After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Superhero”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Superhero" Episode 423 -- Pictured: Monica Raymund as Gabriella Dawson -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “Superhero” Episode 423 — Pictured: Monica Raymund as Gabriella Dawson — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Superhero”

Beware – spoilers!

Gabby is antsy over what to write, as is everyone else. Cruz asks if Boden needs their letters by the end of shift. It’s all about no regrets and is due by end of shift, no excuses.  Jimmy is late to shift, and everyone is shocked. Jimmy doesn’t want to talk to Boden; he just wants to get to work. Gabby needs a few more days to secure an apartment that would be perfect for her and Louie. She is feeling the pressure from the group home for a home inspection. The first call comes in about a warehouse fire; Jimmy is greeting with condolences by other firefighters. One of the firefighters pulled from the building, no pulse. Jimmy realizes he’s having a heart attack, not injured from the rubble. Jimmy was a little out of hand trying to save the firefighter. He doesn’t want anyone else dying on the job if he can help it.

Sylvie is able to keep the situation under control and they regain his pulse. Casey offers to let Gabby move back in with him. She says no because it’s not what he wants ultimately. Her realtor calls and says she can view the apartment right away. Casey lets her go to see the apartment even though she was still on shift. Stella is being text harassed by Grant; ever since she missed his gig. Susan dropped by the firehouse to give Matt some good news. He was selected to participate in a conference with other politicians. He can get his foot in the door to help move along causes he is passionate about. Gabby goes to see the apartment, it’s perfect for her and Louie. Gabby accepts the apartment, even though it’s over budget.

Jimmy goes by Danny’s firehouse locker to clean everything out. As he’s taking out each piece, it all brings back memories. He becomes angry and finishes packing. The other firehouse members say Jimmy is now a part of their family. Jimmy asks Paul what he thought about that day. Paul is also angry and wants to punch out Boden. Everyone saw the building coming down, that extra minute was a mistake. He also insists that he would sign Jimmy’s transfer slip if he wants a good future. Casey is angry that Gabby won’t accept his helping hand. She keeps insisting she wants what’s best for Louie and for him to have a place where he is wanted.

Jimmy goes to speak with Boden and is visibly hostile. Jimmy verbally attacks Boden’s actions as chief. Boden doesn’t do anything about it, assuming it has something to do with grief. He is worried though and makes a call to another chief. Grant is waiting for Stella at Molly’s; he is wasted and tells her he’ll be fine without her. Vanessa, Gabby’s realtor, stops by Molly’s but has bad news. The landlord decides to give the apartment to his daughter who just graduated from college. Vanessa insists if given a few more days she can make something work. With no more options, Gabby takes Herrmann up on his offer to vacate his in law suite above his home. It needs a ton of work, and not much time, but Gabby sees it’s charm. The team has four hours to make the space look presentable for the home inspection.

In Springfield, Susan guides Casey through the politician field. His main priority is updating the 911-call system. The inspector is right on schedule and everyone made the space look incredible. Another foster family has three children and is ready for Louie immediately. There were a few things that couldn’t be finished in time, but Gabby makes a heartfelt plea to the inspector. Jimmy goes back to see Boden and they talk about Danny. Boden wanted to see if Jimmy wanted Danny’s badge number, make a ceremony out of it; but Jimmy doesn’t want to hear that. Jimmy blames Boden for Danny’s death, and Boden sees it as a sacrifice. Danny thought he heard someone, so Chief made the decision to let Danny stay in.

Grant keeps texting Stella, but the messages don’t make any sense. She knows he’s using, but doesn’t know where he is. She uses the “find my phone” app and sees he is in Lincoln Park. Once the squad rolls up they find Grant laying down, foaming at the mouth. He is unresponsive and not breathing. With the right medications, he finally comes to and is taken to the hospital. Grant awakens in the hospital with Stella waiting at his bedside. She suggests he get help, and he insists he needs her. She can’t be around his behavior anymore, and he yells at her to leave the room. Dr. Charles is there to reassure her, she is doing the right thing.

They will call with any updates, but she needs to let him go. Boden calls Gabby to his office asking why she has not turned in her letter yet. She says it’s complicated, but he allows her to turn it in later. At dinner, Susan gives Casey compliments and even calls him attractive. She even brings up a state senate opening. He is content with being a firefighter and an Alderman. His situation is complicated and doesn’t think running for senate would be a good idea. Back in Chicago, early in the morning, the firehouse gets a call for a structure fire. Everyone gets their orders and goes into the building. Floor by floor they give an all clear; Boden sees the fire is escalating quickly and orders everyone out.

Stella and Gabby are on the fifth floor as Mouch and Otis give a lifeline from the roof. Gabby orders Stella to use the line first because of seniority. Stella reluctantly goes first and she is almost to the ground when the fire blazes out and cuts the line. Stella is caught by the team members; Dawson jumped out of the window with a unstable line. She is dangling over fifty feet up as Severide races up the ladder to grab her safely. Back at the firehouse, Gabby sees Casey’s boots still in their place and she considers calling him. Before she can, she sees Louie waiting for her at the driveway. She has been selected as Louie’s foster mother despite all the obstacles in her way. Stacey, Jimmy’s sister in law comes by to get Danny’s belongings and she is angry. She’s heard the rumors that it was Boden’s fault that Danny died. Jimmy put that to rest saying Danny died a hero. Although he said the words, does he really believe them?

Gabby takes Louie home and he instantly grabs the toy Herrmann won for his kids when they were little. As she settles in with Louie she sees all the sacrifices were worth it to get to this point. She is finally able to write her letter that Boden wants. The letter they’re supposed to write is to a loved one just in case something went wrong on a call. She writes the letter to Louie; with all the complications between her and Casey, that’s why she was delayed on turning it in. At the conference, Casey and Susan are rubbing elbows with politicians seemingly having a great time. The firehouses host a ceremony in Danny’s honor, but Jimmy does not attend. At the end of the night, Susan makes a move on Casey. She kisses him and leaves her room number on a napkin. Casey takes a drink and thinks about his decision.

Walking through the hospital, Dr. Charles sees Grant is no longer in his room. And then Casey is seen knocking on a door….and Gabby answers! He went back home to her and Louie. After the ceremony, Stella takes Kelly back to her apartment. Dr. Charles tries to call Stella, but she does not hear the call. Close up, there is a knife missing from the butcher block! Grant is seen slouching in the living room chair with a knife in hand waiting for the opportune time.

Fire has been picked up for their fifth season coming this fall. Thank you for coming by every week for these after takes! More Chicago drama coming back in the fall lineup!