After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Don’t Bury the Case”

CHICAGO P.D. — “Don’t Bury This Case” Episode 409 — Pictured: (l-r) Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide, Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Don’t Bury the Case”

Picking up from Fire, Severide complies and goes to the intelligence unit for questioning. He remembers taking the shift off and drinking at Tap. However, he has no memory of getting home, or how he got the gash on his forehead. The mother and daughter that were hit are in critical condition at Med. Severide keeps insisting that he spends his time saving people. His instinct no matter what is to save people, incoherent or totally alert. While Severide is being questioned, they are informed the little girl, Chloe has passed away from her injuries. Since Antonio left the unit, partners have been changed around. Adam will partner with Atwater, while Al is stuck with rookie Burgess on her first take. While at Med, the female driver was not able to identify a driver. At the bar, it’s confirmed Kelly drove his car off alone after drinking. His blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit and he had pain killers because of his shoulder. Mouch goes to see Severide and suggest that nothing else needs to be said until a lawyer is present.

At the car shop, Atwater and Burgess find a GPS unit on Severide’s car. He doesn’t know who put it there, but remembers only driving a block. He was drunk and knew he shouldn’t be driving. Burgess gets a lead on the GPS, leading the team to a crew who target luxury cars to steal later. A valet runner admits to working for a guy named Mike to get extra money. The team decides to use the tracker as a prep a sting operation. The car is spooked, leading the team on a high speed chase through the city. Once they catch up with the car, the suspects have already fled the scene. At the station, Casey comes by to speak on Severide’s behalf. Voight ensures Casey that the team is doing everything they can to clear Severide’s name. With that, Atwater uses his C.I. to lead them to the ringleader of the car crew. They bust their shop and arrest multiple men; while the unit cannot find any evidence clearing Severide, he must ride with other inmates to state prison.

Voight and Al interrogate Mike into giving up the name of his buyer. He gives up Ryan Novak, and information says he lives at his mother’s house. Upon searching her home, the unit finds tracking equipment and a large sum of cash in Mrs. Novak’s suitcase. Voight sees a way to trap Ryan and uses Mike on the deal. Mrs. Novak is used as an unwilling participant in her son’s capture. Ryan shows up with the cash deal and a bloodied face. Jay pops out of the trunk and arrests are made. Back at the station, Ryan’s friend confesses to pistol-whipping Severide for the mustang. Ryan drove the mustang and caused the accident with the mini van. With the new evidence presented, Severide is cleared and will be released soon after.

At the end of the episode, Al accuses Burgess of being a badge bunny. She’s had some errors, but knows she will be tough enough to handle the tasks given. Lindsay meets Severide at his release; he thanks her for believing in him. He also knows its time to get his act together and Lindsay agrees to help however she can. That was an epic crossover! Next Tuesday, Chicago Fire is all new. Andre is still adamant on getting custody of Louie; while Gabby isn’t ready to let go. How hard will each side pull to gain Louie in their lives? 

Tomorrow, Chicago P.D. has another heart wrenching storyline coming up. Multiple women in the south side are being murdered with no suspects. The city is furious, while the intelligence unit sees a pattern and work quickly to restore the city’s safety. Thank you for continuing to support My Take on TV! It is a New Year, with new storylines and lots of updates coming up!