After-Take: CHICAGO PD “You Wish”

CHICAGO P.D. — “You Wish” Episode 411 — Pictured: Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “You Wish”

Jimmy goes to the station to visit Lindsay unexpectedly. He brings her the childhood photos he promised her. Jay uses Jimmy’s coffee cup for DNA to see if he is indeed Erin’s father. Their visit doesn’t last long because they catch a case. A white man is found murdered, however it may be a hate crime. His penis was severed so additional investigation will be required. Sandford Greg, he is a registered sex offender with a long rap sheet and multiple restraining orders. Voight insists he is happy for Erin reunited with Jimmy; since Justin died, he appreciates the value of family more.

Burgess and Al follow up on a corner store robbery that includes medical supplies. The cashier taped the man running out of the store with blood streaming from the front of his pants. They confirm it was Sandford, while Atwater and Kenny follow up with a 911 call. Lindsay and Halstead meet with the caller and he shows them where a girl tossed an item in the bushes. The caller initially thought a sexual assault was happening because of the screams and the girl running away from the scene. A bloody knife was found in the bushes, and surveillance tape shows a girl named Emily Vega.

A local cop knew her and brought Al and Burgess to a local hangout for drug addicts. Emily sees them and runs way; but she is caught and arrested. Once Emily is in the interrogation room, Al suggests Burgess goes in with Voight. Emily claims self defense in using her knife. Sandford attempted to rape her in the park, but she can’t explain how he was able to travel so far after the attack. The medical examiner discovers bruising on his neck; the cause of death was strangulation. Someone else came after Sandford after Emily escaped in the park. Emily would not be strong enough or tall enough to kill him.

In the break room, Jay tells Erin some bad news; Jimmy is not Erin’s father. Erin’s frustrated because Jay has always been skeptical and out to burst her bubble. The special police were involved with Sandford about nine months ago. The special police do not operate under the same rules as the CPD force. They are unwilling to cooperate with details from their encounter with Sandford. So, Voight decides to find more information about them by surveying them. Erin confronts Bunny about the news concerning Jimmy. Bunny keeps insisting that Jimmy is the father and she wasn’t trying to con anyone.

Erin wants to tell Jimmy the truth, but Bunny doesn’t think it’s necessary, which infuriates Erin. She hits off the dishes from the table and storms out of the restaurant. The tension between Erin and Jay is obvious and Voight demands an answer. So, Jay discloses the truth about Jimmy. Voight doesn’t seem too surprised with the revelation. Erin decides to confront Jimmy about the truth and when she meets up with him, he’s very upset. He is convinced they were trying to run a scam; if either of them tries to call him, he threatens to call the feds.

Back at the station, the special police had discovered an overdosed man the other day. The man had no prior drug conduct, yet was found with a needle out of his arm. The medical examiner showed Voight and Jay the body. Cause of death was first strangulation, and then the drugs were administered. Voight decides to talk with the sergeant face to face. Then one of Sandford’s neighbors filed a complaint with him, and she still lived in the same apartment complex. She said he came by a couple nights ago, high and seemingly injured, pounding on her door. She called the special police and they took care of him. The unit begins to see a pattern with the special police in town.

At the station, Bunny confronts Voight thinking he ran the DNA test on Jimmy. He takes the accusation fine, but she brings up a twist nobody saw coming. They had one night together about thirty years ago. Is it possible Erin could be Voight’s daughter? Platt hears the entire conversation and keeps working at her station.

To follow up with the special police, they bring in an officer named James. He’s still on a wait list for the police department, but hasn’t been working with the special police for long. With a baby on the way, he has a lot riding on his confession. While everyone steps out to take care of business, James attempts suicide by hanging himself with his sweater. Jay and Kenny are able to rush in and cut him down. ADA Casey says after James’ psych evaluation he will be charged with the murder of Sandford. Sergeant Liddell comes by after hearing about James’ attempt. He wants to testify to help James’ sentence to be lowered because Liddell helped move the body. James was just following orders and Liddell has been in a position similar.  Sometimes you need to stand up for someone else because it was not entirely their fault.

At the end of the episode, Emily is released with the arrest of James. Burgess gives Emily her card, hoping she will ask for help in drug recovery. Erin meets with a friend for drinks to vent about her mom. Annie suggests maybe Erin should move away from the city to start over, get away. Something is obviously stopping her, but she won’t say.

On next week’s episode, a Church is protecting criminals and doesn’t want to cooperate with police. Police and the city take sides in the matter, and it all comes to a head when the Church goes up in flames. Stay tuned for another after take next week!