After-Take: TIMELESS “Stranded”

TIMELESS -- "Stranded" Episode 106 -- Pictured: (l-r) Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan -- (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

TIMELESS — “Stranded” Episode 106 — Pictured: (l-r) Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Stranded”

The show begins in the shadows of the night, the group is running from the French army. Viewers are taken in the middle of the journey. They’ve followed Flynn to September 15, 1754 and are being chased by an group of soldiers. The team is taken captive by the French army mistaking them as spies. Wyatt uses Lucy’s ability to speak French to say an insulting phrase to distract the soldier. The soldier comes to use his gun, but Wyatt uses the sword tip to cut off his restraints and fight back. They are unsure of Flynn’s plan, maybe he already inacted his plan. It will be a lesser concern when Flynn’s men place explosives onto the lifeboat. Severe damage is done to the outside, but also the circuit board is heavily damaged. Rufus sees they will need a capacitor, but being in such a rural area, it proves difficult. If they cannot figure out a way to fix the lifeboat they will be stuck in 1754 unable to stop Flynn from altering history.

Headquarters realize the team did not jump back shortly after Flynn’s jump. They inact their protocol to help find the team. Rufus follows protocol instructions to write a message in a bottle and bury it according to Mason’s directions. In the meantime Wyatt becomes frustrated with Rufus because of his lack of outdoor skills.

It is entirely possible to die of a common illness very early because of the lack of resources. They find a dead French soldier and think to take his uniform; before they can, the team finds themselves surrounded by Indians! They are taken back to the tribe’s huts and hear battle cries in the distance. The Indians may believe the team to be British. Their fate will be decided on the favor of the chief’s decision.
Mason and his team follow protocol to find the message; Gia comes along, worried about Rufus. Mason encourages her to tell him how she feels; while in 1754 Rufus admits to wishing for another chance with her. Lucy begins to feel the constraint of time, and how they don’t ever have enough.

Lucy hoped to read the books to her kids that her mother read to her. Wyatt used to tell his wife they had all the time in the world to have kids, especially a little boy. The chief, Nah-Haleima, is a woman and speaks English, believing the team to be missionaries. She is reluctant to listen to Lucy’s stories and lies. Rufus is cut loose because the chief believed him to be forced along for the mission. Wyatt and Lucy are marked for death, but Rufus steps in to save them. Rufus’ honor saves the team and they go back to utilize the French soldier’s uniform. In the present, Mason’s team finds the message in the bottle. However, they run into a problem; the bottle suffered a crack and caused air to make the message disappear. After they’re set free, the team goes to the French soldier’s fort.

Lucy speaks French and poses as a nurse who is bringing in Wyatt as a wounded officer. Lucy says Rufus is their servant and takes the opportunity to search the grounds to find supplies. Mason’s team is only able to find a couple of words on the paper, Millennium and Death.

While finding supplies, Rufus finds a blacksmith shop and utilizes his findings to make the piece the lifeboat needs. Seems like they’re all set and ready to leave, until the French soldiers track them down at the fort. They slip away un-noticed and go back to the lifeboat. While Mason and Gia were talking about their fond memories of Rufus, she figures out what Rufus meant in the message. She fills in the blanks to a Star Wars reference, and knows they will have to catch the lifeboat mid-jump to get them back to the present via remote. The lifeboat comes under attack from the French, but Rufus is skillfully able to get them out of harm’s way. Gia sees the jump and begins to help guide them back to the present. The lifeboat crashes into some desks, but no one is harmed in the process! Everyone is estatic to be back where they belong, and Gia looked so relieved to see Rufus. She takes the opportunity to share a kiss with Rufus because of his safe return.

At the end of the episode, the team goes out to a bar to celebrate. Everyone seems to have forgiven one another for past secrets because of their 1754 ordeal. Wyatt tries to reassure Lucy that if she is not happy with how Flynn sees her future, then she needs to change it. Is life already pre determined? Or do we have the ability to make choices to change our future? Let us know which version of the future you believe!

Next week, the team is transported to July 1969 to save the Apollo 11 mission. Seems the moon landing will not happen because of Flynn’s plans. The landing will not happen because the astronauts will die from lack of oxygen. Find out what will become of the mission next Monday!