After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “A Real Wake Up Call”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "A Real Wake-up Call" Episode 502 -- Pictured: Steven R. McQueen as Jimmy Borelli -- (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “A Real Wake-up Call” Episode 502 — Pictured: Steven R. McQueen as Jimmy Borelli — (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC)

Name of the Episode: A Real Wake Up Call

Last week we were shocked to see Grant attacked by Severide. Grant is taken to the hospital as Severide is questioned about his actions before the ambulance ride. Policeman Crawford thinks the force was excessive, but Severide stands by his actions; had he not disarmed Grant, Stella could have been seriously hurt. At the hospital, Stella gives her statement as Grant is finally stable from the surgery. Stella is relieved that Grant is okay, and has the opportunity to charge Grant with attempted murder. Her answer is not given, but she decides to head into work. Per the commander, Jimmy will be back at the house working. His attitude could be dangerous for everyone while on their daily calls.

Severide confronts Stella about her decision to not press charges against Grant. He thinks Grant should have been cut out of the picture a long time ago; that it could have saved her from any attacks. Squad 3 is called to the dock to help a crewman’s leg from being torn out of the machinery. They’re successful, but Severide gets his hand stuck in the machine as well. The extent of the injury does not look serious, but Severide tells his concerns to Gabby about Stella. Stella won’t listen to anyone’s concerns because she thinks she can handle her business. Alderman Dearing uses Louie’s adoption process to blackmail Casey into voting for another constituent. Stella goes to the hospital to see Grant, with the supervision of Dr. Charles. Grant rejects the idea of going into a treatment facility; but Stella tries desperately to make him see that he needs help. She didn’t press charges because she needs him to make decisions for himself; she’s out of his life, for good this time. He sees that she’s serious and signs the papers to seek treatment as Stella walks out of the room to compose herself.

Alderman Dearing keeps pressuring Casey into his agenda by threatening to expose their foster plans with Louie. Gabby tells Casey to do whatever it takes to keep Louie in their care. Herrmann is fed up with hearing Jimmy trash talk Chief Boden and looking for anyone else to blame for Danny’s death. The truck crew goes to Boden and refuse to work with Jimmy; he won’t look out for their best interests, or their own. Either Jimmy is pulled to get help, or the deputy needs to find a completely new crew. Until then, a call for a multiple car crash comes in. Jimmy continues to question Boden’s actions while on call and in doing so, he walks towards the gas leak with unmarked barrels from the crash. A flash goes off, and Jimmy catches on fire! The team rushes to his aid and quickly put out the flames. Once he’s turned over, they see the damage that’s been done. The left side of his face and body has endured severe burns. Brett is distraught and barely able to function while Gabby takes the lead. At Chicago Med, Boden is patched up on his neck from the burn. Dr. Halstead brings the news that Jimmy’s gear did its job, it saved his body, but his left eye was not saved. It will be a long recovery, but he will no longer be able to serve on the fire department. Severide doesn’t want to keep waiting at the hospital and insists he has something to take care of. Meanwhile, Boden says a prayer over Jimmy in the hospital room. Jimmy wakes up to see Boden, reaches out for him, and begins to cry.

On next week’s episode, Dawson’s quick thinking could cost a young boy his life. Tune in to find out what Jimmy’s recovery will pan out and what Severide is up to. More after takes coming up!