their trip. Wyatt asks Lucy to tell him about Sarah’s life. Somehow, she is still dead; but the two other women are now alive. Either Flynn purposely gave Wyatt the wrong name, or he really didn’t know. Wyatt doesn’t believe what he’s hearing, but he is arrested for taking the lifeboat away. Jiya goes to the team to inform them there was an explosion in Oakland. Upon arriving to the scene, there is no debris from the mothership. Agent Christopher had to show Anthony’s body to Rufus. The explosion happened after Anthony took two bullets to the chest at close range. It’s suspected Flynn found out what Anthony was up to and put an end to it. Lucy goes to her father’s home to confront him; but he is relieved she knows about Rittenhouse. Now instead of watching from afar, he can now communicate with her. He insists she is a part of the legacy and she needs to embrace it.

Next week, the team goes to Paris in the roaring 1920s. Lucy meets Ernest Hemmingway, and Flynn plans to kill Charles Lindbergh. Stay tuned for another after take for Timeless!