After-Take: TIMELESS “The Capture of Benedict Arnold”

TIMELESS — “The Capture of Benedict Arnold” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlins — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “The Capture of Benedict Arnold”

Timeless takes us on one more adventure with the fall finale! We travel back to 1780 during the American Revolution. History as we know it deems Benedict Arnold as a traitor to the United States to help the British win the war. Lucy joins Denise and her partner for a dinner at home. Denise confides in Lucy that she is worried she could lose her family with the effects of time travel. She catches a small glimpse of what Lucy must be feeling. So Denise gives Lucy a flash drive with all her family’s photos so she will never forget they existed. Mason makes an unexpected stop at Gia’s apartment hoping to find Rufus. Mason warns Rufus that Rittenhouse knows the recordings have been tampered with. If Rufus does not comply, Mason will not be able to save him or his family from any danger. Rufus cannot dwell on the threat too long because the team is called in.

Flynn has taken the mothership to September 25, 1780 in New York; more specifically, WestPoint. A million possibilities come to Lucy’s mind; Flynn could try to kill General Washington, or maybe help Benedict Arnold’s plan succeed to aid the British. They arrive at Benedict Arnold’s residence knowing General Washington will be there when he receives news of the betrayal. However, once they are on the lawn, the soldiers come out guns drawn. Flynn comes into the room and shocks everyone when he asks for their help. Flynn tells Washington the group is the best spies in the country and they can help capture Benedict Arnold. Washington orders the four of them to go into red coat territory and bring back Arnold so justice can be done. However, Flynn has plans of his own.

The message he found in the clock was a letter from Arnold to his wife. In invisible ink, he writes about a Rittenhouse meeting. Arnold was a founding member of Rittenhouse, so Flynn wants to interrogate him to find the other members. If they are able to kill all the members, Rittenhouse will never ruin any of their lives in the future. Flynn makes them all separate deals so they will help in his plan. Rufus will not have to worry about Rittenhouse recordings. Lucy will not have to keep chasing Flynn through time worrying about keeping history intact. Flynn even promises to tell Wyatt who killed his wife if he cooperates. While everyone is still very hesitant, Wyatt is the most willing to help. The group has American soldiers chase them to make the British believe they are defecting. The plan works and they seek a meeting with General Arnold and General Cornwallis.

Flynn grows tired of pleasantries and shoots General Cornwallis and another soldier. Lucy is very upset because in twenty years Cornwallis is supposed to help propose a very important peace treaty. Flynn keeps Arnold alive and tries to extract information. Arnold slips up and discloses a name; David Rittenhouse. One man with many followers gained per day. Flynn demands to meet him and says Arnold’s wife will be executed if he does not comply. Therefore, the group sets off to meet with Rittenhouse; upon arriving to the manor, Rufus must stay behind. Once inside, they meet a young boy named John; he is a clock apprentice but has a strong influence from his father about how the peasants should be governed. David enters the room and is very observant to what they are planning.

He reads their body language and has his men pull guns on them. David openly mocks Arnold’s dedication and uses the modern gun to kill him. David then turns his attention to the others. He orders John to watch their punishment so he can learn how the world works. Wyatt and Flynn are sentenced to death, while Lucy is ordered to his bedchambers. (A fate worse then death if you ask me). Luckily, Rufus had stolen a rifle from a slave master and burst into the quarters! Between all the fighting and shooting, David is left saying his legacy will still live on after his death. Flynn shoots David mid sentence and everyone is left in awe. Have they actually stopped Rittenhouse?

Flynn makes the startling realization that John has escaped and needs to die also. John may have been brainwashed by his father, but not everyone else believes he needs to die as well. Flynn finds John in the woods and points the gun at his head. While John is begging for his life, Flynn cannot pull the trigger. When he turns around, Lucy is blocking John from harm. She is convinced people can change and pleads for Flynn to not kill the boy. David admitted there were others, killing John may not mean the end of Rittenhouse. Once he moves her out of the way, John has once again escaped. Flynn takes Lucy hostage and throws her into the mothership. Wyatt and Rufus can only watch helplessly as the mothership takes off back to the future.

Timeless will return January 16 with all new episodes. The search for Lucy begins, but in their search will history be changed even more? We will have more after takes in the New Year, stay safe and enjoy the holidays!