After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Don’t Read the News”

CHICAGO P.D. — “Don’t Read The News” Episode 410 — Pictured: Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Don’t Read the News”

Erin meets with her biological father, Jimmy at a bar. Erin was confused about where he’s been for the majority of her life. He was released from prison ten years ago; he didn’t reach out because he is married and has a family. So, he offers to be a part of her life is she’ll allow him. She is miffed by the offer and leaves the bar with the thought he will be in town for a few days. Across town, the unit comes to a football field where a young black girl is found dead. Protesters gather at the scene demanding an answer for why their girls are being targeted. A couple months ago, another young black girl was murdered in the city with no leads on the killer. While at the scene the team is introduced to Kenny Rixton, known as Ruzek’s temporary replacement.

Back at the station, Voight explains Ruzek went on an undercover at his request. Voight does not know the assignment or how long he will be gone for. They move onto Grace Johnson and her last days alive. Atwater went to interview Grace’s sister to find out more information. She discloses Grace did parties and strip gigs on the weekends for a guy named Vincent. Once Vincent is picked up, he says Ricky Barnes was mad about Grace dancing and threatened her via text messages. His path runs cold when he cannot be found and his parents have no idea where he is.

Deanna Lewis, her niece is killed, finds out there is a pattern, and 10 other young black girls have been killed. When the white girls are killed, it makes national headlines. However, her niece and the others have fallen through the cracks for justice. The killings have been happening since 2008, and the killer seems to have come back for more women. Al and Burgess speak with a reporter who worked the cases back in 2008. He kept files on his findings and gives them up to help the case. However, Ricky Barnes comes into the station and goes into the interrogation room. The prosecutor and commander come in the room to charge Ricky because his gun and DNA come up in the system to the murders. The team doesn’t feel confident because the match wasn’t 100%. The reporter’s notes said there was one survivor who never pressed charges.

The team was able to find the girl, and she gave her account. She also looked at photos of suspects, unsure if she could help. Until she saw her attacker’s face and went pale; Ricky’s DNA was almost a match because his father is the murderer!! Ricky is upset and confused by the revelation; but he tells Lindsay a shop where his father could be hiding. The unit goes in and watches Franklin burning photo evidence; he surrenders and is arrested.

In the interrogation room, Franklin insists they have the wrong man, and claims to have met the real killer. Says the man killed over one hundred girls with a smug look on his face. Voight doesn’t buy the story and tells Franklin he’s going away forever. While downstairs, Franklin’s wife and son reunite and leave out the side door. At the end of the episode, Jay tells Erin that Jimmy is financially stable. Leaving him no reason besides getting to know her like he said. He meets Bunny, Jay and Erin for dinner that night. Erin finds herself really becoming attached to the fantasy of seeing a normal family life.

Next week, rogue cops are taking a run in the city. It goes too far when a civilian is killed, pitting Voight against the other cops.