SDCC 2016: Bitsie Tulloch looks back on GRIMM and previews what’s next

At Comic Con in San Diego over the summer, Bitsie Tulloch gave us the scoop on a (then hypothetical) final season of GRIMM, playing Eve, and what comes next.

On embodying Eve vs Juliet: “Eve has been the hardest. I’m loud, I’m expressive, I’m warm, and Eve was cold, and calculating, and robotic…Norberto Barba was great about coaching me and it ended up being super fun.”

On the romantic future: “Eve doesn’t need a man!  I now there’s a lot of shipping. People like Nadalind; people like Nickette. From my perspective, Eve doesn’t need a man! So if she ends up single or with someone else, more power to her!”

On fighting Renard: “The knowledge that the fans have, Eve is still as powerful as Renard, but she also might lose her powers so that’s why you all have to watch!”