After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Sanctuary”

CHICAGO P.D. — “Sanctuary” Episode 412 — Pictured: (l-r) Jason Beghe as Hank Voight, Zach Grenier as Fr. McSorley — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Sanctuary”

At the start of the episode, Atwater tells Lindsay he has signed up for a comedy open mic night. He’s a little nervous, but Lindsay reassures him he will do great. Burgess is still being scolded by Al for little mistakes. The team gets a call about a woman who was murdered and possibly raped in Washington Park. Al finds out her name is Zoe Sims, and a bottle of half filled vodka is found beside her. Multiple witnesses give the same statement, two black young men, one in a red hoodie and another in a baseball cap. The two boys run into a church seeking sanctuary. They tell the priest they were only drinking and needed a place to hide out.

The priest vows to take care of these boys because they are in foster care and do not have money for a lawyer. So, Voight brings in more uniforms to surround the church. Zoe was a stand up citizen and shows signs of strangulation and sexual assault. The DNA is being checked while their ADA tries to find a way to make their case. Al and Burgess have to notify Zoe’s mother about her death. Lisa mentions Zoe’s boyfriend, Trevor James was having problems after Zoe broke up with him. Trevor denies any wrongdoing and insists the suspects are in the church. While going through information, a riot breaks out in front of the church.

Zoe’s mother and stepfather show up while the priest is talking to the press. He insists the police cannot get a true confession from the black community. The priest continues to claim the boy’s innocence. Voight shows the pictures of Miles Vincent and Jaylen Hines, their prints were found on the vodka bottle by Zoe. Kenny checks in with a gang leader to see if the boys were involved. The shot caller denies any involvement with the boys; but insists he’ll keep an ear out. Mile’s mother was murdered one year ago when she was coming home from work. No arrests were made, stands to reason why Miles was drinking in the park.

The priest agrees to let Voight speak to the boys in the church, with no gun. Voight agrees and speaks with the boys along with the priest to witness. Miles insists Zoe had dropped her key, so he ran after her to give it back. Then he ran to get Jaylen because he was sleeping from the vodka. After he finishes, someone throws a fire cocktail into the church, forcing them to leave out the front door. Trevor was seen throwing the fire and was immediately arrested, while the boys are placed in a protective car and driven away.

Burgess checks at Zoe’s apartment for a lead, her landlord said she was having an argument with her boyfriend. Except he indentifies her boss, Kirby as the boyfriend, not Trevor. Kirby was having an affair with Zoe but had an alibi for the morning she died. The DNA results come back negative for Miles and Jaylen, which puts them back to square one. Except Lindsay and Jay, find another camera at the park. Burgess sees the park worker, Russell Tillman walking from the woods. He had pointed out the boys at the scene, so the team gets a warrant and goes to his home.

Once inside, they find the head of an African American individual. Hard to tell who lives in the home because Tillman’s mail is there, but also for a man named John Gleason. Turns out the frozen head belongs to Gleason; he rented a room to Tillman who eventually killed him. Tillman comes back to the house, but makes the cops and speeds off. A dangerous car chase ensues and Atwater crashes his truck, losing Tillman. Burgess and Al catch up with him but find the truck abandoned, so they go into the woods.

Al Finds himself looking down the barrel of a shotgun being held by Tillman, but Burgess tackles him placing him under arrest. Tillman is placed in the interrogation room and claims self defense in the death of Gleason. At first, he does not confess to the killing of Zoe; until Voight twists Tillman’s broken arm to get answers. He has dealt with these deadly feelings for years. He felt he would soon be caught for Gleason’s death, so why deny himself the thrill of one more woman. With the confession, Miles and Jaylen are free to go.

At the end of the episode, Voight warns Kenny to never hold back information from him. Voight has eyes and ears all over the city, and if it happens again, Kenny will be transferred. Because Burgess saved Al’s life, he finally sees her as his partner. Trudy comes by asking for donations to help rebuild the church because of the fire. Voight goes into his basement and grabs a few thousand dollars to help the efforts. Various members of the Chicago family join together to help rebuild the church. At Molly’s Atwater gets his chance at stand up for the night and gets everyone to laugh; and also see that the city can grow and change.

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