After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Start Digging”

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Start Digging" Episode 323 -- Pictured: (l-r) Caroline Neff as Olive Voight, Jason Beghe as Sgt. Hank Voight -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

CHICAGO P.D. — “Start Digging” Episode 323 — Pictured: (l-r) Caroline Neff as Olive Voight, Jason Beghe as Sgt. Hank Voight — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Start Digging”

Beware – spoilers!

Daniel, Voight’s grandson is celebrating his first birthday. Justin’s mother had saved his baby stuff in hopes for a grandchild. Justin is close to becoming an officer and Voight is beaming with pride. Except Voight decides to press Justin about why he didn’t visit while on leave last month. Justin maintains he didn’t have much time and needed to visit a friend. Justin insists he isn’t a kid anymore and can handle his business. Just then, Voight gets a call about a female found in the trunk of her car. The woman is identified as, Melissa Wilds. Her hands and feet were tied with barbed wire; and her neck was sliced.

Ruzeck and Olinsky go by her house to see if anyone is home. Trisha, a neighbor friend, asks what’s going on. However, she is baby-sitting Melissa’s daughter, Tegan. Tegan goes to the house and Trisha fills in some details. Melissa’s husband, Peter, died a year ago in combat. At the station, Voight is called into a meeting with his superiors. They announce he is being promoted to Lieutenant; he would be in charge of 50 people and has 48 hours to decide.

From the information they’ve gathered, Melissa was a paralegal for a law firm that went after lots of high profile cases. Roman is gathering his stuff from his locker to leave the station. While he is saying goodbye to the intelligence team, he and Adam bury the hatchet. Burgess was thinking about Roman’s offer, but before she could say anything; Roman tells Burgess he wants her to stay. They both know it’s where her heart wants to be. Being a cop is both their dreams. With a kiss, Roman leaves the station for the last time. Mouse finds information and goes to Jay first. Jay then goes to Voight and Lindsay. Phone records indicate she knew Justin; their calls and texts doubled over the last month.

Olive and Daniel are back at home; Olive said Justin had left to take a walk. Mouse tracks Justin’s phone, Voight, and Lindsay come up to his car. Lindsay opens the trunk and finds Justin bloodied and tied up with barbed wire. They’re both stunned but Voight sees Justin still has a pulse. Lindsay calls for an ambulance, Voight sees Justin has been shot in the head!!! Justin is transported to Med, Sharon closes the curtain for the room and Voight orders everyone back to the station immediately. Voight goes to his home and down into the basement. He grabs stacks of money and puts it in a duffel bag. He pulled $90,000 and asks everyone to reach out to their confidential informants for any leads. Melissa’s husband, Peter trained with Justin in the military. Lindsay tries to remind Voight of Daniel and what’s best for him before Voight tries anything stupid. Voight goes to his friends at the bar and questions one; the man admits to seeing Melissa with Justin and outside a couple of guys were arguing. Melissa called one of the guys, Ginger.

Melissa’s boss noticed unusual behavior lately; three patients were robbed after a million dollar settlement was mailed. If she was involved in the home robberies, she would be feeding addresses to be robbed. Justin could have been helping with the plan. Voight doesn’t understand why Justin didn’t come to him in the first place. Then, a tip comes in about Ginger. Carl Herns, he has been involved in multiple home invasions, robberies and is a master safe cracker.

Voight and the team barge into Carl’s apartment and torture him for information. Voight turns on the stove and asks Carl about what he knows. Carl admits he worked with a guy named Kevin Bingham. Kevin knew Melissa because they dated in high school. When her husband died, Kevin came around again. He pressured her to give addresses for the big payouts. Melissa wanted out and wanted to out Kevin. She had already told Justin to help, so Kevin wanted to tie up loose ends. Carl said he shouldn’t go after Justin, but Kevin did it anyways. Even with information, Voight still took the side of Carl’s face to the hot stove. The commander orders Voight to stay off the case. She also does not want the team to work on the case either. If Voight disobeys policy, it affects everyone. Dylan James, is Kevin’s half brother.

They get an address and charge into the apartment searching for Kevin. Dylan at first said Kevin wasn’t at the house. Voight shoots Dylan in the leg and then Dylan talks. Dylan admits Kevin grabbed a few things, guns and wanted to get out of town. Satisfied with his answer, Voight calls for an ambulance and leaves. Sharon comes by the station and asks to speak with Voight. Sharon says Justin’s brain injury is non operable and catastrophic. Justin will be on ventilators and a feeding tube, he won’t ever wake up. Olive wants to pull life support, but wanted Voight’s permission first. Voight goes to see Justin and weeps over his son.

The Commander wants to see Antonio and questions the large bond on the street. The commander keeps pressing for information against Voight; she even offers Antonio the promotion when Voight is brought up on charges. Antonio continues to deny any promotion over Voight’s demise. Voight’s CI, tips off Kevin’s address and the team rolls up. They clear the building and don’t see anything or anyone. Voight gave them the slip so he can find Kevin alone. Voight’s friends from the bar bring Kevin tied up in the trunk of their car.

Kevin says he did not kill Justin, but knows who did. He confesses to killing Melissa, but he says a large sum of money he could get as a reward to find Justin’s killer. Voight releases Kevin from his restraints and orders him to begin digging a hole. Erin finds Voight and begs him not to kill Kevin. Voight orders Erin away and she drives off in tears. Kevin sees his end is near and confesses he killed Justin. Voight proceeds to shoot Kevin and bury him in the mud. Now we have to wait until the fall for more answers.

P.D. has been renewed for their fourth season, stay tuned for more updates regarding the new season!