SDCC 2016: Talking GRIMM Season 6 with Bree Turner

Surprise!  Rosalee is pregnant!

Bree Turner spent some time previewing how the revelation at the end of GRIMM’s 5th season will lead directly into Season 6, when we talked to her at round tables in San Diego for Comic Con.

On the pregnancy revelation and bringing babies to GRIMM: “They like to do that to us – really great news in really dire times.  I can’t imagine the show will end without a little Fuchsbau/Blutbad baby on screen. It’s too juicy a question to not have answered in the show.”

On the story continuing: “It’s all pretty much real time.  The first three scripts. There isn’t a time jump at all.  Immediately dealing with the aftermath of HW being obliterated and Black Claw taking over everything, and Renard going to the dark side with Nick should be dead but he’s not, and the stick and is Eve Juliet.  So we’re dealing with a lot!”

Check out the video for more!