After-Take: TIMELESS “The World’s Columbian Exposition”

TIMELESS — “The World’s Columbian Exposition” Episode 110 — Pictured: (l-r) Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “The World’s Columbian Exposition”

When Timeless left us; Flynn had taken Lucy captive in the mothership. Leaving Rufus and Wyatt to go back to headquarters with bad news. Gia sees Flynn has made multiple jumps in a short amount of time. If he is using the nuclear bomb as a battery, the mothership would be capable of making numerous jumps. His last known jump was to 1780, New York. Flynn blames Lucy for not letting him kill the boy, John Writtenhouse to end their suffering. With the boy still living, Flynn’s family is still dead, but Lucy insists there were other followers not known to them. Lucy tries to find John, but with no luck, she suspects he changed his name to stay alive. Frustrated, Flynn makes another jump to May 3, 1893, Chicago. The date of the first world fair; Flynn tells Lucy he plans to murder, Thomas Edison, J.P. Morgan and Henry Ford because they are a part of writtenhouse. He knows they plan to attend the same meeting, tomorrow at 4pm.

Rufus discloses to Mason that Flynn killed the writtenhouse founder and he needed to erase their recordings. Mason suggests that Rufus and his family run and start new lives. Rufus does not want to leave until he knows Lucy has been found safe. Once in Chicago, they tail one of Flynn’s men to a hotel. The route to the hotel is a trap; the owner uses the hotel as a death trap. Present day it would be called the Murder Castle; Flynn threatens Lucy that if she does not help, Rufus and Wyatt may not survive. He asks a way to get them into the meeting because it will be heavily guarded. So, Lucy takes Flynn to see Harry Houdini’s magic act. Not yet famous, but he knows how to maneuver in tight spaces. For his act, Houdini asks for a volunteer, so Lucy raises her hand eagerly.

Back at the hotel, Rufus and Wyatt split up and try to find Lucy. Wyatt bumps into a young lady who needs help taking in books to her room. In another room, Rufus finds a jawbone in the room belly pot stove. With the killer watching, waiting, he closes the room doors and activates a gas into the vents. Wyatt and the young lady are unable to escape and pass out. While back at the tent, Lucy assists Houdini with his magic act and is giddy with excitement. After the show, she tricks Houdini into assisting Flynn with their plan to pick a door lock. When Wyatt wakes up, he is surrounded by Rufus, a man named George and the young female architect. Wyatt realizes Flynn set them up and they realize they only have a few hours of oxygen left.

Across town, Flynn utilizes Houdini for his lock picking skills. Houdini sees the door with many locks, and instead climbs into the air vent to open the door. Seems lucky until, the three-targeted men walk in the door early. However, Lucy slipped a secret magic trick of Harry’s to help him escape. Harry managed to take Flynn’s gun, handcuff him to the safe and deactivate the bomb from his possession. Once finished, he goes outside to knock out Lucy’s guard. She still needs Harry’s help because she knows Wyatt and Rufus are trapped. They walk the halls together so they can avoid capture by Holmes. Wyatt was able to make a small hole through the brick to cry out for help.

Lucy and Harry hear him and pick the lock to release the hostages. George and Sophia are grateful and they all leave the pit. Wyatt finds the caretaker of the hotel and demands information about H.H. Holmes. The caretaker insists he is not Holmes and has identification to prove it. Lucy is in the lobby by herself and sees a wall of hotel staff and sees Holmes’s photograph on the wall. Problem is, Holmes was posing as George the hostage! (For anyone who’s seen Saw, that had a definite resemblance.) Lucy screams out for help, but once everyone gets to the lobby, she is gone. Once she wakes up, Lucy finds her self in a iron casing. She is terrified of tight spaces, but tries to use Harry’s advice to not be afraid. Lucy knows enough about Holmes to distract him long enough before she is rescued. Once she is found, Holmes tries to spare his life by saying he will give names and locations of his victims. Lucy knows the truth; he will lie and tell stories for profit; so, Wyatt has no choice but to shoot Holmes. Houdini and Sophia have their goodbyes and the team is back once again. They know Flynn has escaped custody again, but it’s a problem for another day, another mission.

At the end of the episode, Rufus speaks into the recording device and delivers a strong message. He knows he cannot be replaced and hopes his message will get writtenhouse to back off, and will no longer record the missions. Mason suggests against the idea, but agrees to pass along the device. Flynn calls Wyatt to keep his end of the bargain for catching Benedict Arnold. The man’s name is, Wes Ilium, currently serving time in San Quentin for two murders. If Wyatt wants to save his wife, he may have to find Wes’ parents before his birth. How far will Wyatt go for his family?

On next week’s episode, Timeless goes back to the wild west! Where they go to assist outlaw Jesse James and come face to face with the Lone Ranger. Stay tuned for more after takes!